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Texas Takes Flight

Texas Takes Flight

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Published by lcveducator
Blog entry provided by a TCC--Trinity River Student
Blog entry provided by a TCC--Trinity River Student

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: lcveducator on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Charles YaUS HistoryLisa Blank Texas Takes Flight: FirstTexas is not just a place full of cowboys, farmers, and outlaws. There are many types of people that come to Texas. In the mid 1800s there was an influx of German immigrants thatsettled in Texas. These German immigrants brought with them ideas, knowledge and dreams andeventually one of those dreams became a reality even for a brief moment.The Wright Brother's made a famous flight in North Carolina, but have you ever heard of an inventor named Jacob Brodbeck flight? Brodbeck was Born in Germany on October 13th,1821 and migrated to Texas on August 25th, 1846. He would arrive in Fredericksburg and laterbecame a district school supervisor for the Gillespie county in 1962. He would later move to SanAntonio. Besides being a school supervisor Brodbeck designed and invented things such as a self winding clock, ice-making machines and flying toys for children. Brodbeck also designed andbuilt his dream project a flying machine he called an "Airship".The "Airship" was his most passionate invention spending almost twenty years to make.Brodbeck's flying machine was made forty years before The Wright Brother's motor poweredflying machine. It was rumored to have rubber band and spring powered propellers, moveablewings to take advantage of wind, a rudder, and an under ship that was shaped like a boat withwater propeller in case of a water landing. The machine was able to fly off its ramp for a few
minutes and glide safely to the ground but without a device to power the propellers for anextended amount of time it was nothing more than a toy.The United states was just ending the Civil War so there was not a lot of money to bethrown around for inventions that didn't seem to work 
. Yet he was able to persuade many local mento buy shares in his project. His first flight took place in a field three miles east of Luckenbach ionSeptember 20th, 1865. Most accounts of the events all agree that Brodbeck's airship would lift off theground about 12 feet and had traveled around 100 feet before the springs in the propeller unwound andcrashed. The "Airship" was destroyed completely but the inventor Brodbeck was unharmed.After this set back investors refused to invest anymore money and his flying machine, and so hebegan his tour around the United States to get investors. While on his tour though, his papers were stolenor destroyed and he was unable to coax the audiences to invest into his project. It was eventually scrappedall together.Brodbeck would later return to Texas and retire on his ranch near Luckenbach. Years later hewould recieve a paper about the Wright Brother's first flight in the 1900s. And a few years later he passedaway on January 8th, 1910.Just imagine if Brodbeck got his investors and the first successful flight was in Texas? All he needed wasto fit a motor onto the propellers. Maybe people would have planes instead of cars!
Brodbeck uncomfirmed photo of Brodbeck's Flying Machine

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