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Published by James Click

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Published by: James Click on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prof. James Click Spring- 2011Pasadena City College Professor James Click Spring 2011
Room C257English 1A: Reading and Composition
Office Hours: By Appointment
Section #5048- TTH 7:45-10pm
Class Website:
http://profclickenglish.blogspot.com Mailbox: C-245
 Required Texts
: Colombo, Cullen, & Lisle
 Rereading America
Toni Morrison
Diana Hacker-
 A Writer’s Reference
6th Ed. (P.C.C. Custom)An English language college dictionary(You will also need a wide-ruled composition book and a thumb drive to saveALL work until grades have been issued)
Language, Persuasion, and Truth
Course Overview
Language is typically thought of as a representational medium.According to this assumption, words passively (though not always accurately)reflect a world exterior to them. More recently, numerous philosophers andtheoreticians have called attention to another, more dynamic, function of language:the performative or constitutive force of words. What these terms suggest is thatlanguage does far more than simply represent the world around us; indeed, it playsan active role in structuring not only our perceptions of the world, but also the waysin which we perceive ourselves and each other. In this class, we will be exploringthe implications of this active function of language in relation to knowledge andtruth. We will do so by analyzing various forms of writing with a particular focus onrhetoric and argumentation. This will include textbook readings, philosophical texts,and a novel. Students are expected to compose two in-class essays and threeindependent papers, the last of which will be a 7 page topical research projectutilizing the reading, research and compositional skills developed in class.
Writing Center (Located in C341 & C345):Corequisite:
English 900 is a co-requisite class for all students enrolled in English 1A. The EnglishDivision policy states that any student who is not already enrolled in one section of English 900, theWriting Center, by Monday of the fourth week of the semester 
will be dropped from English 1A
. Therewill be no exceptions. This means you might need to enroll in a section of the Writing Center that is notconvenient for your schedule. The Writing Center Lab is designed to aid you in improving your readingand writing skills and to help you with English 1A assignments. Your attendance in the Writing Center Lab
will be
factored into your final grade for English 1A.
 Please Note: In order to earn credit for thewriting center lab, a student can miss no more than two writing center sessions; in order to pass Prof.Click’s ENG 1A, a student can miss no more than four writing center sessions. This means that even if  you’ve already missed too many sessions to get credit for the lab, you still need to attend the lab to pass ENG 1A Grading Breakdown: Grading Scale:
In-class essays…………………………….. .15% 90 100 = APapers…………………………………….....65% 80 89 = BReading Journal/Quizzes……...….................10% 70 79 = CAttendance/Participation/Writing Center......10% 60 69 = D0 59 = F

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