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Published by Bishop Leo Michael
Travelogue featuring Our Lady of Walsingham, Norfolk Viriginia, the greatest Anglican shrine to our Blessed Virgin. Thankful intererruptions, active life of Fr. Wade, nanogenerian priest. still serving the Lord in the Diocese of Pacific and Southwest
Travelogue featuring Our Lady of Walsingham, Norfolk Viriginia, the greatest Anglican shrine to our Blessed Virgin. Thankful intererruptions, active life of Fr. Wade, nanogenerian priest. still serving the Lord in the Diocese of Pacific and Southwest

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Published by: Bishop Leo Michael on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 2, Issue 6 Trinity 1 2009
e circle with the cross in the center symbolizesents which form a whole. The Mosaic repre-sses and the church tradition. The red in theChrist with the font comprised of individual
oined until the blood unies them. Koinonia s e oca pucaon of the Anglican Province of the Holy Catho
ic Church-Anglican Rite (HCCAR) aka Anglican Rite Catholic Church. It is published quarterly at St. James Anglican Church, 8107 S. Holmes Road, Kansas City, MO 64131. Phone: 816.361.7242 Fax: 816.361.2144. Editors: The Rt. Rev. Leo Michael & Holly Michael, Koinonia header: Phil Gilbreath;mail: koinonia@holycatholicanglican.org or isit us on the web at: www.holycatholicanglican.orThe College of Bishops of the Holy Catholic Church, Anglican Rite: TheMost Rev. Thomas J. Kleppinger, Metropolitan & Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of The Resurrection; The Rt. Rev. Leo J. Michael, Bishop Or 
 inary of the Diocese of the Holy Trinity & Great Plains; The Rt. Rev. Henry Joseph King, Bishop Ordinary of the Diocese of the Pacic and outhwest; The Rt. Rev. Kenneth Kinner, Missionary Jurisdiction of themerican Indian People; The Rt. Rev. Anthony F. Rasch, Bishop Coadju
or of the Diocese of the Pacic and Southwest; The Rt. Rev. James Mc- Neley, Bishop Emeritus; The Rt. Rev. A. David Seeland, Bishop Emeritus,The Rt. Rev. Ronald Greeson, Suffragan Emeritus (DHTGP)
n the eighteenth century Italy, when religious in-stitutions faced persecution from the government,one priest had the courage to commit his life tothe cause of the youth, whosdary. The industrial revolutiomigrate to cities in search of Bosco, affectionately called Doence in their lives. His motto“good Christians and honest c
bility of loving our country and
through the works of Don Bosc Trinity I issue of Koinonia isthis 4th of July. As we thanlet us continue to love our colish conscionable citizens of tKingdom to come. This issue is a tribute youngest: the oldest Fr. Wa whose life is an inspiration totwo depressions and severalhis life as he continues to setry, while thanking God forlife. The youngest is Robert Bdearly, having gone to Lord on The article by Fr. Ryadependence Day as an Anglitional Holiday.We are grateful to the
Diocese of Pacic and South
 Trinity & Great Plains and Dition.We are thankful to thepriests: Fr. Jimmie Dean, Fr.
Shepherd and Fr. Arnie Wood f 
in serving His people. Also we Jim King, the founder of St. James, which celebratesits 30th anniversary of its Anglican presence in Kan-sas City this month. The resolution from the House of Laity of theDHTGP invites us all to the upcoming EcumenicalCongress, while requesting the participation of theLaity in the vision and mission of HCCAR. The con-gress heralds the Biblical Stewardship Seminar, by
Arthur Ally of the Timothy Plan. It’s a wonderful way
of learning to be good stewards with what the Lordhas given us. The Youth Camp, with the motto “God is ourCompass,” is a great opportunity for the youth toget to know their young friends across our province,thanks to the Church of the Holy Family, Casper WY.Also on the Teen Scene, is the faith story of Jake, whohas been overcoming all odds, believing in the good-ness of the Lord. There is a travelogue on our pilgrimage to OurLady of Walsingham Shrine in England. It was the oc-casion of representing HCCAR at the funeral of Bish-op Michael Wright. Thanks to Fr. Britto, our friend inLondon, and Bishop Lindsay Urwin, the Shrine ad-inistrator, who made this possible for us. Accordingo Bishop Lindsay, the focus of the shrine is on the In-
carnation of Christ and Mary’s role as an Intercessor.
 The front cover is baroque sculpture of the Trinity column in Budapest. Also the memory of allto eternal reward from our prov-minds: Mrs. Maxine Bach of St.rs. Donna Andrew (wife of FredParish, Pittsburg, KS,
Mrs. Ellen
Albuquerque, NM,
Mrs. Lois Re-
Debus) of St. Gabriel’s Greeley,son of Van Trout of St. Gabriel’s
o Agnes Miller Peak of St. James
al Watson of Iowa (Grandma of t. Edward the Confessor), Mrs.(Mother of Vicky Scraper of St.ry, Wichita, Mr. Robert Williamk and Lynn Baxterhis issue to the memory of Rob-gest member of our church andne to the eternal reward. Robertly participating in covering theing portraits of all the clergy to-
ethany. He served at the altar as
ly son of Dr. Kirk and Lynn Bax-cial Bursar, Diocesan Treasurer James Kansas City).
Let’s prayrt that he may enjoy the eternal
Rt. Rev. Leo J. Michael
REMINDER: Don’t forget the Ecumenical congress thisOctober 21 & 22 in Kansas City.
etro’s Message Trinity 1- 2009 A.D.
THE OFFICE OF THE METROPOLITANThe Most Rev. Thomas J. Kleppinger44 South Eighth Street, Quakertown PA 18951-1206Phone & Fax 215.538.3787
eloved in Christ,Whenever you under-
take a journey to astated destination, and nd
that you are on the wrongroad, you have two options.You either return to theplace where you made the wrong turn in order to getback on the right path, or you have got to determinehow to get back to the rightroad from where you are inerror. There are many spiritualroads being offered today. While all may be wrong, onlyone way is right. This confusion is further compoundedby the words of Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way whichseemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the
 ways of death.” In order to live you must nd the right
 way. The road lest travelled is often the right one.Jesus said in St. Matthew 7:13f, “ Enter ye inat the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, andnarrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few
there be that nd it.”Today the dening issue appears to be the ordi
-nation of women and homosexuals to the episcopate.
More than thirty years before, the dening issue was women’s ordination. Prior to the Congress at Saint
Louis, the issue was faithfulness to Holy Scripture with the challenges of the social gospel. Before that it was liberalism.The point being that these things are mile
markers along the spiritual journey. They have made
an impact on the face of the Church and sometimes itis hard to know where the right road is.For most people the solution is found in simplyturning back the clock to a happier time in their lives.It may not be right, but it seems good.We have hoped that by returning to the Ear-ly Church, to the Church Fathers, to the Seven Ecu-menical Councils, we have once again gotten back onthe narrow road, passing through the strait gate, thatleads to eternal life. That, after all, is the destination of 
the spiritual journey.
Most people answer the question, What is theChurch? It can be Summer baptisms down at thecreek; the glory of solemn High Mass, full choir, mag-
nicent organ, beautiful edice; it can be the church in
the wildwood. They react to change and their standardis experience. Those who are steeped in the catechism will offer a different answer from that of arising out of experience.
Where did things rst go wrong? The ordination
of homosexuals is the current answer; the ordinationof women was the answer before that; the ordinationof men who did not believe the Bible was the answerbefore that. The Reformation in the 1500s. The GreatSchism in 1054. Where must we go to get back on theroad?There is a difference between the EasternChurches and the Western ones. Sure liturgy comes tomind; perhaps the calendar. There is also a differencein the view of the nature of the Church. The Churchdeveloped in the West after a legalistic fashion, withpower centered in the Bishop of Rome governing the whole Church with military force as Caesar did the world. In the East the Church Is sacramental.The Church is the body of Christ; the exten-
sion of our Lord’s Incarnation into the world and down
through time. It is orderly. Christ ordained His Apos-tles and gave them His authority to build His Church.Whatever they established on earth, was established inheaven. But you can also be assured that what they es-tablished on earth was after the pattern of heaven. Thepattern of the Tabernacle given by God to Moses wasafter the heavenly pattern. Worship is what God wants,not what makes man feel good. Incense is offered bythose chosen, the earth swallowed those who were not. The Ark was carried by staves without touching it; he who did, with the best of intentions, perished.The Apostles worshipped both in the Templeand from house to house. There was a time of transi-tion. The Church continued with them in their fellow-ship and in their prayers. Liturgy was handed over.As the Church grew, the Apostles ordained others toestablish the Church in other areas, and these werecharged to be faithful in ordaining yet others for the work as it expanded.You must not think of the Church in terms of a more pleasant time in your spiritual experience. Nodoubt there were problems then of which you were notaware. The road begins in Jerusalem. It is the way leasttravelled. The road map is always the same in everygeneration; ”They continued steadfastly with the Apos-tles, in their doctrine and fellowship, in the breakingof bread, and in the prayer.” The tradition was handeddown orally, and not written until sometime later. TheChurch is the pillar and ground of truth.The Church is sacramental. You enter it through
the waters of Holy Baptism; you are fortied with thegifts of the Holy Spirit in Conrmation at the hands of 
the bishop; you are strengthened and fed by partakingof the Body and Blood of Christ. The basic unit of theChurch is the diocese under a faithful bishop whosesuccession comes from the Holy Apostles. You have

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