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Published by: Greenleaf Book Group on Feb 22, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Book of Angels, The Hidden Secrets
Kaya, you were a successful singer in Canada where you soldhundreds of thousands of CDs and opened regularly for Celine Dion.Yet, at the age of 25, you walked away from your stardom. Why?
It all began with dreams and powerful nightmares. Some nights I had 10 to 50dreams. I thought that I was going crazy and I didn’t know what washappening to me. It was so intense but at the same time I was uplifted by thequest for self-discovery that my dreams were revealing to me and I becametotally detached from the material world and from the superficial aspects of show business. Through the dreams, it was like I had found the mostimportant key for my evolution and a real communication with God.
And through your personal journey to find inner peace, youdeveloped a way to analyze your dreams. What do we need to knowabout our dreams?
We have to know that we can see and follow our life plan with our dreams and that we can have access to our past memories, aswell as our present and our future actions. If we use our dreams, we canaccelerate our evolution because a dream is not just a senseless cycle of images. A dream is a motor of evolution, a computer life program thattriggers thoughts, feelings and actions in relation to our memories and to our development. It shows the positive potential that is about to take form as wellas the fears and weaknesses that create our ordeals. I believe that our dreamsare our true spiritual autonomy and that the spirituality of tomorrow will be based on the understanding of dreams through symbolic language.
Along the path of your discoveries, you met the woman who wouldcome to be your wife and she introduced you to a text called
TheTraditional Study of Angels
. What’s that?
It is a mystical text that showsus that an Angel is not a little being with wings. An Angel is a metaphor thatexpresses the infinite potential of human beings. It represents our truecapacity to understand and live with our metaphysical aspects, our capacityto travel into the consciousness and have access to knowledge throughdreams, visions and daily signs. These very ancient texts bring us to theorigin of the concept of Angels that comes from ancient Judeo-Christiantimes. In fact, an Angel is a pure state of consciousness that representsqualities, virtues and powers of God. The Traditional Study of Angels waswritten more than 2,500 years ago and went into hiding in the late 15
 century under the Spanish Inquisition. It has its roots in the Kabbelah andonly during the 1970s did it resurface.
Based on your experiences and research, what moved you to write
The Book of Angels
What we have discovered is very simple but so powerful. First, my wife had the intuition to repeat the name of an Angelover and over as an invocation. We have realized that this practice, calledAngel recitation, triggers dreams and visions that are directly linked to thequalities of the Angel that we invoke. We have noticed also that it triggers amajor inner evolution and an opening of consciousness that developsspiritual powers like clairvoyance. What is happening is so powerful. It ishappening not only to us but to everyone who performs the Angel recitationintensively for a period of only a few days.
What is your book’s most important message?
When we work withthe Angels, we realize that our soul is a living computer and that we aremade up of memories, good and bad. These memories are the triggers for what we become. The good ones are OK, they enrich our lives, but thenegative ones trigger our ordeals and daily difficulties. We can reprogramand change these negative memories. The Angel Recitation brings directaccess to our memories and helps us to develop our full spiritual potential.Also, the other important message of this book is that we have discovered acomplete new path of evolution that applies symbolic language to thetangible world. The keys to interpret dreams are the same ones used in our daily life. We live in a world that is built of symbols; we decorate our apartment with symbols that represent who we are even if we are not awareof it. Our life is built from states of consciousness of good and evil and theonly objective of our evolution as human beings is to develop qualities and powers to become better people. If we realize in our daily life that the purpose of our existence is to become a better person, we automaticallychange the world around us.
Kaya, how did you come to believe in Angels?
A long time ago, Ithought that Angels were only for children. I didn’t know that the name of each Angel was the Name of God in Hebrew, related to qualities and powers.I now believe in Angels because I received proof of their existence. I believein them because, for over 12 years, I have had more than 10 to 50 dreamseach night. And the dreams are always related to the Angel that I work with.I also believe in them because this phenomenon is not happening only to me.It is happening to everyone that connects with the mystical texts.
Can you describe who or what an Angel really is?
An Angel is a Stateof Consciousness that represents qualities and powers of God. In our Christian tradition, we have only learned and heard a few names, but inreality there are 72 Angels and 10 Archangels that represent the origin of theAngels. The true origin comes from
The Traditional Study of Angels
and isdated from the epoch of Moses.
What is the connection between
The Book of Angels
and the
They are connected because the mystical text of 
The Traditional Study of Angels
comes from the ancient time of the
and we mustunderstand that the
is not only a part of the Jewish tradition. Mywife and I were born as Christians and we know now that the Angels are aninheritance for all humanity. It is part of our common Judeo-Christian
heritage and it is a universal philosophy (not a religion) that is open to all. Itis becoming more and more popular because I believe it allows us to accessthe secret teachings Jesus received to become Christ. The Kabbalah meansthe Hidden Wisdom or the Word Received and, for thousands of years, hasgiven the great explanations of the spirit powers. When I added the philosophy of the Kabbalah to my Christian faith, I understood Jesus more:he too had dreams, and this part was never taught to me in church. I believenow that, to have access to our spiritual autonomy, dream teachings are themost important knowledge we can receive. Dreams are so important for our evolution. I strongly believe that the spirituality of tomorrow will be built onthe understanding of dreams and symbols and that they are the keys toencountering the God we all have inside of us. The 72 Angels have been keptsecret for so long and it is time to share this universal teaching. There is not alot written about
The Traditional Study of Angels
because it was kept hiddenfor so long. We know that the first mystical texts discovered came fromGerona, Spain. There is also a passage in the Zohar, the reference book for the
, which mentions the Angels as the 72 Essences of Knowledgeof the Creator. There are many approaches to the
, but our mainobjective is to make the discovery of 
The Traditional Study of Angels
knownto the Christian community and to the world. We have founded a non-profitorganization to broadcast knowledge about the practical aspects of workingwith the Angels.
Why are so many of us in search of a spiritual path to follow?
 Because without spirituality, without the research of qualities and values,there is a nonsense to our existence. We build a life and we work hard at itand, in the end, we die. Everything we create will one day be but dust in thewind. The basic materialistic approach to life always brings a feeling of emptiness one day, whether or not you are successful. Sooner or later we allface the fundamental questions of who we are and where we are going.
The Books of Angels
has been a best-seller in French Canada andGermany and has expanded to a dozen countries. Are U.S. citizens readyto embrace Angels in their lives?
Yes, I believe that this book has a greatfuture in the U.S. for many reasons. The first chapter of the book mentionsAbraham Lincoln’s famous dream, the one in which his death was revealedto him. This true story is really inspiring with regard to the concept of knowing that the great lines of our future have already been written. Also,the concept of Angels is deeply spiritually rooted in the U.S. The onlyinformation that wasn’t accessible, as the texts had been hidden for centuries,is what Angels really are and what they can do in our lives. Presently ontelevision there are many successful series like
Smallville, Kyle XY, The 4400
Touched by an Angel 
. This is really a representation of the desire of  people to develop their spiritual powers and special abilities. With the secretsrevealed in this book, what was once only a movie can now become a reality.When we travel in our dreams and when we learn the symbolic language, wediscover the immensity of the power of our spirit. Also, I think it is veryimportant that this book be known because there will be more and more people following an initiatic path. Because this can be so intense and sodifficult, this book can really help.

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