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Liberty Newspost Feb-23-2011

Liberty Newspost Feb-23-2011

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America's daily newstablet edition. A compelling mix of news. Easy to read. Great content.
America's daily newstablet edition. A compelling mix of news. Easy to read. Great content.

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Published by: Liberty Newspost Corp. on Feb 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Newstablet Editionhttp://www.LibertyNewspost.com- 23/02/11
Submitted at 2/22/2011 1:31:14 PM
Feb 22, 2011 14:31 ESTThe Republican field for the 2012presidential race has not yetcrystallized, but it will start takingshape over the next few monthswith every announcement from a(real or rumored) potentialpresidential hopeful.One to cross off the list Republican SenatorJohn Thunesaid he won’t be running. Heposted the announcement on hisFacebook page, saying he plans tocontinue representing SouthDakota in the Senate.“There is a battle to be wagedover what kind of country we aregoing to leave our children andgrandchildren and that battle ishappening now in Washington,not two years from now,” Thunesaid. “So at this time, I feel that Iam best positioned to fight forAmerica’s future here in thetrenches of the United StatesSenate.”Thune became the secondconservative Republican inCongress to decide againstseeking the party’s nomination,following Representative MikePence of Indiana.There is expected to be noshortage of Republican candidatesvying to go up against DemocratBarack Obama in the contest forthe White House.Republican Jon Huntsman, theU.S. ambassador to China willstep down from diplomatic duty atthe end of April. He has notannounced a decision about anypolitical intentions, but what isessentially his campaign-in-waiting just launched afundraising effort.A political action committeecalledHorizon PAC,which isofficially unconnected toHuntsman, launched a newwebsite with a giant red H to seek donations. “Maybe someday we’llfind a new generation of conservative leaders,” it says.Photo credit: Reuters/JonathanErnst (Thune at ConservativePolitical Action conference onFeb. 11).This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice  if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readour FAQ page atfivefilters.org/ content-only/faq.php Five Filtersfeatured article:Collateral Damage - WikiLeaks InThe Crosshairs.
Submitted at 2/23/2011 12:00:05 PM
AP - Militiamen loyal toMoammar Gadhafi clamped downin Tripoli, but cracks in hisregime spread elsewhere acrossthe nation, as the protest-fueledrebellion controlling much of eastern Libya claimed new gainscloser to the capital. Two pilotslet their warplane crash in thedesert, parachuting to safety,rather than bomb an opposition-held city.
LiveScience.com - Babies born innewer U.S. states have moredistinctive names compared withtheir counterparts in older regionssuch as New England, a newstudy finds.
Submitted at 2/23/2011 12:13:22 PM
AP - The price of oil passes $100per barrel for the first time sinceOctober 2008.
2 Newstablet Edition
Submitted at 2/22/2011 4:50:09 PM
Revolutionaries have a toughtime dealing with revolutions.When Muammar Gaddafi took power in Libya in 1969, he wasnot yet 30. Today he faces anuprising from youthful protesterswho want him gone. His response:You deserve the death penalty. Sofar it appears about 300 have beenkilled in the protests.The United States has littleleverage with Libya  thecountries have not been on thefriendliest of terms for most of Gaddafi’s rule.So the administration is leftissuing words like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s repetitionthat Libya immediately stop “thisunacceptable bloodshed.” Is thatenough? Others are calling forsanctions to military intervention.In a novel explanation, Gaddafisays he can’t step down becausehe is not president but is in fact arevolutionary.Not known for subtlety, Gaddafichose as location for his angrydiscourse the residence damagedin the 1986 U.S. bombing raidthat also killed his baby daughter.Next to him stood a monument of a fist crushing a U.S. fighter jet.Oil is at a 2-1/2 year high on theLibya revolt, no small issue forthe world’s largest consumer of oil. And stocks racked up theirbiggest daily loss since August onthe turmoil.Here are our top stories fromWashington today…Obama under pressure tointervene in LibyaPressure is mounting on theWhite House to stop MuammarGaddafi’s bloody crackdown ondemocracy protests as a lawmakerclose to President Obama urgedoil firms to halt work in Libya.The administration faced callsranging from bombing Libyanairfields and imposing no-fly-zones, to criticism of Obama’ssilence on the violence. SenatorJohn Kerry, chairman of theSenate Foreign RelationsCommittee, called on theadministration to consider re-imposing tough sanctions onLibya. His outspoken RepublicanHouse counterpart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, said the United Statesshould freeze assets and issue atravel ban on senior Libyangovernment officials.For more of this story by RossColvin and Arshad Mohammed,readhere.US unable to move its diplomatsfrom Libya TuesdayThe United States said it hadbeen unable to move any of itsnonessential diplomats andembassy family members out of Libya and expected them todepart in coming days. Witnessessaid Libyan leader ColonelMuammar Gaddafi used tanks,warplanes and mercenaries to tryto crush protests against his 41-year rule. Secretary of StateClinton has demanded that Libyastop what she called “thisunacceptable bloodshed” in thelatest uprising against autocraticrulers in the Arab world.For more of this story, readhere.Obama kicks off listening tour of U.S. businessesPresident Obama, with much of his Cabinet in tow, visited theeconomically hard-hit Midwest aspart of his effort to mend fenceswith entrepreneurs. “Myadministration is going to go tobat for America’s businessesaround the world. You shouldknow that,” Obama said. Since hisDemocrats were trounced in theNovember elections, Obama hassought to rebuild ties withbusiness that became strainedover companies’ complaints aboutObama’s regulatory agenda andhealthcare reform law.For more of this story by CarenBohan and Kim Palmer, readhere.Pirates kill four U.S. hostagesnear SomaliaPirates shot dead four U.S.hostages on a private yacht, thedeadliest incident involvingAmericans kidnapped for ransomin the increasingly dangerouswaters off Somalia. The U.S.military said the pirates shot thehostages before American specialforces boarded the vessel. Troopskilled two pirates as they took control of the boat, and took 15into custody. Another two pirateswere found dead when the specialforces arrived but they were notkilled by U.S. forces, the militarysaid.For more of this story by PhilStewart, readhere.White House expects to avoidgovernment shutdownThe risk of a governmentshutdown appeared to ease onTuesday after a top Republicanbacked passing a stopgap measureto keep programs running,although at a reduced level, andthe White House said it expecteda shutdown to be avoided. Houseof Representatives Speaker JohnBoehner said his chamber “willpass a short-term bill to keep thegovernment running  one thatalso cuts spending,” if theDemocratic-led Senate refused tovote on a tough spending-cut billwhich was passed by the Houseon Saturday.For more of this story by RichardCowan and Alister Bull, readhere.Oil spike 2008 all over again?Not for U.S. economyDon’t panic. That was themessage from Nobuo Tanaka, theexecutive director of theInternational Energy Agency, tothose who fear it is 2008 all overagain as unrest in oil-producingLibya pushes crude prices back uptoward the triple digits. Even if oilprices remain above $100 a barrelthis year that would most likelyput a moderate counterweight onconsumer spending, but not nearlyenough to halt a recovery which isgaining momentum.For more of this analysis byEmily Kaiser, readhere.Top court rules for vaccinemakers on lawsuitsThe Supreme Court ruled thatfederal law shields vaccinemakers from product-liabilitylawsuits in state court seekingdamages for a child’s injuries ordeath from a vaccine’s sideeffects. The high court ruled forWyeth, is now owned by Pfizer,in a lawsuit brought by the parentsof Hannah Bruesewitz, who
3Newstablet Edition
continued from page 2
suffered seizures as an infant afterher third dose of a vaccine in1992. Pfizer and other vaccinemakers had argued that a SupremeCourt ruling for the plaintiffscould open the door to a flood of lawsuits  many by families whobelieve vaccines cause autism and threaten the supply of childhood vaccines.For more of this story by JamesVicini, readhere.FDA cites Sanofi over drug sideeffect reportingHealth regulators have warnedSanofi-Aventis for failing tosubmit reports of possible seriousdrug side effects in a timelymanner. In a January 28 lettermade public on Tuesday, the FDAsaid an early response from thedrugmaker and its “promisedcorrective actions are inadequateto address the deficiencies.” “Weremain concerned that your ….adverse drug experience reportingsystem has not been fullyvalidated, and may have resultedin inaccurate assessment anduntimely submission of 15-dayalerts,” FDA said.For more of this story by SusanHeavey, readhere.Credit cards still in US watchdogWarren’s sightsConsumer regulator ElizabethWarren warned the credit cardindustry of further reforms evenwhile praising it for going beyondthe requirements of last year’scrackdown on fees and interestrate increases. “The data we haveassembled indicate that much of the industry has gone further thanthe law requires in curbing re-pricing and overlimit fees,”Warren said, citing a governmentsurvey of the impact of the CARDAct.For more of this story by DaveClarke and Maria Aspan, readhere.Ex-U.S. mortgage exec to pleadto criminal chargesThe former treasurer of the now-defunct Taylor, Bean & WhitakerMortgage, Desiree Brown, is setto enter a plea agreement tofederal criminal charges onThursday. No details of thecharges were available but ahearing is set for 9:15 a.m. in theU.S. District Court for the EasternDistrict of Virginia. Such hearingsare typically held when adefendant is expected to pleadguilty. Taylor, Bean & Whitakerfiled for bankruptcy in August2009 and federal prosecutors haveaccused the former chairman of the mortgage firm, Lee Farkas, of orchestrating a scheme that led tobillions of dollars in losses thatare still being tallied.For more of this story by JeremyPelofsky, readhere.Existing home sales overcounting“minor” -NARThe National Association of Realtors said any overcounting of existing home sales in its data was“relatively minor”, dismissingclaims it could have overstatedsales by as much as 20 percent.The group said it was consultingwith a range of experts todetermine whether there was adrift in its monthly existing homesales data. “At this point, webelieve any drift in our data to berelatively minor,” the NAR said.For more of this story, readhere.Dallas, KC Feds sought discountrate hike -minutesDirectors at the Federal ReserveBanks of Kansas City, Dallas andChicago sought quarterpercentage-point hikes in thediscount rate before an August 5policy meeting to keep inflation atbay, Fed documents show.Directors at the other nineregional Fed banks all voted tohold the discount rate steady at2.25 percent in the same periodleading up to the Fed’s mostrecent interest rate-settingmeeting, according to minutes of discount rate meetings released bythe Federal Reserve Board inWashington.For more of this story, readhere.Thune decides against WhiteHouse bidRepublican Senator John Thune,long seen as a rising political starand possible White Housecontender, said he will not run forpresident next year. “At this time,I feel that I am best positioned tofight for America’s future here inthe trenches of the United StatesSenate,” he said in a statement.For more of this story, readhere.What we are blogging…Budget-cutters take aim atnuclear modernization fundsIn hardball negotiations over theSTART nuclear arms treaty lastyear, Senate Republicans wresteda commitment from the WhiteHouse to redouble work tooverhaul the nation’s nuclearinfrastructure. Somebody shouldhave told House Republicans.For David Alexander’s full post,click here.From elsewhere…No royal wedding invite? Get ajob at the palaceIf you were not lucky enough tobe one of the 1,900 people invitedto Prince William’s upcomingwedding, then fear not: you couldalways get a job making coffeefor the guests or washing upafterwards. Queen Elizabeth hasplaced two job adverts on herwebsite, for a General Assistant(Coffee Room) and a GeneralAssistant (Wash-up). Both payabout $22,700 a year and theposts are based at the monarch’sBuckingham Palace residence inLondon, although both will haveto travel to other royal homesaround Britain.For more of this story, readherePhoto credit: Reuters/KevinLamarque (Libyan protestersdemonstrate in front of WhiteHouse)This entry passed through theFull-Text RSSservice  if this isyour content and you're reading iton someone else's site, please readour FAQ page atfivefilters.org/ content-only/faq.php Five Filtersfeatured article:Collateral Damage - WikiLeaks InThe Crosshairs.
Submitted at 2/23/2011 11:40:37 AM
AP - A prank caller pretending tobe billionaire conservativebusinessman David Koch wasable to have a lengthyconversation with Wisconsin Gov.Scott Walker about his strategy tocripple public employee unions,the governor's office confirmedWednesday.
Submitted at 2/23/2011 12:43:13 PM
AP - U.S. Drug EnforcementAdministration agents and localpolice swept across South Floridaon Wednesday making arrests aspart of a lengthy undercoveroperation into illegal pill millsthat dispense huge amounts of powerful prescription drugsacross the nation.
Submitted at 2/23/2011 1:30:00 PM
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