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3.10 FRG Leadership HO3

3.10 FRG Leadership HO3

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3.10 Handout
Family Readiness Group Leadership
Level III
Army Family Team Building
Structure of Family Readiness Groups
Key Callers:
POC on telephone tree
Calls 6-10 spouses
Relays information
Identifies concerns
Serve in many positions(hospitality, treasurer,social, newsletter, etc.)
Planners, organizers,and workers for FRGactivities
FRG Leader:
Works closely with theCommander
Leads the group
Coordinates activities
Provides accurate/ timelyinformation
Welcomes families
(Rear DetachmentCommander) 
FRG Leader
FRG Volunteers
Key CallersFRG MembersFRL Liaison
Rear Detachment
Serves as Commander duringdeployment
Source of information forFRG
Link between unit andfamilies
FRL Liaison (FRL)
Soldier in the unit
Another unit POC for theinformation for the FRG
FRG Assistants
Paid civilian (usually at BDEor GN level)
Directed by the Commander
Provide administrativeassistance and maintainstability
Maintain stability
Link to community resources
FRG Assistants
3.10 Handout
Level III
Army Family Team Building
Roles and Responsibilities within theFamily and Soldier Readiness System
The Commander
Prepares and sets family readiness goals for the unit.
Appoints and supports the FRG leader.
Provides Soldiers and family members access to entitlements, family programs andfamily services.
Reviews fund status and newsletters.
Encourages participation by Soldiers and their families.
Ensures that all vital family readiness information is conveyed to the FRG. 
The Rear Detachment
Serves as the unit commander during deployment and assumes the FRGresponsibilities of the commander.
Provides family members with unit information and resources.
Helps resolve family readiness problems or refers them to the appropriate agency.
Provides a link between the FRG and the deployed unit. 
Family Readiness Liaison – FRL
Assists units during mobilization and deployment.
Coordinates with FRG leader to maintain critical communication link.
Provides FRG logistical and administrative support as needed.
Identifies appropriate resources and provide accurate, up-to-date information tohelp solve family-related problems.
3.10 Handout
Level III
Army Family Team Building
The FRG Assistant
Provides administrative assistance in support of family readiness programs andactivities to the Commander, FRL and FRG Leader.
Assists units during mobilization and deployment.
Coordinates with FRG leader to maintain critical communication link.
Provides stability on the home front.
Works closely with community resources to provide appropriate referrals for theCommander, FRL, FRG Leader and family members.
Provides assistance, information, referrals and follow-up on all areas of familyprograms. 
The FRG Leader
Supports the commander’s readiness goals.
Provides overall leadership for the unit FRG.
Recruits volunteers for key FRG positions.
Supervises the planning and running of all FRG events.
Reviews fund status and newsletters.
Ensures all members are involved in group decisions and events.
Communicates key information to family members in an efficient and timelymanner.
Represents the FRG at higher level FRG meetings (i.e. steering committeemeetings).

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