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Sacred Blueprints

Sacred Blueprints

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Published by Lqoau
Drawing connections between the crop circles and UFO sightings of late January 2011, and what that means in regard to the 2012 Winter Solstice.
Drawing connections between the crop circles and UFO sightings of late January 2011, and what that means in regard to the 2012 Winter Solstice.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lqoau on Feb 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Java Crop Circle
by Lqoau
“Nothing is unannounced. If you are paying attention,
stuff comes down the pike. First a little wave, then
a medium wave, then the tsunami.” 
 -Terence McKenna
Those of us who hoped 2011 would hold important clues as we lead up to the long-awaitedwinter solstice of 2012 have already been reassured in spectacular fashion that some amazing things are
happening once again in our little corner of the universe, and we’re bound to see more
up ahead:In late January three crop circles appeared in rice paddies in Indonesia, marking the first time in modern history that crop circles appeared this early in the year, and in this region, giving us portents of aspecial year indeed. Things got even more incredible on the 28
when, on the eve of the third and finalformation, a pair of videos showing a UFO drone hovering over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem ran wild across the internet, showing some of the best UFO footage to date, and more importantly, gainingimpressive coverage in the mainstream press. A few days later, reports that a UFO formation was seenin Utah on January 26
began to get worldwide attention, with several observers claiming that the UFOs were dropping glowing orbs to the ground.Though these events all occurred within a six-
day time frame, I haven’t seen much speculation
connecting the crop circles with the UFO sightings. I find this surprising, since the possibility of the firstformation (shown above) being the blueprint of a dome seemed likely, or at least likelier than some of the other speculation regarding the circles. If my hunch was correct, the UFOs were essentially 
 by creating the first two circles, both representations of the dome shape shown above. A
Representation of the nearly identicalcrop circles firstdiscovered onJanuary 23
2011 in Asia,symbolizing in partthe geometry of sacred architectureused in ancienttimes.
few days later they sent a drone to hover over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, captured by three
separate camera views. If correct, they’re prodding us to believe in them, the philosophical equivalentof clearing the ground and carving out runways to aid in their arrival. They are saying, “Don’t listen to
what the government and media are telling you.See things for yourself!
 This interpretation may seem like a projection to those unfamiliar with crop circle research, whomay see the circles as some sort of agrarian Rorshach or pareidolia;the interpreter seeing what he or she wants to see. Over the years, however, many of the brilliant minds involved in crop circle researchhave begun to tease out the ways in which
communicate with us through the circles. Much of itis fascinatingly multi-layered and complex, even when seemingly simple in appearance. For example,the mundane grid-pattern from Etchilhampton in 1997 led researchers to the Tzolkin,a sacred 260 day Mayan calendar placed upon a 13 x 20 grid matrix considered by some to be among the most importantinstruments used in Mayan scientific study, and a representation of the universal cycles and patterns weare all bound by.
photo by Steve Alexander 
 The Etchilhampton formation was a brilliant reimagining of the Tzolkin, using a 26 x 30 matrixthat equaled 780 squares, or a Tzolkin run three times through. Moreover, crop circle researcherMichael Glickman realized that the 780 squares mirrored the number of weeks from the appearance of the formation until December 21, 2012.
It is in this way that crop circles operate; things that areseemingly simplistic hold vast dimensions of knowledge. Circles often reference complex mathematicalequations, religious symbols from antiquity,Mayan calendars and astronomy,and even current astronomical phenomena such as comets and galactic alignments.  Crop circles also show an absolute obsession with numbers and numerology as understood in Egyptian philosophy, alchemy, the occult, and both the Hebrew and Greek isopsophia/gematria, whichreferences numerical codes hidden in language. Though numerology is generally relegated to the vast
“New Age Nonsense” pile, the truth is that numerology is based on very tangible
principles. Many “Power Numbers,” despite their esoteric name, come from equations such as the
square roots of 2, 3, and 5; the latter, 2.236, can be used to calculate the speed of light on Earth by taking its tangent, 1
.86 x 10⁶
. Once again the layers of meaning unfold before us in majesty.
Pinchbeck, Daniel 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, p88
The pattern of 13 x 20 = 260, as shownin the Mayan Tzolkin, is seen as asacred universal number pattern that isconsistent from very large patterns,such as the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes, to the very small, suchas amino acids or tubulin nerve fibers,reminiscent of the Powers of Ten. 
Gematria expert Carl Munck asked
, “Is gematria one of those fragmentary ancient sciences which
the longer we probe, the less we understand? Academia would just as soon be rid of it for that veryreason. Yet, we have an enormous body of evidence to indicate that the ancient Greeks, Egyptians,Persians, Babylonians, and Romans were enormously involved with these very same numbers, many of which even found their way into their metrological systems thereby becoming units of weights and
Indeed, the ancient people seem to have linked numbers with not only measurement, butwith language, color, sound, even frequency.Measurement is only one facet to the number, and our
problem is that we’ve taken a multi
dimensional object, placed it onto a single plane, and said, “This isall this is.”
courtesy of Daniel Gleason courtesy of Lucy Pringle
The first picture, from gematria interpretator Daniel Gleason, shows the geometric representationof the triune God, using the numeric values of the three main Greek Gods. The diagram notably
features the Vesica Piscis or “measure of the fish,”
1 x the square root of 2 (153) by 2 x the squareroot of 3 (265), both holy numbers in Christianity. The crop circle on the right, from July 20, 2008,shows a variation of this figure, which according tothis essay portrays the mathematical significance of 153 and the Biblical Parable of the Fish, complete with net.
In accordance with these ancient sciences, I found several layers of significance in January 23,2011; the date of the first formation. Eleven is a master number for numerologists, generally signifying transformation and illumination.It is the number of intuition, psychic ability, and other higher powers.An apt symbolism 
is to imagine the “11” as two spiraling strands of DNA “reaching upwards,” unlocking
hidden potential. This synchronizes with many predictions for the Winter Solstice of 2012 being a period of great personal transformation, where human beings choose to either take the next step in theirdevelopment or take a step back, leading to a new Golden Age.This solstice, the long-discussed and ever-controversial December 21, 2012, will occur at 11:11a.m.At a time of great change in my life, and long before knowing anything tangible about the Maya or2012, I frequently began seeing 11:11 on clocks around the house, so much so that I researched to see if others had experienced the same phenomena. I was amazed to find an enormous number of people  noting strange events occurring in conjunction with this repetition of numbers. The stories have agenerally cohesive thread, put succinctly by Ellie Crystal of  www.crystalinks.com: 
“11:11 or de
rivativesof these numbers, 111 and 11, are digits that repeat in time thus a metaphor for reality as patterns that

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