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Design Your Own Destiny

Design Your Own Destiny

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Published by Jim Donovan
This is an easy to read 7 page special report to help you create a compelling vision and learn to create the life you were born to live.
This is an easy to read 7 page special report to help you create a compelling vision and learn to create the life you were born to live.

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Published by: Jim Donovan on Feb 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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that most of us want to be happy and feel that we are successful in our lives. The problem is that,very often, we have not taken the time to define what happi-ness means to us
we are often seduced by success as it isdefined by the media. When this is not what we have, or evendesire, we feel there’s something wrong with us.When my first book,
Handbook to a Happier Life
, was pub-lished I embarked on a series of radio interviews. Typically, ahost would ask me why most people were not happier. This be-came my favorite question because I know from experience thatthe main reason people are not happier in their lives is becausethey have not defined what would make them feel happy.Unfortunately, in our society, it is possible to graduatefrom high school, college, or even achieve advanced degreeswithout ever being taught the keys for living a happy and suc-cessful life. Most people are living by default, devoting moretime to planning their vacations than planning their lives.Success and happiness are intertwined since, the more wesee ourselves as successful, the happier we generally feel. Onthe other hand, feeling happier not only helps us become moresuccessful, it is one of the keys in attracting the life we desire.The happier you feel, the more successful you become.
Success and Happiness
Another thing that creates problems for many people isthat, all too often, we buy into someone else’s idea of what suc-cess is. We are steadily bombarded with messages from themedia, telling us that, in order to be happy, we have to be driv-ing a certain type of automobile, look a certain way, wear aparticular brand of clothing, and so on. We are told that, inorder to be a success, we must earn a certain amount of money.We then believe that unless we become millionaires, we arefailures and doomed to a life of misery. While being rich can bewonderful, it is not all there is.On the other side of the coin, we are continually being givennegative messages about wealth. When was the last time yousaw a movie or television show portray a rich person as warm,happy, loving and generous? It makes for better entertainmentto tell a story about a lying, cheating ogre who, in the last fiveminutes, succumbs to the “poor but happy” hero.The news media loves to tell, in great detail, stories aboutbusiness leaders who are greedy and going to jail or the lat-est antics of some overindulged celebrity. Rarely do you read about the countless wealthy, successful, well adjusted peoplewho are doing good, creating jobs, and providing us with thegoods and services we want. Rarely do you read about the richwho give of their time and money to help those less fortunate.I’ll grant you that there are wealthy people who cheat and belong in jail, however, by no stretch of the imagination dothey represent the majority. The wealthy and highly successfulpeople I personally know are also the ones who give the most.As a society, we love to see successful people fail, per-haps because it lets us off the hook for not doing morewith our own lives.The problem is that as we are being fed a not-so-subtlemessage that rich people are bad. Then we are told through ad-vertising, that in order to be happy you need to be rich. Withour natural tendency to want to be decent people, it’s easy to
Jim Donovan 
see why so many of people are confused and, often, sabotagetheir best efforts.A better way to live is to write your own story. A storyin which you can be happy, loving, supportive, generous,
 wildly successful. A story in which you allow yourself what-ever amount of wealth and material success you desire whileliving a productive and meaningful life and adding value to so-ciety in the process.One of my favorite references for amassing wealth
 adding tremendous value is the late Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and the original voice of “Kermit the Frog.” Ihad the pleasure of meeting Mr. Henson years ago. He wasa friendly, gentle man whose passion was to entertain chil-dren. As a reward for doing such a great job of it, he builtan entertainment empire.For me, this is
the key
. Design your own life by first creatinga clear picture of what it represents.I remember back when I had very little in the way of mate-rial things. For me, in order to learn what was truly importantin my life, I had to lose everything. There are certainly easierways to learn this, however, I was stubborn and needed torealize that the trappings of my material existence were notwhat determined my happiness.I was sitting one evening, on Moonlight Beach in Encini-tas, California, watching a sunset. At that moment I realized that, although I had almost no money and few material pos-sessions, I was truly happy. Later, as I furthered my spiritualeducation, I came to understand the adage that, “Happiness isan inside job.”What would make you feel happier?When you were a child, what were some of the things thatyou enjoyed doing? Would doing them now still be enjoyable?What simple action could you add to your regular routinethat would make you feel happier?

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