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MMO-style level, project proposal

MMO-style level, project proposal

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Published by Telarus, KSC

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Published by: Telarus, KSC on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joshua AE Fontanytelarus@gmail.comGA312 Adv Level DesignKeld BangsbergWinter 11Assignment 3 part 01
Assignment 3, part 01 – MMO style level
Working Title:
The Undine's Temple
This dungeon/area was designed using techniques formalized by Paul Jaquaysand discussed by Justin Alexander in his “Jaquaying the Dungeon” series.http://www.thealexandrian.net/archive/archive2010-07c.html#20100723Key points of the “Dungeon Crawl” genre:Exploration- discovering previously unknown territory- “failure” means you missed something interestingUncovering Secret/Hidden Areas- offers rewards / resources for ExplorationPlayer Decision Making- navigation, obstacles, combat tactics, resource managementPace of Action- flow of and between combat/conflicts
Map Design Considerations:
Offer opportunities to approach a location/objective from multiple directions. Thisincludes multiple “entrances” to the dungeon (and multiple connections between levels).Making some secret /hidden encourages exploration and increases replay value.Simplifying a series of rooms into a simple “representations” allows us to see thatthere are 4 basic “flows” to a dungeon layout:
- go from A to B
Linear w/ Sidetracks
- this forces the player back to the main track once the sidetrack has been explored
- requiring exploration of each branch
Circular Routes / Loops
- the key to non-linear dungeon explorationBy using Circular Routes along with the other building blocks, players can be presentedwith complex decision chains that will allow the exploration of the level, while stillallowing the chance to “miss” areas. Combined with other techniques, such as'Discontinuous Level Connections' where some routes skip whole levels (see my MainEntrance Pit Trap, which immediately dumps the player on Level 2), allows eachexploration of the dungeon the opportunity to be unique.
Joshua AE Fontanytelarus@gmail.comGA312 Adv Level DesignKeld BangsbergWinter 11Assignment 3 part 01

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