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Compilation Cosmic Initiations

Compilation Cosmic Initiations

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Published by Zak Rymill
A compilation made from the books written by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul
A compilation made from the books written by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul

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Published by: Zak Rymill on Aug 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compilation Cosmic Initiations (8 Pages)
(DINAII 419) Some of the more obvious meanings of this seventh hint it might profit us to consider. Its significanceis, however, something which will be revealed as a result of initiation; you can see, therefore, that a close study anda vital comprehension of Hint VI must normally precede any true understanding of this final hint which I have heregiven you. There are—needless to say—nine esoteric interpretations of this hint, corresponding to the nineinitiations.
This sentence both in its individual, tonic and orchestral soundingforth
, carries information and
illumination even to the planetary Logos
when it is utteredduring
any cosmic initiation
that the
planetary Logos
may be taking—and which
He is Nowdoing.
This hint is working out today in the consciousness of humanity as a whole; the reason for this is that the
perfected [Page 419] Personality of Sanat Kumara
 —focussed at present in His creativethroat centre, Humanity—is reverberating to the orchestral effect of the formula which embodies this hint from thecosmic angle. To this I need not further refer, for you could not understand. Nor do I to any great extent, brother of mine, being but an initiate of the fifth degree. The reason lying behind all this is that the
planetary Logos
inthis particular world cycle is
undergoing an initiation
which will shift His focus into the hierarchicalcentre, into that centre of energy which we call the Hierarchy; from that point of attained focus He will submit to thecosmic initiation for which His planetary work—creative and magnetic—has prepared Him. As He, in His Ownessential nature, makes progress, every phase of His manifesting body, His expressive Personality, is involved, withthe emphasis of the conditioning energies
working out through the two centres
at this time pre-eminently active; i.e., the centre which we call the race of men, Humanity, in which the energy of intelligence isfocussed and critically active, and the centre where the love of God is demonstrated, the Hierarchy. In these twocentres a great activity is on the move and a vital expansion or moving outward is taking place.(WM 390) We need to remember that just as in
particular incarnations, men are focussed orpolarised in various bodies—sometimes the astral and sometimes the mental
 — so at this time one might infer that our planetary Logos Himself is
focussed in His mental body
. He, ithas been said, is striving towards
the fourth cosmic initiation, which makes possible ourattainment of the fourth Initiation
, for He carries us forward with Him, and, on our particular level,we achieve as
cells in His Body.
(RI 421)
The Path the Logos Himself is on
It should be remembered as this peculiarly abstruse subject is approached that
the Solar Logos is as farremoved (in the evolutionary sense) from our planetary Logos
as the
latter isfrom the point of attainment of an accepted disciple
(stage of Accepted Discipleis usually latter part of 2
Yet the two are linked by a subjective unity and similarity of objective. At certain points upon the Way of the Higher Evolution Their two lines of energy meet and blend. Our Solar Logos also plays a peculiarly interesting part in the development of our entire planetary life. For the sake of clarity, yet at the same time speaking symbolically,
Sanat Kumara might be regarded as apersonal disciple of the Solar Logos
, with all that that indicates of cosmic responsibility.(RI 391) The fifth and sixth initiations are to the Master what the first and second are to
the disciple-simplyinitiations of the threshold
not true initiations
from the cosmic angle. The
first true
upon the Higher Way is called the Initiation of Resurrection; this has
no reference to thefifth initiation.
(this refers to the 7 
planetary initiation)
(EA 268) herein also lies the
distinction between the sacred and the non sacred planets
.The Lords of the planets (the ray Lives or planetary Logoi) are also, on Their own level, unequally developed andsome of them are further advanced upon the cosmic path of spiritual unfoldment than are others; Those Who are
definitely upon the Cosmic Path of Discipleship are regarded as informingSacred planets
, whilst those who are upon the
Cosmic probationary Path
are expressingthemselves through
non-sacred planets.
(WM 390) our 
planetary Logos
Himself is focussed in His mental Body. He, it has been said, is strivingtowards the
fourth cosmic initiation
, which makes possible our attainment of the fourth Initiation.(CF 605) In the
5th Mahamanvantara (or Solar System
Solar Logos achievesHis fifth major initiation.
(CF 590) This achieved,
our Logos
has triumphed, and measured up to the
sixth Cosmic initiation
, just ashe should measure up in
this system
(this Solar System/Mahamanvantara)
to the fourth.
Our planetary logos is to take his 4 
initiation in during this 4 
Chain, the 4 
Chain presumably corresponding to his heart chakra.
(CF 384) The
planetary Logos of our scheme
.....is midway through His career upon the
cosmicPath of Initiation,
and consequently is to take the
fourth Initiation in this Chain
...this globe...through it our planetary Logos is undergoing...the
(CF 387) This caused an acceleration of vibration, and enabled the Heavenly Man of our 
scheme to take aminor initiation
and to set about His
preparations for a major initiation
(CF 725) At the
initiation of a planetary logos
, an avatar may appear in
His scheme
on the
seventh globe
from The cosmic centre or star which is ensouled by the particular Rishi Who (in theconstellation of the Great Bear) Is his cosmic prototype.(CF 726) The
number if initiations
taken by a
planetary Logos in this system varyfrom two to four.
(CF 291) In
each round
(through a chain of gobes)
one subplane of the cosmicastral plane is brought under control
, and the consciousness of the Heavenly Man expands to
include one subplane more.
"The Logos of a
non-sacred planet
...has taken
three cosmic initiations
." (EA 504)"The Logos of a
sacred planet
... has taken
five cosmic initiations
." (EA 504)
(EOH 568). It is a
cycle also in which the planetary Logos, having successfully takeninitiation
which our planet will become [Page 568] a sacred planet
(CF 374) The
Logos of our scheme, Sanat Kumara, will take a major initiation inthe middle of the fifth round, but is preparing for a minor one at this time.
Our planetary logos has not yet taken his 3
initiation because if he had hewould not be astrally polarised as he is now-mental polarisation takes placebetween the 2
and 3
initiations, periods of mental focussing begin to take place several incarnations (for the Planetary Logos several Solar Systems)before this.
(CF 570)
Our Logos Himself, the heart of His system, is on the cosmic astralplane; he is polarised there
. Just as the units of the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, are evolvingthrough the use of physical bodies, but are
polarised at this time in their astral vehicles
, so wehave seen that the objective solar system forms the physical body of the Logos,
though His polarity is in Hisastral body
. It is significant that in this
greater manvantara, the Logos is to take thefourth cosmic Initiation
. A hint which may enlighten lies in the correspondence which exists betweenthis statement and the [Page 571] fourth root-race development, and this, the
fourth or astral round
.81(CF 380) The fact therefore, that
in each chain the planetary Logos takes a differentinitiation
different centres
; and so bringing into manifestation different entities.(CF 384) It might be here stated in connection with the
planetary Logos of our scheme
that: b. He is midway through His career upon the
cosmic Path of Initiation
, and consequently is to take the
fourth Initiation in this chain
Solar Logos has for objective nine initiations, the third cosmic Initiation
 being his goal.Our 
planetary Logos has for objective seven initiations, the second cosmicInitiation
being his goal.Man has for objective
five initiations, the first cosmic Initiation
being his goal.(CF 390)
"the Judgment" [Page 390] in the coming fifth round
. When that time comesour planetary Logos will have
attained the initiation which is His present goal; the fifthround of the Venusian scheme will be closing, and the Venus scheme
will begin to pass into(CF 647)
At each initiation of the great Being Who is manifesting through ourplanet, one of these petals becomes unfolded
on etheric levels, so that at individualisation, thefour became active, and His selfconscious activity was brought right down on to the physical plane. The analogycan be seen typified at
His great Initiation which took place in the fourth round
and the

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