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Firefox Shortcuts Windows

Firefox Shortcuts Windows

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Published by Vince Vo
Phím tắt cho Firefox trong Windows
Phím tắt cho Firefox trong Windows

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Published by: Vince Vo on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows FirefoxBy Matthew Elton Ctrl-D = Add bookmarkBackspace = BackCtrl-B = BookmarksCtrl-I = BookmarksF7 = Caret BrowsingCtrl-W = Close TabCtrl-F4 = Close TabCtrl-Shift-W = Close WindowAlt-F4 = Close WindowCtrl-Enter = Add .com to address barShift-Enter = Add .net to address barCtrl-Shift-Enter = Add .org to address barCtrl-C = CopyCtrl-X = CutCtrl-- = Shrink textDelete = DeleteShift-Delete = Delete Individual Form AutoComplete EntryCtrl-Shift-I = DOM InspectorCtrl-J = DownloadsCtrl-G = Find AgainF3 = Find Again‘ = Find As You Type Link/ = Find As You Type TextCtrl-Shift-G = Find PreviousShift-F3 = Find PreviousCtrl-F = Find in This Page
Shift-Backspace = ForwardAlt-Enter = ForwardDown Arrow = Scroll DownUp Arrow = Scroll UpPage Down = Scroll Down really fastPage Up = Scroll Up really fastEnd = Go to Bottom of PageHome = Go to Top of PageF11 = Full ScreenF1 = HelpCtrl-H = HistoryAlt-Home = Go to your homepageCtrl-+ = Enlarge textF6 = Move to Next FrameShift-F6 = Move to Previous FrameCtrl-M = New Mail MessageCtrl-T = New TabCtrl-Tab = Next TabCtrl-Page Down = Next TabCtrl-N = New WindowCtrl-O = Open FileEnter = Activate selected hyperlinkCtrl-Enter = Open selected hyperlink in a new windowShift-Enter = Open selected hyperlink in a new windowAlt-Enter = Open address in address bar in a new tabCtrl-U = Page sourceCtrl-V = PasteCtrl-Shift-Tab = Previous TabCtrl-Page Up = Previous Tab
Ctrl-P = PrintCtrl-Shift-Z = RedoCtrl-Y = RedoF5 = RefreshCtrl-R = RefreshCtrl-F5 = SuperRefresh (refreshes the page even if no changes have been made tothe page since you last loaded it)Ctrl-Shift-R = SuperRefresh (refreshes the page even if no changes have been madeto the page since you last loaded it)Ctrl-0 = Restore text sizeCtrl-S = Save Page AsAlt-Enter = Save target of selected hyperlink asCtrl-A = Select AllCtrl-L = Select Location BarAlt-D = Select Location BarDown Arrow = Select Next AutoComplete entry in textboxUp Arrow = Select Previous AutoComplete entry in textboxCtrl-Down Arrow = Select Next Search Engine in Search BarCtrl-Up Arrow = Select Previous Search Engine in Search BarCtrl-1 = Select first tabCtrl-2 = Select second tabCtrl-3 = Select third tabCtrl-4 = Select fourth tabCtrl-5 = Select fifth tabCtrl-6 = Select sixth tabCtrl-7 = Select seventh tabCtrl-8 = Select eighth tabCtrl-9 = Select ninth tabEscape = Stop loading a pageCtrl-Z = Undo

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