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Compilation Manvantara

Compilation Manvantara

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Published by Zak Rymill
A compilation made from the books written by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul
A compilation made from the books written by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul

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Published by: Zak Rymill on Aug 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Compilation “Manvantara”
Generally speaking DK uses the term Mahamanvantara when Describing the life time of one solar system or one incarnation of  A solar logos but there are exceptions to the general rule and so its best to double check. Manvantara and Kalpa are also used in a variety of instances. Consider the following few quotes.
Solar System=100 years of Brahma (CF 744)Mahamanvantara=100 years of Brahma (CF 157) & (CF 740)Mahamanvantara= a day of Brahma (CF 146)Manvantara=day of Brahma (CF 743)(IHS Glossary)
A period of activity as opposed to a period of rest,
without reference to any specific length of cycle.
Frequently used to expressa period of planetary activity and its seven races.(CF 670) This will involve the transmutation of desire into aspiration, and will produceeventually the liberation of the planetary Logos, and bring a
manvantara (or Hiscycle of physical incarnation) to a close.
Withdrawal of the force of desireresults likewise in the cessation of man's physical existence. The old Commentary expressesthis truth in the following words:(CF 743) Between Two Globes in a Chain. This covers the period of abstraction of the seedsof all life, and its transference from one sphere to another. The seed manu of a globe gathersall the life forces into Himself, as does the Logos at the close of a system, and as alsotranspires at the close of a chain, and holds them quiescent in His aura. This covers a periodof a
manvantara, or of one day of Brahma.
(CF 273) This repetition involves the following factors:Repetition in time: The thought of cyclic activity necessitates periods of time of differinglength—greater or lesser cycles—but (according to their length) of uniform degree. A
manvantara, or Day of Brahma
, is always of a certain length, and so is amahamanvantara. The cycles wherein an atom of any plane revolves upon its axis areuniform on its own plane.(HIS 187) A large number of fifth ray people, those who have the
Ray of ConcreteKnowledge for their monadic ray,
pass to this line of endeavour. The inherentquality in the type of the monad settles usually the line of activity. The karma of the fifth rayis one of the factors which produces this. These monads
work with Fohat, andmust, to the end of the greater manvantara.
They have their eventual positionon the cosmic mental plane, but as yet the capacity for abstract thought is so little developedthat it is impossible for us to comprehend the significance of this expression.(EPI 211) From many of the above remarks it may have been inferred that the characteristicsof any given ray find closer correspondence with one of the other rays than with the rest. Thisis a fact. The only one which stands alone and has no close relationship with any of theothers is the fourth. This brings to mind the unique position which the number four occupies
in the evolutionary process. We have the fourth root race, the fourth planetary chain, the
fourth planet in the chain
, the
fourth planetary manvantara
, etc.(EPI 88) The Chohans of the sixth initiation have the guidance of those units of consciousness in whom their particular ray vibration and colour predominate. The vastimportance of this fact is often overlooked, even when theoretically acknowledged byaspirants to initiation. Hence the importance of determining the ray of the ego and of theMonad,—something of vital moment after the third initiation. A majority and a minorityalways exist in every department of life. So it is in the work of the Logos, for at the
end of the greater cycle (manvantara) the majority will find their way to thesynthetic love ray
; a small minority will find their way to the power ray. This minorityare destined for an important function. They will constitute the nucleus which (
in the nextsolar system)
(next 100 years of Brahma- see (CF744))
will constitute themajority, finding their synthesis on ray one. This is a great mystery and not easilyunderstood. [Page 88] Some hint towards its solution will be found hidden in the realmeaning of the words "exoteric" and "esoteric."(CF 927) The etheric body of the solar system is now complete, though it will not be perfected
till the end of another manvantara
. The greater body of vitality isready to energise the dense physical vehicle. The seven centres with their forty-nine major  petals are vibrant, and consciousness thrills through every atom in the system.(CF 706) The mystery of Capricorn is hidden in these five and in the Biblical words "thesheep and the goats."36 The Christian hints at this when he speaks of the Christ reigning onearth a thousand years during which the serpent is imprisoned. The Christ principle willtriumph for the
remainder of the manvantara
, and the lower material nature andmind will be held in abeyance until the next round, when fresh opportunity will arise for certain groups of the discarded, though the
majority will be held over untilanother system
. Something similar again will take place on the fifth chain but as itconcerns a centre in the planetary Logos of which we know but little, we need not hereenlarge upon it.(CF 992) In the early stages of human unfoldment all men are unconscious black magicians, but are not occultly "damned" thereby. As evolution proceeds they come under the force of the second aspect, and the majority respond to it, escaping from the meshes of the black magicians, and coming under the force of a different number. The
few who do not doso in this manvantara are the "failures"
who have to continue the struggle at alater date. A tiny percentage wilfully refuse to "pass on," and they become the true "black magicians." For them the end is ever the same, first, severance of the Ego from the Monad,
entailing a wait for many aeons until another solar system has itsbeing
. In the case of the "failures" the Ego severed itself from the personality or lower self,
entailing a setback for a lesser period
, but
still having opportunitywithin the system.
(within 100 years Brahma)
Second, a cycle of existence,spent in unlimited evil, and dependent upon the vitality of the severed egoic body and itsinnate persistence. These are the
ordinary "lost souls" spoken of in the SecretDoctrine
. If students will study these conditions, and will extend the same concept to anearlier and more matured solar system, they will get [Page 993] some light upon the problemof the origin of evil in this solar system.
(CF 831) The petals are destroyed by the action of fire, and the multiplicity of deva liveswhich form them and give to them their coherence and quality are gathered back by the solar Pitris of the highest order into the Heart of the Sun; they will be directed outward again inanother solar system.The atomic substance will be
used for another manvantara
, but the
solar Pitris
will not again be called upon to
sacrifice themselves until the next solarsystem
(100 years Brahma-)
when they will
come in as planetary Rays
, thusrepeating
upon monadic levels in the next system
what they have done in this.They will then be the
planetary Logoi.
c. The central Life electric returns to its source, escaping out of prison and functioning as acentre of energy on planes of cosmic etheric energy.(CF 928) The logoic Phrase...Fifth plane...The
plane of the logoic mantram of 35stanzas
. The gaseous body.The gaseous form of the solar system now appears, and the energy centres become veiled andhidden. Accretion and concretion rapidly proceeds. The three groups of builders co-ordinatetheir efforts afresh and a new influx of energy—bearing devas from the logoic head centre—  pours in. The lesser builders respond to the
logoic mantram chanted anew ateach manvantara,
(probably day of Brahma)
and the seven streams of energyfrom the
seven logoic centres
are directed downwards.(OM 81) The total number of petals in the centres, if we eliminate the spleen which has a purpose all its own, and the three lower organs of creation, is one thousand, one hundred andten, the total number signifying the perfection of the microcosm,—ten the number of  perfected personality, one hundred the number of causal perfection, and one thousand thenumber of spiritual [Page 81] achievement. When every petal vibrates in all the dimensions,then the
goal for this manvantara is reached
. The lower lotus is full blown, andreflects the greater with precision.
(OM 235) In the microcosm the
three rays of the Monad
, the Ego, and thePersonality will likewise
dominate and absorb the seven,
and in time alsolead to a merging in the [Page 235] synthetic ray of the Monad. The correspondencewill be found perfect.
(CF 115) A further chain of ideas may be followed up in the remembrance that the fourthether is even now being studied and developed by the average scientist, and is alreadysomewhat harnessed to the service of man; that the fourth subplane of the astral plane is thenormal functioning ground of the average man and that in this round escape from the ethericvehicle is being achieved; that the fourth subplane of the mental plane is the present goal of endeavor of one-fourth of the human family; that the
fourth manvantara will seethe solar ring-pass-not
offering avenues of escape to those who have reached thenecessary point; that the four planetary Logoi will perfect Their escape from Their planetaryenvironment, and will function with greater ease on the cosmic astral plane, paralleling oncosmic levels the achievement of the human units who are the cells in Their bodies.(CF 127) If a man persists from life to life in this line of action, if he neglects his spiritualdevelopment and concentrates on intellectual effort turned to the manipulation of matter for selfish ends, if he continues this in spite of the promptings of his inner self, and in spite of thewarnings that may reach him from Those who watch, and if this is carried on for a long period

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