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The Life of Joseph

The Life of Joseph

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Published by Charitha

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Published by: Charitha on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An Excellent Example!
The life stories of various men of God are written in the Bible. “All scripture is given byinspiration of God” (II Tim.3:16). The Scripture instructs us in the righteousness of God. When we err in our lives, it reproves us and corrects us. God has given us His Word as a ‘lamp that shows the wayin darkness’, that we, ‘the men of God, may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works’ (IITim.3:17) and be presented blameless before God. The Psalmist says, “Thy Word is a lamp unto myfeet, and a light unto my path” (Psa.119:105). A lamp in the hand of a traveller who is journeying indarkness shows him clearly, the next step he has to take. Similarly, in our life’s journey to heaventhrough this dark world of sin, the Word of God shows us the right path. We should take heedtherefore, to the Word of God which is as ‘a light that shineth in a dark place’ (II Pet.1:19), so that,we, though simpletons, may not wander or stumble in the way.The life-story of Joseph, narrated in the first book of the Bible (Genesis), is a story which meltsthe heart. Joseph was the eleventh son of Jacob, the grandson of Abraham, who was the chosen one of God. He lived from 1746 BC to 1636 BC. What could be the purpose of God in giving us the story of a man who lived about 3600 years ago, by getting it recorded in the Bible?According to the Biblical presentation of Dispensations, Joseph belonged to the ConsciencePeriod. Unlike in our days, Joseph did not have the written Word of God, the church, the fellowship of saints or the anointing of the Holy Spirit. Yet his life is an outstanding example to us, the children of God of the New Testament. In so many ways Joseph’s life is just like the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.In fact, there are so many similarities, that there may not be any other character in the Bible whose lifeis so similar to that of Jesus. In these days, when the Coming of the Lord is very imminent, the Lorddesires that every one of us hasten our efforts to become like Christ in our character. This study willgreatly help us be moulded into the character of Jesus.This book is not the effort of one person, but the collection of thoughts of many saints, some of whom are already in glory. We therefore give all honour and glory to the Lord alone.
1. Early Impressions
2. Hated
3. A Vision of the Future
4. The Nest is Stirred
5. The Attac
6. A Prosperous Man
7. Temptation Strikes
8. A Blessing to Others
9. All in God’s Plan
10. Introducing God
11. Flourishing in Adversity
12. Awakening the Conscience
13. The Hard and Strange Governor 
14. “All These Things Are Against Me!”
15. Wanted_Benjamin !
16. 'Thoughts of Peace, Not of Evil'
17. Merry Together 
18. The Silver Cup
19. “Let the Lad Go”
20. True Forgiveness
21. It is Joseph!
22. Reunion
23. The Journey
24. Settling in the Land
25. A Triumphant Finale
26. Blessings
27. The Glorious End
Jesus is the Beloved Son of the Heavenly Father and Joseph, the beloved son of his father, Jacob.
Jesus was hated and rejected by His own, and Joseph, by his brethren.
Before Jesus was crucified, He was stripped of His robe. Before Joseph was cast into the pit, hismulticoloured coat was removed.
Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver and Joseph, for twenty.
Although Pilate had the authority to release Jesus, he handed Him over to the will of the Jews.Although Reuben, being the firstborn, had the power to deliver Joseph from his brethren, he complied with them to some extent.
Jesus was falsely accused, and crucified. God raised Him and set Him at His own right hand. Josephwas falsely accused and cast into prison. He was finally exalted to be Pharaoh’s right hand man.
Of the two malefactors who were crucified with Jesus, one was saved and taken to Paradise. The other was damned eternally. Of the two prisoners who were with Joseph in prison, one was set free and restored to his post. The other was put to death.
Jesus began His ministry in this world when He was thirty years old. Joseph began his service inEgypt when he was thirty years old.
We, the Gentiles, are chosen to be the Bride of Jesus. A Gentile woman, Asenath, was chosen to beJoseph's wife.
Some people are discouraged about their background. “My upbringing was not good; my father was not a good example to me; my mother, my brothers and my sisters were not spiritual people these things are responsible for my spiritual set-back,” they complain. Let us take a look at Joseph’sfamily background. His father Jacob was Mr.Deceiver. He deceived his brother, then his father andlater his father-in-law. His mother Rachel, Mrs.Deceiver, stole her father’s idols, and cleverly coveredit up and deceived him. Being an idol-worshipper, she died on the way to Bethlehem. Joseph’s sister fell in immorality. Two of his brothers were cold-blooded murderersthey mercilessly butchered allthe men of the city of Shechem. His eldest brother committed sin with his stepmother. So Joseph’s
background was far from good. But that did not become a hindrance to his becoming a saint. Thegrace of God does not flow through a royal family or anything connected with morality. The grace of God flows, depending on how receptive we are to it. So we need not be discouraged because our parents did not set us a good example or because we did not have a good upbringing. No matter whatyour background, the grace of God is able to do an excellent work in you.
“Joseph, being seventeen years old, was feeding the flock with his brethren; and the lad was with thesons of Bilhah, and with the sons of Zilpah, his father’s wives: and Joseph brought unto his father their evil report” 
Joseph was sent to work with the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah. Now, the sons of Bilhah andZilpah were wicked boys. One of Bilhah’s sons, Dan, in the words of his own father, was ‘a serpent bythe way, an adder in the path’ (Gen.49:17). And Gad, one of Zilpah’s sons, was ‘a tearing lion’(Deut.33:20). When Joseph got home, the other brothers were there too. There were the bad-temperedSimeon and Levi who were fierce and cruel boys. ‘O my soul, come not thou into their secret; untotheir assembly,’ sighed their own father (Gen.49:6). And Issachar was like a strong donkey!(Gen.49:14). Poor Joseph! With lion-like and snake-like people at his working place and at home, lifemust have been very hard indeed! Oppressed and harassed on all sides, and no one at all to set him anexample!Child of God, are there people like serpents in your working place? Are they spewing out bitter poison at you whenever they open their mouth? Is it as if the poison of vipers is under their tongue?And is your boss like a tearing lion, boisterous and hot-tempered and roaring at you all the time? Back at home too, you might be living with unkind and hot-tempered people.Do not forget that it is the Lord Who chooses the people we are placed with. Joseph was bornwhen Jacob was around ninety and he loved him dearly. Besides, Jacob was very rich and had manyservants. In spite of this, he sent Joseph out to work in the fields with those bad boys. It might appear as if his father was being hard on Joseph. Our heavenly Father has a plan in placing us in difficultsituations and amidst difficult people. If you are being pushed and pulled and crushed on all sides,understand that the Lord is giving you a crash courseHe wants to make you a saint quickly. If everyone around us is a saint, we will not become saints. Our patience, humility, etc., will not be putto test. As they would put up with our anger, impatience and pride, we would remain angry, impatientand proud! It takes a lot of rubbing for our character to be shaped. Diamonds are formed when layersof wood are subjected to excessive heat and pressure for a long period of time. So, be careful how youreact to difficulties.God was taking Joseph through a crash course to mould him for his future. Joseph successfullycompleted his course and came out in flying colours. We need to find out why the Lord has given usdifficult people to deal with in our homes or in our working place. Instead, if we become irritable,resentful and bitter, or envious, selfish and hateful, and murmur and complain and speak ill of others,or become bitter with God, we fail in the school of God. Our character cannot get moulded and God’spurpose cannot be fulfilled in our life. Child of God, how do you cope with difficult and tryingpeople? When accused of things you have not done, when persecuted for the good you have done, if you have spiritual insight, you will be very happy. “Thank you, Lord, for the beautiful work You aredoing in my life,” you will say!When some are placed with evil people, they change and become like them. But Joseph was notinfluenced by his brothers’ wicked ways. He did not become like them. If God is influencing our life,no person, no place, no circumstancenothing can influence us. But if God is not the greatestinfluence in our life, circumstances will get the better of us. Wherever we go, like the chameleon, wewill conform to those around us.

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