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Presentation_Noun Clauses-Final Version-Instructor's Copy

Presentation_Noun Clauses-Final Version-Instructor's Copy

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Published by Didem

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Published by: Didem on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I. What is a µnoun clause¶ ?It is a group of words containing a verband functioning as a noun. A sentence cancontain one or more clauses.II. What is the function of a µnoun clause¶ ?Just like a noun, a noun clause is used torefer to a person, place or thing.
Observe :Where does Jane live?I don¶t know Jane¶saddress.I don¶t know whereJane lives.I don¶t knowJane¶saddress.I don¶t knowwhereJane lives.
(noun) (noun clause)
ook at the example :Who did they see? Did they see John? Did they see Tom?I don¶t know who they saw.I don¶t know whether they saw John or not.WhowhoDidwhether
What are some noun clause markers?
Wh- words (Who, Why, Where, What, When, Which, Whose, How)Wh-ever words (Wherever, Whatever, Whoever, However etc.)WhetherThat

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