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Raymond Davis vs Ali Jaffar Blackwater in Pakistan

Raymond Davis vs Ali Jaffar Blackwater in Pakistan

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Published by Dr. Hussain Naqvi

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Dr. Hussain Naqvi on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CIA Confirms Presence of Blackwater in Pakistan
A Report published by AB Group of Multimedia ® Dubai UAE in 2009
The Security Company (
Haris EnterprisesSecurity (Private) Limited
) providing securityservices to lots of foreigners working for Black Water and other terrorist organizations.Haris Enterprises is also getting contracts of guards to
after giving incentives andbribes to the Unicef officials.Haris Enterprises has taken over from where the banned
left off ± recruitment andtraining of ex-commandos of Pakistan Army ± for American security company,
DynCorp andXe Services
(Blackwater).Haris Enterprises is operating from
Malpur village of Chak Shahzad
, a rural but posh area of Islamabad where it has set up an office and a training facility.After receiving reports regarding the hiring of retired commandos of Pakistan Army by Inter-Risk, the Interior Ministry took serious notice, and launched an inquiry. The Ministry directedthe Inspector General of Islamabad Police to investigate the matter and submit a report, but anyreport has yet to be submitted as probably the IG is reluctant to annoy the Americans.The retired commandos are being trained as a quick-response force to meet the requirements of the under-cover Americans operating in Islamabad. Retired commandos have been offered jobsas security guards. These retired SSG commandos would be trained under the supervision oAmerican trainers in a private training institute working under the garb of an automobileworkshop in the outskirts of Islamabad.Islamabad Police raided the office of Inter-Risk in F-6 Sector of Islamabad on
September 19, 2009
, and impounded dozens of unlicensed sophisticated weapons.
Captain Ali Jaffer Zaidi
, a retired officer of the SSG, was arrested.
Captain Zaidi had recruited more than 200 retired army officials, mostly from the SSG, and theywere being given special training at a training camp, in the outskirts of Islamabad.Foreigners, mainly of the US origin, have reportedly acquired around
284 houses in differentsectors of Islamabad
. A local security company,
, has the contract to providesecurity to all these 284 houses in different sectors of Islamabad and their guards are deployed atthese houses. This company is one of four recommended by the Overseas Security AdvisoryCouncil, US Department of State, on diplomatic security on its website.Despite repeated denials, the CIA has nowconfirmed that US
security contractor XeServices, formerly known as Blackwater, hasbeen operating in Pakistan
. CIA spokesmanGeorge Little said that agency Director LeonPanetta has terminated a contract with Xeservices that allowed the company¶s employeesto load bombs on CIA drones at secret airfieldsin Pakistan and Afghanistan.Although the spokesman denied thatBlackwater was currently involved in CIAoperations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, hiscomments, contradicted past US assertions thatthe company does not operate in Pakistan.Other than the US administration, the Pakistani government and Xe itself had denied that thecompany was operating in Pakistan.While the New York Times published CIA¶s claim that Blackwater employees no longer have anoperational role in the agency¶s covert programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the
posted a quite different article. Citing comments from an unnamed former US official, the Britishdaily reported that Blackwater was still operating in Pakistan at a secret CIA airfield used for launching drone attacks. Xe employees patrol areas surrounding the Shamsi airbase inBalochistan.A
US Congressional committee
is investigating links between Blackwater and Americanintelligence services. Blackwater staff also participates in clandestine CIA raids.The former head of Pakistan¶s intelligence agency,
ISI, Asad Durrani
said in an interview thatBlackwater, a notorious US security firm, is carrying out operations in the country. Hiscomments came after the CIA revealed that Blackwater has been involved in drone attacks inPakistan. General Durrani said the group may be involved in actions that destabilize the country.³My assessment is that they [Blackwater agents] ² either themselves or most probably throughothers, through the locals ² do carry out some of the explosions,´ he said. ³The idea is to carryout such actions, like carrying attacks in the civilian areas to make the others look bad in the eyesof the public.´

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