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Final Plan 22-8

Final Plan 22-8

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Published by Natalia
The final version of my plan, Gos I know there are many different ways to teach believe I've tried my best!I hope my flu has helped !
The final version of my plan, Gos I know there are many different ways to teach believe I've tried my best!I hope my flu has helped !

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Published by: Natalia on Aug 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Natalia LópezMethods II-2008 
Warm-up (3’)HANGMAN:Students are asked to provide letters from the alphabet to guess each word. They play as one biggroup Today I feel _ _ _ _ _ because I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to have a big _ _ _ _ _ with my friends!!Once they get the words I will ask my students the time reference of 
I’m going to have a big party with my friends.
Teaching moment (Presentation of the topic)
 (Page 52)Tell me, when you are in a party, is it very important the music? What kind of music do youlike? What about dancing?Ok! As you remember Holly and Michael planned to be djs at a party but now Holly and Michael madeimportant decisions(as they have been following the story from the very beginning they know aboutwhat is going with the characters and the different events). Let’s speculate…what do you think theyare going to do to do?
Global task: (5’)
Once they tell me their ideas I will ask them to read the story and check if what they say was correct.After having checked if their speculations were correct or not we will get down to work with thereading. 
Specific task: (7’)
 Do activity 3 (page 53)I will divide the class in 3 groups and I will secretly assign each team two questions to be answered.Once each group is ready, they will have to answer the question given (either a, b or c ) and theother groups will have to guess which question they are answering. The group that guesses at least 3is the winner.(I think that in this way I’m giving them a purpose to listen, because if they don’t do so then theydon’t guess )
3.Answer the questions
a)What’s the problem with Laura?b)What’s the suggestion that Kim makes to Laura about diets?
What does Archie think about dance music ?d)What’s Robert’s opinion about Michael?e)What is Michael’s job in the party?f)What’s Holly’s decision?
Natalia López
: Beginners II
: That students can talk about future actions using Going to
Topic aim:
Planning a party
Friends United III
by Ana Mónica Altamirano
Publishing house: Macmillan 2005Number of students: 25Students’ age
: 12-13
Teaching period
: 40’
Assumed knowledge
:Present Simple; Like, love, hate +ing; comparative and superlative adjectives; adverbs andexpressions of frequency; present continuous; should and shouldn’t; must and mustn’t; pastsimple-to be; prepositions of place; can and could; much, many and a lot of; past simple; pastcontinuous; too and enough
Vocabulary on
music, activities, adjectives to describe people, clothes and appearance, dailyactivities, verbs of movement, food and drink, going out, places in town, countries, animals,communication activities, things in town, communication verbs, injuries, the sea, verbs,adjectives to describe people. 
: Students’ book, Unit 5 page 52-53

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