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Chapter: Mangnetism

Chapter: Mangnetism

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Published by Rais Rahimi

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Published by: Rais Rahimi on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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3.1 MAGNETIC EFFECT OF A CURRENT-CARRYING CONDUCTOR  What is anelectromagnet?An electromagnet can be made by sending an electriccurrent through a coil of wire wound around an ironcore. When a current flows through the coil, it produces amagnetic field.  The soft iron core becomestemporarily magnetized when the current is switchedon.When the current is switched off, it loses itsmagnetism.What is amagnetic fieldpattern?A magnetic field pattern can be represented by fieldlines that show the shape of the field.Magnetic field lines which are close together representa strong field.The field direction is defined as the direction indicatedby a compass needle placed in the magnetic field. Determine thedirection of themagnetic fieldaround acurrent-carrying wire The Right-Hand Grip RuleGrip the wire using the right hand, with your thumbpointing in the direction of the current.  Your other fingers now point round the wire in the direction of themagnetic field.When the direction of the current is reversed, themagnetic field direction also is reversed.
Activity 1Aim Draw the magnetic field pattern due to a current in a 1.straight wire,2. coil   3.  solenoidDetermine the direction of the magnetic field.
  1. Use small plotting compasses and place them on thecardboard to determine the direction of the magnetic field.2. Observe and sketch the pattern produced.3. Reverse the current supply connections to see its effect onthe compass needle.4. Remove the compasses and springkle iron filings onto thecardboards and tap the sheets gently with a pencil.  Sketchyour observation.  
Straight Wire 
Note:The right hand grip rule for asolenoid:The thumb points towards northpole of the magnetic field while theother fingers indicate the directionof the current in the solenoid.

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