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Asterisk Help Command

Asterisk Help Command

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Published by info3723

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Published by: info3723 on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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! Execute a shell commandael reload Reload AEL configurationael set debug {readtokensmac Enable AEL debugging flagsagi dump html Dumps a list of AGI commands in HTML formatagi exec Add AGI command to a channel in Async AGIagi set debug [onoff] Enable/Disable AGI debuggingagi show commands [topic] List AGI commands or specific helpcdr mysql status Show connection status of cdr_mysqlcdr show status Display the CDR statuschannel originate Originate a callchannel redirect Redirect a callchannel request hangup Request a hangup on a given channelcli check permissions Try a permissions config for a usercli reload permissions Reload CLI permissions configcli show aliases Show CLI command aliasescli show permissions Show CLI permissionsconfig list Show all files that have loaded a configuration fileconfig reload Force a reload on modules using a particular configuration filecore abort shutdown Cancel a running shutdowncore clear profile Clear profiling infocore ping taskprocessor Ping a named task processorcore restart gracefully Restart Asterisk gracefullycore restart now Restart Asterisk immediatelycore restart when convenient Restart Asterisk at empty call volumecore set debug channel Enable/disable debugging on a channelcore set {debugverbose} Set level of debug/verbose chattinesscore show applications [liked Shows registered dialplan applicationscore show application Describe a specific dialplan applicationcore show calls [uptime] Display information on callscore show channels [conciseve Display information on channelscore show channel Display information on a specific channelcore show channeltypes List available channel typescore show channeltype Give more details on that channel typecore show codecs [audiovideo Displays a list of codecscore show codec Shows a specific codeccore show config mappings Display config mappings (file names to config engines)core show file formats Displays file formatscore show file version [like] List versions of files used to build Asteriskcore show functions [like] Shows registered dialplan functionscore show function Describe a specific dialplan functioncore show help Display help list, or specific help on a commandcore show hints Show dialplan hintscore show hint Show dialplan hintcore show image formats Displays image formatscore show license Show the license(s) for this copy of Asteriskcore show profile Display profiling infocore show settings Show some core settingscore show switches Show alternative switchescore show sysinfo Show System Informationcore show taskprocessors List instantiated task processors and statisticscore show threads Show running threadscore show translation [recalc] Display translation matrixcore show uptime [seconds] Show uptime informationcore show version Display version infocore show warranty Show the warranty (if any) for this copy of Asteriskcore stop gracefully Gracefully shut down Asterisk
core stop now Shut down Asterisk immediatelycore stop when convenient Shut down Asterisk at empty call volumecore waitfullybooted Wait for Asterisk to be fully booteddahdi destroy channel Destroy a channeldahdi restart Fully restart DAHDI channelsdahdi set dnd Sets/resets DND (Do Not Disturb) mode on a channeldahdi set hwgain Set hardware gain on a channeldahdi set swgain Set software gain on a channeldahdi show cadences List cadencesdahdi show channels [trunkgrou Show active DAHDI channelsdahdi show channel Show information on a channeldahdi show status Show all DAHDI cards statusdahdi show version Show the DAHDI version in usedatabase del Removes database key/valuedatabase deltree Removes database keytree/valuesdatabase get Gets database valuedatabase put Adds/updates database valuedatabase show Shows database contentsdatabase showkey Shows database contentsdevstate change Change a custom device statedevstate list List currently known custom device statesdialplan add extension Add new extension into contextdialplan add ignorepat Add new ignore patterndialplan add include Include context in other contextdialplan debug Show fast extension pattern matching data structuresdialplan reload Reload extensions and *only* extensionsdialplan remove extension Remove a specified extensiondialplan remove ignorepat Remove ignore pattern from contextdialplan remove include Remove a specified include from contextdialplan set chanvar Set a channel variabledialplan set extenpatternmatch Use the Old extension pattern matching algorithm.dialplan set extenpatternmatch Use the New extension pattern matching algorithm.dialplan set global Set global dialplan variabledialplan show chanvar Show channel variablesdialplan show globals Show global dialplan variablesdialplan show Show dialplandnsmgr refresh Performs an immediate refreshdnsmgr reload Reloads the DNS manager configurationdnsmgr status Display the DNS manager statusfax set debug {onoff} Enable/Disable FAX debugging on new FAX sessionsfax set g711cap {onoff} Enable/Disable G.711 session capturefax set t38cap {onoff} Enable/Disable T.38 session capturefax show capabilities Show the capabilities of the registered FAX technology modulesfax show hostid Display the Fax Host-IDfax show licenses Show number of Fax licensesfax show session Show the status of the named FAX sessionsfax show sessions Show the current FAX sessionsfax show settings Show the global settings and defaults of both theFAX core and technology modulesfax show stats Summarize FAX session historyfax show version Show versions of FAX For Asterisk componentsfeatures reload Reloads configured featuresfeatures show Lists configured featuresfile convert Convert audio filegroup show channels Display active channels with group(s)http show status Display HTTP server statusiax2 provision Provision an IAX device
iax2 prune realtime Prune a cached realtime lookupiax2 reload Reload IAX configurationiax2 set debug {onoffpeer} Enable/Disable IAX debuggingiax2 set debug jb {onoff} Enable/Disable IAX jitterbuffer debuggingiax2 set debug trunk {onoff} Enable/Disable IAX trunk debuggingiax2 set mtu Set the IAX systemwide trunking MTUiax2 show cache Display IAX cached dialplaniax2 show callnumber usage Show current entries in IP call number limit tableiax2 show channels List active IAX channelsiax2 show firmware List available IAX firmwareiax2 show netstats List active IAX channel netstatsiax2 show peer Show details on specific IAX peeriax2 show peers List defined IAX peersiax2 show provisioning Display iax provisioningiax2 show registry Display IAX registration statusiax2 show stats Display IAX statisticsiax2 show threads Display IAX helper thread infoiax2 show users [like] List defined IAX usersiax2 test losspct Set IAX2 incoming frame loss percentageiax2 unregister Unregister (force expiration) an IAX2 peer from the registryindication add Add the given indication to the countryindication remove Remove the given indication from the countryindication show Display a list of all countries/indicationskeys init Initialize RSA key passcodeskeys show Displays RSA key informationlocal show channels List status of local channelslogger mute Toggle logging output to a consolelogger reload Reopens the log fileslogger rotate Rotates and reopens the log fileslogger set level {DEBUGNOTICE Enables/Disables a specific logging level for this consolelogger show channels List configured log channelsmanager reload Reload manager configurationsmanager set debug [onoff] Show, enable, disable debugging of the manager codemanager show command Show a manager interface commandmanager show commands List manager interface commandsmanager show connected List connected manager interface usersmanager show eventq List manager interface queued eventsmanager show users List configured manager usersmanager show user Display information on a specific manager usermeetme {lockunlockmuteunmut Execute a command on a conference or confereemeetme list [concise] List all or one conferencemfcr2 call files [onoff] Enable/Disable MFC/R2 call filesmfcr2 set blocked Reset MFC/R2 channel forcing it to BLOCKEDmfcr2 set debug Set MFC/R2 channel logging levelmfcr2 set idle Reset MFC/R2 channel forcing it to IDLEmfcr2 show channels [groupcon Show MFC/R2 channelsmfcr2 show variants Show supported MFC/R2 variantsmfcr2 show version Show OpenR2 library versionmgcp audit endpoint Audit specified MGCP endpointmgcp reload Reload MGCP configurationmgcp set debug {onoff} Enable/Disable MGCP debuggingmgcp show endpoints List defined MGCP endpointsminivm list accounts List defined mini-voicemail boxesminivm list templates List message templatesminivm list zones List zone message formatsminivm reload Reload Mini-voicemail configuration

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