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Live Transmission From Benghazi 18 34 GMT Zouheir Baraasse From Chanel l Interviewing on the Streets of Benghazi

Live Transmission From Benghazi 18 34 GMT Zouheir Baraasse From Chanel l Interviewing on the Streets of Benghazi

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: CH on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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zouheir baraasse from chanel l interviewing on the streets of Benghaziwafaaa: qazafe downoldmomma: i cant eat cookies anon!  no teeth lolwafaaa: qazafe downwafaaa: a lot of love to tripoliwafaaa: trablous  ..my heart is with you ..god is with youwafaaa: we would say to all the world that our revolution us lybian hundred percentwafaaa: he is insinuating to qazafe speeshwafaaa: pls people .. plswafaaa: easy easywafaaa: qazafe is paying money for some medias to support himwafaaa: everybody wants to talk ..lot of emotionswafaaa: he was telling words to The UNwafaaa: not clearwafaaa: on the paper is written ..murdered ..u are bombing uswafaaa: murdererwafaaa: the peole wants the regim to fallwafaaa: repeatingwafaaa: a moovie maker talkingwafaaa: about the unity of tribes ,,it is a mustwafaaa: murder mens qazafewafaaa: murderer ..sorrywafaaa: not clear ..  from a tribe .supporting wordsalberka: this an egyoptian citizen showing his support for the libyansalberka: he is giving his full support to our brothers in tripoliwafaaa: a lot of concernfor tripolialberka: we want gadaffi to diewafaaa: we want to support the youth against the dogalberka: we tell to the media you are all welcome come and see for your selfalberka: everything is back to normal over herewafaaa: egyptian  here also ..we have tunisians tooalberka: schools.hospitals etc are all back to normalalberka: tripoli is our capitalalberka: libya will be freealberka: im looking for a senior citizen to speak withalberka: if omar almuktar was alive what would u say to himwafaaa: show up omat el mokhtaralberka: i'd say be happy omar your children have honured you
wafaaa: and see your peoplealberka: we now see the citizens cleaning the streetswafaaa: u have honoured u omar el mokhtaralberka: we haven't seen any vandalisingalberka: only ;love for each otherwafaaa: tripoli  is the capital of lybiaalberka: the nation wants the toppling of the regime (the chants)wafaaa: tripoli is capital of lybiaalberka: moammar u coward get out of the capitol is the chantwafaaa: he is saying that we support tripoli allthe wayalberka: as you can see the children also involvedalberka: what have you seen?alberka: girl repliesalberka: we are very happywafaaa: we are not on pills ..addicts we are the revolution of 17 feb  ( writtenon the paper )alberka: what would u like to say to tripoli?alberka: kid replies 'we want to send our solidarity to our brothers and we tellthem to stick together to end this tyrants regime'wafaaa: you are the addict one ..(to qazafe )..you .dogwafaaa: thank uwafaaa: thank ualberka: we talk to some other citizens from diff nationalitiesalberka: we now speak to an egyptianalberka: i have lived in benghazi 8 yearswafaaa: what do u like to say top tripoli ?wafaaa: he is adrressing nice words to tripolialberka: i wasnt with my egyptian brothers during their revoulution but now im supporting my brothers here in libyaalberka: what would you like to say to trploialberka: i made them this posterswafaaa: i saw that the unity of people ,and it is very cleanalberka: my mother is egyptian my blood is libyanalberka: what would the youth like to say?wafaaa: the boy was saying .. i saw the unity  and everything is clean herealberka: we tell moammar we dont want his money we have our pride and to tripoliwe send our solidarityalberka: we praise the family of the martyrsalberka: and these youth that you see have toppled the tyrantalberka: they face bulllets with their chestsalberka: protecting their fellow brothers
wafaaa: zouheir from lybia el horraalberka: we know see the people gathered outside the court in solidarity with our brothers in tripolialberka: and we pray to allah to help them and that there people topple the regime for goodalberka: and we praise their martyerswafaaa: we say to all the word ..we are unitied ,,same bood ..same target ..frredom and death to qazafealberka: we love our capitolalberka: and we pray for a quick victory for youwafaaa: we love trablous  ..tripolialberka: you can hear the cars honkingalberka: in solidarity with the people of tripolialberka: and the people here are trying to show in any way posiblle thier solidariity to the capitalwafaaa: we dont want any harm to tripoli ..people of benghazi share ur sufferalberka: and with the rest of the libyan nationalberka: we now have an interviewwafaaa: he is adressing words to trablouswafaaa: we are happy here but our heart is wiz uInterview now with MOHAMED ISA IZ EL DEEN FROM THE CHADIAN GOVERNMENwafaaa: he is a delegue from chadFulanWeladFulan: THIS IS MOHAMED ISA IZ EL DEEN FROM THE CHADIAN GOVERNMENT TO REPORT AND DENY GADAFIES PROPAGANDAwafaaa: we are tshadwafaaa: i say no people from  chad support qazafewafaaa: we are with lybian revolutionalberka: we know that the chadian brothers wouldnt fight their libyan brothersalberka: and we will no tolerate thisalberka: we are hand in hand with our libyan brothersalberka: and we would like to say that chad has no hand in the sending of the mercenarieswafaaa: chad is against any  violence against peoplewafaaa: the governmenet of chad has nothing to do with mercenairesor send any mercenairesalberka: and i would like to send this to my chad brothers in libya dont be afraid this like your second countrywafaaa: pls  people of lybia ..understand this pointalberka: and my view is the same as my libyan brothers and i condemn this use ofviolence against the libyan brothers

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