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The Bunny's Retort by James Carlson

The Bunny's Retort by James Carlson

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Published by jtcarl
This document is a response to Robert Hastings' article "James Carlson: The New Energizer Bunny?" and refutes every detail of spurious information that he claims in that document.
This document is a response to Robert Hastings' article "James Carlson: The New Energizer Bunny?" and refutes every detail of spurious information that he claims in that document.

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: jtcarl on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Bunny's Retort 
James Carlson
    I'd like to respond to recent comments published by Robert Hastings under thetitle
James Carlson: The New Energizer Bunny?
It's probably easiest just to do this in apoint-counterpoint style, because once again he's said so much that can be so easilyrefuted, that rather than confuse people with stylistic mannerisms, and a long list of counter-arguments proving that his imagination far outweighs his understanding of thereal world, I can address each issue in the order he brings it up.  For the most part,everything that he's discussed is believable only in the
of sufficient information;
he's very good at misleading people in that way ² he paints a picture that has a lot of nice colors in it, but you don't see that he's constantly going out of the lines, or using thewrong colors like a child would, using a green crayon for the little dog's fur, orangecrayon for the eyes, most of which people don't notice, because he doesn't show it toanybody until the lights have been metaphorically
urned off 
.  Using a point-counterpointstyle, I can effectively turn the lights back on, and show people
how he'sperpetrating this con game, and how he's been able to convince a few ignorant peoplethat he's got some valid points to make.  But he doesn't have any valid points, not really² he's just got a style of doing things that takes his audience's attention away from thecenter of the act, and forces them to look into the shadows at edge of the stage, as if that's going to highlight in some way the world we all live in or direct a spotlight at theevents we¶re trying to examine.  Life doesn't work that way, and his point of view is oneof misdirection; nobody can see the real world by looking in the shadows while ignoringeverything else.  What I'm going to do is direct a spotlight at the center act on the stage:
ings himself 
and the story he¶s narrating; as a result of this, the audiencewill be able to see very clearly that Robert Hastings is hiding things in his pockets andbehind his back, things that have no business being on stage, because he put themtogether in his basement with glue and twine ² cheap special effects that need to bepointed out
he walks away and all the senseless annotations he¶s drawingattention to can come into focus.Each section of the whole is preceded in bold type, followed by the charges andcommentary recently published by Robert Hastings.  I intend to respond to each; youcan blame the structure and at least some of the length on Robert Hastings.  He thinksthat if he throws a lot of 
into the argument, some of it will stick, ignoring, for themoment, the fact that every issue he highlights has already been shattered.  In anycase, I don¶t mind reviewing his poor judgment, his dishonesty, his incomplete claims,and his inability to foster a cohesive case study of these events; it isn¶t terribly hard, andnobody can call it unfair to Hastings, since the issues have already been
byHastings.  In addition, this method of critique enables readers already familiar with theissues, to skip over that section and read instead only those portions that he or she isless familiar with.  Suffice to say that no arguments Robert Hastings and Robert Salas
raised have gone unanswered.  In fact,
every claim
that Robert Hastings has
made in reference to this particular issue has already been proven false, and
hehas no
hing else
.  That's why every detailed rebuttal he has ever produced starts andends with
"everybody's lying bu
 Once I¶ve completed showing exactly
he has no case, after presenting aswell a few indisputable facts I¶ve neglected raising in the past that bear directly on hiscredibility, the value of his word, and the worth of his honesty, Robert Hastings¶ insistentreliance on the shadows in the corner of the stage will no longer be supportable ±certainly not by me.  At that point, his claims can be effectively dismissed, as can he;that is, in any case, what I intend to do.  He¶s failed to raise any valid or new arguments;he¶s neglected to throw any light on the issues explored; and he¶s failed completely toexplain his own moral lapses and the impotence inherent to his claims.  Men of thatnature deserve to be dismissed, and so I shall do so, unless he comes up withsomething new, that can be associated with more meaning than he currentlypossesses.  However, he¶s already loaded his guns with everything he¶s got and fired itall in a poor attempt to make a last stand, so once I¶ve answered all of his accusationsand petty charges, I intend to dismiss him entirely; he¶s not very interesting, and hereally doesn¶t have anything interesting to say.  Frankly, he bores the Hell out of me.In any case, I think I¶ll destroy his case first, while pointing out the character of his duplicity, in terms nobody ±
even he
± can fail to understand. I'm confident that anybody who looks at the evidence available ² evidence thatboth Robert Hastings and Robert Salas still refuse to acknowledge ² and takes thetime to do so in full awareness of the product that these men have put together and arenow selling, will be convinced of the deceit they've evinced that I've tried to document.There are, however, a lot of folks who are still on the fence, and these men and womenshouldn't be neglected.  For those on the fence, therefore, Hastings' and Salas' obviouslies need to be pointed out, and the numerous well-documented and repeatedlyconfirmed facts defining this case discussed far more openly than both men haveshown themselves willing to do.  And their reliance on a strategy of attack and alienateto prevent that discussion needs to be affirmed and conceded in recognition of their 

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I have no intention of being subjected to drive-by insults by a crowd of pathetic losers who have no intention of examining real evidence. Any such rejoinders from UFO proponents will be deleted. If you want to debate the issues in a fair forum, then go to Reality Uncovered at http://www.realityuncovered.net/forum... -- I'll happily respond to your crap there.
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