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Making Sense of the Third Antichrist

Making Sense of the Third Antichrist

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Published by Phishna

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Published by: Phishna on Feb 24, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Making Sense of the Third Antichrist
Who is this guy?  Antichrist or lightworker or both?  This essay explains thesituation and why the antichrist is not necessarily the bad guy.
Many have tried to discern the antichrist from Bible verse and Nostradamus. Sofar they have failed. No one has been able to figure out the final antichrist becausethe Bible is a collection of unproven memes that can never be justified or maderational. Nostradamus 4 line memes or quatrains are scrambled chronology and of obscure meaning. Everyone is confused, those that say they know are prejudicedor pushing a political agenda. Christians have painted the antichrist as evil becauseit is the antichrist that destroys the christ. In the end times, however, Christianitybecomes evil so is the antichrist, the destroyer of apostate Christianity, really evil?What Christian apologists never let on about the book of the end times,Revelation, it is written directly from several books of the Old Testament andmaybe others predating it. For instance there is an older Essene book of Revelationthat is remarkably similar. Most books of the Bible are forgeries and plagiarismsof older myth and stories. The New Testament stories are even worse, the storiesof Jesus are all fiction. Christianity is reworked sun worship, Christ the light untothe world is the sun. Even worse is that
is consistent with the older books because it was from the older books that the writer(s) got the information.Many of the verses are near identical.
 Most importantly, everyone has missed one essential point, that the last book of the Bible is a vision of the end of Christianity.
For some reason people think their particular religion (or government) will lastforever. Obviously this is not the case. Do people still believe in Thor or Zeus?Empires rise then fall, the American empire is teetering on financial collapse. If your religious myths are overtaken by science then is it rational to think that your religion is going to be around forever? Surely the logical explanation for the endtimes is that the religion will reach a point in time when it ends. That is certainlythe case with Judaism and Christianity, both have been found out as bad myth, theinternet movie Zeitgeist exposes the astrotheological origins of Christianity and itwent viral around the world. Our consciousness has overtaken the myth, the godsare dead. As a result those taking a positive approach are inventing a new age of consciousness, one that is life affirming and healing. On the other hand thosechoosing a negative path, those holding on to their failed myths are waging war onthe world, caught in a death spiral called the Apocalypse.
Christians are caught in a deadly spell of faulty logic (seehttp://gospelgodspell.blogspot.com/)If the Bible is a collection of respun older myths, then how can these retoldplagiarized myths from previous cultures be the word of god that one takesseriously? They can't, you absolutely can not take the Bible literal. Modern sciencehas overturned the old explanation of our origin. The Bible can NOT be deemedreliable if the first book of the Bible that explains our origin is a complete fable.The Garden of Eden story about a single man Adam has been superseded by anevolution of a specie of hominids. Obviously no rational person should take theBible literal based on the fact that if the first book of the Bible is a disprovenmyth. Darwin's ideas opened our eyes to many things and most importantly thatthe Bible was NOT written by a supreme being.
The End Times is Being Caused by Christians Aligned with Jews
Evangelical Christians are not taking the death of their religion lying down, theyare building hundreds of creationist centers to shore up the big failing of their holybook, the failed explanation of why we are here, the story of Genesis. These sameEvangelicals, known as the religious right, were the very voters that brought GWBush to power and all of the results that followed. The horrific evil put onto theMuslims was a collective will of Evangelicals put into action. They helped theJews start World War 3 to depopulate their rival Muslims and as a way to terrorizethe unbelievers back into the fold. This end times horror show is a conscious act of Evangelical leaders to gain political power.It is a strategy of deception and force, a huge bloodletting in the name of Christ.

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