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Published by JSTUNTER

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Published by: JSTUNTER on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Williams1 Johnarius WillaimsMrs. FieldLNG 32215 February 2011Society Chooses for All!
In “Harrison Bergeron,” “Anthem,” and “Gattaca,” society controlsmankind. You would think one would use his or her own brain, but societyhas made it almost impossible to do so. Vonnegut, Rand, and Niccol expressthat all people are equal, but there will always be someone who defies thestandards of equality. Society has made life very complicated anduncomfortable for the people it controls. Wrong doing is not tolerated andanyone who does so is punished by society. It seems that society has itsbrains trapped and trained to do what everyone else is doing. No mind shallever wonder off the track society has laid for it. Only the brave and bold willstand up and be different and defend for what they believe in. For it is thebold and brave who realize that the society is doing the wrong.It seems society has control over all, but only to the blind eye. Societycan never have control over all. There is always one person destined forchange. In “Harrison Bergeron,” “Anthem,” and “Gattaca,” to believe is notactuality, because society affects the way the mind works. There is noreason to believe in something, if you are told believing is wrong. Society
knows all, rules all, and corrects all the way he or she thinks the world shouldbe like. When society tells you to do something, no one should ever say theword why. Never question society for any reason. No one stands alone, andnobody can beat society in intelligence. Sometimes doing the opposite of what society tells you is a good thing.Nobody has complete control of their life, for you must do what you aretold at all times. Society wants you to do what you are expected to do. Doingwhat you were not told to do is wrong, in the eyes of society. Dreams nevercome true, for there is no reason to dream; society will always point you inthe opposite direction of that dream. The society is to be your brain. Thebrain you have is useless; society now owns your life and gives youcommands. The way you want to live, will never be found if society maintains yourlife for you. Never let society tell you how to live your life. Your brain shouldbe the foot stool of your body. Society wants you to do the job that is givento you, but someone will always stand up for what he or she thinks is wrongor right. Society will no longer succeed in controlling people’s lives. Be strongand always stand up for what you believe in. Never give in to anyone, for noone is above you. Society tries to stop your brain from thinking, thereforelearn as much as you can. Knowledge is the key to power.Having complete control over your body is a must. Soon society willloose complete control over people. The mind is a very powerful source of 

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