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SDC Movie Act III

SDC Movie Act III

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Published by vengefulnoob
The SDC finally find closure... or do they? -Act 3: The resolution
The SDC finally find closure... or do they? -Act 3: The resolution

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Published by: vengefulnoob on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Act IIIThe ResolutionT: Malgus? I thought he was in the uncharted regions!H: Me too... He must've been recalled when we took Ord Mantell...M: Very observant, Hawkeye. Your name was not chosen idly.H: But why not commit so powerful an asset earlier, when the war was going the empire's way?M: It is not for us to question the emperor's wishes. I merely obey.C: Enough talk! Let's fight!M: Ah Crizo... So impetuous. The Trait which would make you a perfect apprentice.C: Not going to happen, Malgus... It's been tried before.M: And why should I care?T: You won't get away, Malgus!M: I have no need for escape! Shadows, take care of the two non-force users!V+T: OH SHIT! <Sith warriors charge at T, John and V>V: back to back?T: Why not! all kneel back to back, firing accurately while Shadows approach> Reload and swap!<Turn past each other, continue firing>M: Now that the inconsequential ones are busy... Harth'ir! <A Sith worm emerges from the sands>C: A Sith worm! <The worm turns to the right and moves off, heads towards landing shuttles>H: The walkers! I'll take care of it! You take Malgus!C: Got it!M: You had better face me together, fools! <Jumps towards C>C: FRELL! <dives to the side>H: Crizo, Have you got this?C: Y... Yeah, I think so! GO! <H nods and runs after the worm>H: I hope he's thinking straight for once!<Vokuz's attack group, Selonn is on the comm>S: Vokuz, It appears that the SDC has disabled the planetary defences! Reinforcements should belanding shortly.V: Reinforcements? Already? We haven't even warmed up yet! <Shuts off comm> ALL UNITS!MOVE FORWARD AND ENGAGE! <Walkers charge forward><Imperial command>Imperial moff: Just on time! The worm should be arriving soon! Hold your fire until they get to thegulley, we'll co-ordinate our attacks with the creature!<Vokuz's walker>Pilot: Sir, we're getting underground movement dead ahead!V: Oh please, not a Frelling volcano! <Sith worm bursts from the ground in front of the leadwalker> HOLY SHIT! <H dives from above and lands on the worm's head, forcing it into theground>H: Sir, you have to keep moving! I'll take care of the worm! <Jumps out of the chasm, the wormfollows him>V: You heard him, GET US MOVING! <Walkers continue><Imp command>Moff: What the?! Get it back into the chasm!Troops: Sir! They're already in the gulley! ITS TOO LATE!
<Walkers rake the imp positions, killing all the troops><Hawkeye stands above the worm, smirking>H: NOW TO FINISH YOU! <Jumps><Crizo's fight with Malgus>M: You may think yourself strong, Crizo, but you have no concept of CONTROL! <Slashes at C,knicking his arm>C: ARGH! Thats as maybe, Malgus <Parries> But I have determination! <aims a lunge>M: Determination will only get you so far, BOY! <Head swipe>C: Boy, Malgus? You need better insults!M: Fighting you is a greater honour than you deserve, Crizo! <Hacks> I would rather face your brother!C: You'll have to do better than that to anger me, Malgus! <Charges><Hawkeye's fight>H: WHY <hacks> WONT <HACKS> YOU <Hacks again> DIE?! <Slices through the worm'sskull, the worm screams in pain> <Internal> This is bad... It seems Crizo isn't the only one withcontrol issues! <jumps again> Through all these long years of training and fighting together, seemslike I've been the one looking after him most of the time!<flashback to training, probe droid attacking C, H grabs it and crushes it>C: Thanks... I thought I had it.H: Its OK... We all make that mistake.C: Is the master trying to kill us?!H: No, He's just pushing at out limits to see how easily we break.C: How can you be so calm about this?!H: One of us has to be.C: I'll show the master! I'll show Him that I'm better, then he won't gives us these probes to fightany more! <Walks off>H: Crizo, Wait! <sabre slash, new flashback, C shivers looking at the body of the master he justkilled, Jedi rush in>J: It was the padawan! HE KILLED HIM! <C slumps on the ground in torment, H runs in tocomfort him>H: He didn't do it! He wouldn't!J: Stay out of this. <push H away> Purge his memory!<C is led away>C: Will I remember you?H: Yes, I'm sure you will. <C is led away, H internal> You will. I've been there for you enoughtimes.<end flashback> And right now, he needs me again! <Jumps into the air and holds out saber, slicingthrough the worm which dies><Crizo's fight, Malgus is gaining the upper hand>M: Give up, Crizo. You are losing!C: Never!M: With every strike, I push you back. Yor friends have left you, and your brother has deserted you!C: <internal> He never once deserted me! Hope in him will keep me alive!M: Faith alone will not save you this battle! <Savage exchange>C: <internal> I... can't keep this up! <M slices into c's shoulder> AAARGH!M: There is an easier route out, Crizo, one which doesn't end in your demise. Strike me in anger!C: <internal> no... I can't... not again... <loud> NOT AGAIN! <aims a strike at Malgus, butsuddenly stopped and pushed out of the way>H: NO! You can't do it Crizo! I won't lose you again!
C: <internal> I... I was about to... fall again! If it hadn't been for Hawkeye... <loud> What are youdoing?! I had him!H: <Internal> Reckless as always... <telepathy> Attack together, OK?C: <t> got it!<C attacks Malgus from above, while H forces him to parry attacks>M: Excellent. Your teamwork is a valuable asset. It will serve the Empire well! <Summonslightning to use, clanking movement heard> What?<Vokuz's walkers appear, firing all weapons at Malgus>M: Argh! How?! The front line has crumpled! <mass of jedi charge from the walkers> The plan hasfailed! <turns on C+H> Congratulate yourselves on this victory, Jedi, it is but a symbolic gesture.<Jumps away> <C+H attempt to follow, but look up to see a cruiser crashing into their position>C: SHIT!H: FRELL! <Dive out of the way, both are fine>C: He used a cruiser to mask his retreat?!H: I knew he was ruthless, but to kill a crew like that is... <rest of SDC catch up>John: The rest of the Shadow knights have been dispatched.C: I think we may just have won... <Sits>T: That was easier than expected, I have to say.H: We lost 40 men. That's no easy victory.V: Indeed. <jedi move up>C: Well... That was a close call, for all of us...<Resolute's medical bay, H stands by C>H: You said you had it, you know! This is entirely your fault!C: Yeah, but a week? It was only a graze...H: Malgus cut close to a major artery! Any deeper and you'd have been a Corelian fountain!C: … <Medical orderly appears>O: Sir, there's a visitor for you. <Hintra enters>Hawk: I should leave you two in peace... <leaves>Hintra: So how is the hero?C: Fine, I guess... But I'm not a hero...Hintra: Are you kidding? The SDC paved the way for our victory here! And you led them there!C: Yeah... I guess I did.<Resolute's bridge, Hawkeye speaks with Dui-sun>D: You thought through the situation very well, Hawkeye. I think we should stay on the lookout for you in the future...H: Thank you, sir.D: In the order we truly appreciate your clarity of thought and mind. Calm is often sought, butrarely found.H: Yes, master.D: The important thing is that Malgus was defeated, the RIGHT way.<A corridor on resolute, Vokuz (V) approaches Veers (D)>V: Veers.D: Sir... what may I do for you?V: Oh nothing really, just a talk. From what I understand you took over the SDC for 10 minutes or so.D: yes sir, and I will take whatever punishment...V: There is no punishment, Veers. You made the right call.D: Thank you sir.V: In time you may be sought out for command. Good work, soldier.

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