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Fritz Springmeier Transferred to Sheridan Prison_ 2011

Fritz Springmeier Transferred to Sheridan Prison_ 2011

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Published by Brad Penney

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Published by: Brad Penney on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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the .ca
January 22, 2011
Yesterday, 1/22/11, the US Bureau of Prisons(BOP) website finally reflected Fritz's move toSheridan Prison. If you go to that site, you cansee the current status of any federal inmate byusing the inmate locator.Here is the info for Fritz in the federal system
(http:/ / www.bop.gov/ iloc2/ InmateFinderServlet?Transaction=NameSearch& needingMoreList=false&FirstName=fritz&Middle=& LastName=springmeier&Race=W&Sex=M& Age=&x=75&y=16)
As you can see, at this time his release date is still 3/26/2011, and it sayshe's in Sheridan FCI. One thing I can say in favor of Sheridan, is it is oneof the better facilities in the system. It's located in scenic farming andwine country, the climate is temperate and it's not overcrowded. If nothing else, federal prisons are usually better than the county jails--better food, and, once in prison, an inmate no longer has to deal withtemporary, county inmates who, fresh off the street, are goingcold-turkey off their addictions (Including cigarettes, which are nowbeing banned in a lot of facilities nowadays.).I haven't heard from him yet, but they've been transporting him, whileI've been chasing (and wasted 2 attempts X $18.23 ) express overnightmail envelopes, used in the attempt to get $100 to him at MultnomahCounty Jail, in Portland, OR. I just got the "Return to Sender" from the2nd attempt to County Jail, and will finally be sending $100 to place onhis books this week at the prison--Sheridan Federal CorrectionsInstitution (FCI).As for how to get money to him, he'll be getting $100 from me this week.In the meantime write to him at the address below and coordinatefurther funds with him. IMPORTANT--Inmate personal mail and Inmate
savethemales.ca - Fritz Springmeier Transferred to Sheridan Prison http://www.henrymakow.com/springmeier.html1 of 6 1/24/2011 8:06 PM
funds, go to 2 different addresses that I will give to you. As for his PayPalaccount, personally, I would wait to hear from him first, before puttingmoney in his PayPal account, since, he cannot access the account toconfirm his balances at this time.To write to Fritz personally, here's how to address the envelope:Fritz Springmeier 65941-065Sheridan FCIPO Box, 5000Sheridan, OR 97378To put money on his books, they accept only Postal Money Orders thatare made payable to: Federal BOP, at the address below, the "Memo" lineshould say "For Fritz Springmeier 65941-065", finally, they require thatyou put your name and home address to designate the sender's "from"and "address" fields. Here's the address to put money on his books ( Iwould also mail him a letter to the address above, just to let him knowthe date you sent the money and the amount.).Federal BOPFritz Springmeier 65941-065PO Box 474701Des Moines, IA 50947-0001
Fritz had been released from Sheridan Prison in October to a halfwayhouse in Portland. He had a job as a telemarketer and was lookingforward to resuming normal life when he was re-incarcerated two weeksago. Here is a support thread
(http:/ / davidicke.com/ forum/ showthread.php?t=153305)
on David Icke.com------------------by Henry Makow Ph.D.
Jan 1, 2011)
In 2003, Illuminati researcher
Fritz Springmeier was sentenced to 111 monthsin prison on the basis of no evidence. His experience suggests that at any time theIlluminati can put away anyone who irritates them.Springmeier was convicted because a bank robber, Anthony Huntington testifiedthat Springmeier visited his house on the same day as Bateman discussed therobbery with two accomplices.Huntington received a reduced sentence for this testimony.  He
did not say
he haddiscussed the robbery with Springmeier.
savethemales.ca - Fritz Springmeier Transferred to Sheridan Prison http://www.henrymakow.com/springmeier.html2 of 6 1/24/2011 8:06 PM
Bateman was turned in by his friend and accomplice Tony Huntington. Huntingtonalso implicated Springmeier and received a reduced sentence for the bank robbery.Over 120 years of prison time for drugs and guns were also forgiven. Pretty goodincentive to lie?At Springmeier's trial and appeal, James A. Redden
, the sentencing judge, kept repeating -- "circumstantialevidence can be used to prove anything."Indeed, Springmeier's case is in the law books as an example of the low standardof evidence needed to convict someone.  Ann J Brown, the first Federal Judge tohear the case, had said,
"There is no evidence against this man."
Springmeier received an extra five years because a firearm was used in therobbery.Forrest Bateman fired a rifle into the ceiling to get everyone's attention when heand two accomplices robbed $6000 from the Key Bank in the Portland suburb of Damascus Oct 6, 1997.
Ten minutes prior to the robbery, a "bomb" exploded at the Fantasy AdultVideo Store, located six miles west of the bank. No one was injured in theexplosion but police investigators believe that the bomb was set off as adiversionary tactic.
The "bomb" was a propane tank. Springmeier was nowhere near either event andhad no prior knowledge of either. At the time he was working at a print shop inEagle Creek, 10 miles SE. However the proprietor refused to provide an alibibecause Fritz had offended him by criticizing Billy Graham
The point is that Fritz served seven years in prison for a crime he did not commit
He was sold out by his lawyer, Pat Birmingham, who, when given a copy of 
"Bloodlines of the Illuminati"
"Am I in this?"
There was no evidence connecting Fritz to this crime. Yes, he knew Bateman (froma Bible Studies class, of all things) but there was no evidence he knew about thecrime. Bateman and his accomplices got reduced sentences for implicatingSpringmeier.These days, if you're an Illuminati researcher in the US, you are guilty until proveninnocent.Last October, Fritz was released to a halfway house in Portland.In order to regain his freedom, he needs to find approved employment andaccommodation.
savethemales.ca - Fritz Springmeier Transferred to Sheridan Prison http://www.henrymakow.com/springmeier.html3 of 6 1/24/2011 8:06 PM

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