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Untitnsdfnled 1

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Published by superskippy456

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Published by: superskippy456 on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Long ago, before anything was created, there was only darkness, and a single being that had the power to create something new. His name was Christonean, and he lived for 1000 years in solitude andsilence, doing nothing but daydreaming of a vibrant world. A world where millions of differentcreatures lived in harmony. Suddenly one day, old Christonean grew weak from an unknown illness.His sleep was disturbed, and walking was a challenge. Christonean knew he didn't have much time left.So, using the last of his powers, he wished to create the universe he had dreamed of for so long. Alongwith the world, the powerful being delivered gifts, or what he called,
. Christonean workedeveryday on the gifts, not once dropping his fast pace. After a week of deliberate labor and hard work,Christonean settled down for a nap, curling up into a tight ball. The elements, having a mind of their own, stayed close to the being, watching in the darkness as the years passed and Christonean didn'tmove an inch. There were three elements that the great Christonean had made; water, wind, and fire.The being that had created all three of them, not moving, had given them a stern message before hewent into a deep sleep. Christonean told them, with a straight face and penetrating eyes, "Always knowthat I am alive. I will never die, and will always be with all of you."Christonean had solidified as a round rock in the darkness. He wasn't dead, nor was he alive. Theelements had thereby respectfully called him a new element; Earth. Once in a while, Christonean wouldstir, causing tiny trembles. But Christonean remained asleep. The three other elements decided to reston his giant back, thankful that Earth was large enough to support all their needs. But Earth had a fewtricks up his sleeve; before he had become Earth, and was still Christonean, he was secretly working ona different force. This force was what Christonean called humanity. The three elements had to adjusttheir powers and limits to live along side the humans. Despite the elements having to conform to thehuman's simplicities, Fire, Wind, and Water enjoyed the company of human beings.There was one element that didn't agree with the new world. It's name was Darkness. "How dare theycreate a world of new beginnings! I was the start of the universe, and it should remain that way..." Itwhispered evilly, sneaking down toward Earth like a hawk swooping to its prey. "I will show you thepower of.... Darkness!"Fire, Wind, and Water heard the shouts of Darkness. They mumbled quietly to each other. "What'sgoing to happen?""This is something bad!""We're gonna dieeeeee!"Earth, hearing all of this and more, bellowed through the echoes of mountains. "DO NOT FEAR, MYFELLOW ELEMENTS. WHATEVER HAPPENS, WE WILL STAND BESIDE OUR HUMANSWITH BRAVERY, NOT FEAR." They all calmed down after hearing such support, and continuedalong with their jobs and lives.Fire worked day and night to help the humans in everyday needs. His bright flare and beautiful lightwarmed humans along with their food. Water calmly brought freshness into people's lives, giving themenergy for the day ahead and cleansing the world of the dirtiness of it all. Wind brought the air to their lungs, and cheered them to continue on with their life with a better resolve for tomorrow. Earthsupported them all, being the ground beneath their feet and the wonderful flowers springing upeverywhere. Everything was just as Christonean had imagined it would be, and better. It was reality.But, out of nowhere, Darkness appeared in front of them all."It's almost as if you're staring at death itself!" Fire said to the other elements. Water blinked."That isn't a nice thing to say, you know," She said to Fire, avoiding the grave air that Darkness wasemitting. "Darkness is just a black void that engulfs everything in its shadows." Water shrugged."That's all there is to it."Wind huffed, and faced Darkness staring directly into the empty space. "So what do you want! You've
got no business here!"Darkness chuckled. "I've got all my business here, Wind. Because from this day forth, all of you have abit of 
in you!" Dark laughed horrifically as the panic-stricken faces of the elements appeared.Fire looked at himself. "I don't look any different...." He said, glancing uneasily at all of them. Windand Water checked themselves too, and nodded to confirm it."FOOLS! You just wait... do about your normal lives, and see the destruction that Darkness can do..."Darkness whispered in the breeze as it disappeared in a blink of the eye.The next day, the elements came together and discussed what had happened."What do you think is going to happen?" Water said anxiously. "We can't avoid that we have
in us!""I don't know what we should do!" Fire shouted in desperation. "But we might as well continue helpinghumans like we did! No use getting worked up about something we don't know about..."Wind nodded. "Okay, we'll go about like we did, but if something happens, tell the rest of us rightaway!" and with that, the three beings went their different directions.Fire walked leisurely through a crowd of people. A man waved him over, saying he needed a flame tocook his meat. Fire nodded, and smiled until he heard a gasp of pain coming from the man. "Whathappened? Are you alright?" The element said to the man on the ground, who was yelping in pain fromsome mysterious mark. A light bulb lit up in Fire's head, but it had to no avail made him smile again. "Idid this. I just burned you!" He was both mystified and scared of the burn at the same time. This hadnever happened before, but Fire knew why it was happening now. "So
is what Darkness can do..."Fire can keep you warm, but at the same time it could severely kill you by infesting you in flames.Things just got much more complicated...At the same time, Water was watching in shock as children in the ocean slowly started going down,lower and lower, until they disappeared.... "This isn't good. Not one bit at all!" The gentle caress thatthe water once had could easily become a huge maelstrom where many lives could be taken away in aheartbeat.Simultaneously, Wind was talking to a few adults, when there was a strangled choke behind her.Looking, Wind saw that a small child was breathing shallowly, "What the...?" And realization dawnedon her, The air not only made the world a fresher place, but it also could steal one's life if they don'thave enough to breath. It didn't happen before, so why would it happen now? Oh yeah, because of Darkness.Somewhere, in a cave of everlasting despair and doom, Darkness laughed as the elements, one by one,saw what their power's extent could do. "But I bet they won't be expecting Earth's dark side...."Water, Fire, and Wind met together on a flat plain. Water frowned. "Did it happen to you too? Youknow... the bad stuff that's happening?"Fire sighed. "What are we going to do? We can't just
help humans. It's the reason why we weremade in the first place!""Maybe... maybe we can ask Earth?" Wind said uncertainly, as if unsure whether Earth could help themnow. But suddenly, the ground beneath all three of them shook with such force, that a few trees felldown, and birds chirped in surprise. Dogs barked madly, and millions of people were crushed by thefalling of their houses. Then slowly, the great quake silenced, leaving behind destruction worse thanany being alive thought could be made.
"UUURRGH.... OOOOoooooOOOOH......" Earth moaned loudly, All the elements winced. The crywas filled with such sadness of the damage it had done, and the smell of death that now hung quietlyover the peaceful place that everyone called home. But it also had a shallow ring of happiness with theshout, as if Earth felt good about moving more than just a shake."W-what just happened?" Water stammered, scared that Earth would start shaking again with such...force? Anger? It was indescribable. Earth had
shook with this much power.Fire shook his head. "I think... we saw just exactly what Earth can do," He said, then looked at Windand Water, then at Earth. "Guys, I think we have a meeting with no one other than Darkness itself."Fire, Water, and Wind walked for many days, through woods, through deserts, even through a few hugelakes with the help of Water. They didn't see him, or hear him, but they sensed that Earth was watchingthem with sadness. It had come to this. A confrontation between the good and the bad. The choicebetween happiness or fear of dying. Earth, or Christonean, did
imagine that Darkness would notlike his creation and change a little part of it to ruin a big part.Finally, they felt in their hearts that they were close. Somehow, the negative atmosphere turnedeverything into scary imaginative monsters. The elements neared a cave with a gaping mouth, as if wanting to swallow them whole."Eep! I really don't like this place, guys," Wind said. "There isn't even a breeze blowing through. Noteven a small
! It's as if everything died!""And that's exactly what happened," a frighteningly familiar voice said. "So you've come, my fellowelements. Welcome to my domain."Fire shot back, "You're not an element! Elements are meant to help, not destroy things like you do!""Y-yeah!" Water backed Fire up.Darkness chuckled, almost kindheartedly. But that just made the whole cave a much scarier place, withthe sound of the empty laugh echo through the cave, "Then you four, with Earth included, are notelements at all!" Wind looked like she would've jumped Darkness right then and there. "You saw ityourselves. You've hurt, killed, destroyed people's lives. And you say that I am not an element simplybecause I
people? Ha!"Fire and Wind were practically fuming with anger, while Water slowly spoke sense, "Darkness.... wedid not come here to fight. We were hoping we could make some sort of treaty." The last part came our as a murmur as Darkness' eyes landed on Water."A treaty you say? And what might you have to offer?" Darkness asked out of fake curiosity. "Andwhat do you want in return?"Water gulped, unable to say anything. The three elements had discussed this before starting their journey.'Why should we make a treaty? We should just ruin Darkness' life like she did to us!' Fire shouted.'I agree. It's not right that we want to make peace while Darkness wants war.' Wind sighed, blowing aleaf away.'But if we get Darkness to leave forever, what will that leave us? Nothing but the darkness within us!We can at least try to make this situation better.' Water said. Wind and Fire traded a glance, before bothof them nodded grudgingly.'Fine! But we have to give something in return for taking our darkness away. And what would that be?'Wind thought out loud. 'What will we be able to give up?'

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