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Untitnnled 1sdfsdf

Untitnnled 1sdfsdf

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Published by superskippy456

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Published by: superskippy456 on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SilenceAngel knocked uncertainly on a door. For the first time this year, Cyclone had called her; but heseemed more urgent rather than his usual smugness. So Angel took the closest bus and ran the rest of the way, to where she was now, panting in the front of a boy's house like a dog. She frowned at herself.Angel would normally do
to find an excuse to not run. 'At least this is for a good cause...'Angel thought dumbly as the door swung open."Angel! Come in..." Cyclone, a silver-haired teen with blue eyes, whispered. The said black-haired girlproceeded in quietly, taking in the scenery. In front of her, Angel descended down a stairway, and foundherself in a living room. 'It's kind of weird how I've been friends with Cyclone for a long time, and Inever been to his house,' Angel thought as she found a place on a couch. Cyclone sat next to her,folding his hands neatly on his lap. The twosome sat together, both in their own thought, but aware of each others presence.Awkward silence.Angel coughed on purpose, trying to break the ice. "S-So Cyclone... did you want to talk aboutsomething?" She questioned the silver-haired boy. In response, he shrugged."Not really, Angel. I just like being with you. It lets me think about things." He replied, but lookingaway when he noticed he was blushing. Angel turned away too, feeling her cheeks heat up too.Nervous silence.Angel squirmed. She knew that Cyclone wanted to talk about something, but she just didn't know what!Angel had been friends with him for a long time, so when he wanted to say something, Angel wouldknow. "Cyclone, what do you want to talk about?" She asked him again.Cyclone sighed in defeat, but continued on saying," I've never told anyone before... but my parents arerather... abusive." He trailed off, flinching at his words. "So yesterday... they finally decided to have adivorce."Angel gasped. Everything seemed clearer now. The time when he appeared at school with a black eye,saying he met up with a gang on his way to school. 'It was his parents!' She thought, suddenlyfrightened for her friend's well being. "Cyclone, what are you going to do?" Angel asked."Well, my mom's moving out of town. I think she just acted mean toward me... because my father toldher to." Cyclone said, rubbing his hands together in his nervousness. "But my dad's staying here. Thequestion I keep asking myself is: is it worth staying with my dad's abuse to stay with my friends?"Quiet silence."Hey Cyclone... I don't think that you should stay here because of us if you're going to endure anypain..." Angel said, grabbing hold of his hand. Cyclone only sighed, and together, thought quietly.Gentle silence."Cyclone, I'm thinking right now. Why is it that you kept this up so long? And you made fun of peoplefor keeping secrets!" She added accusingly, and Cyclone chuckled."Maybe because it was easier to hold in, instead of telling the world. Angel, is it worth it to give it allup?"Angel only held his hand tighter, unable to give an answer.Their silence.

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