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Timing of Spiritual Events

Timing of Spiritual Events

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Published by Saravana Kumar

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Published by: Saravana Kumar on Feb 25, 2011
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Timing of Spiritual Events
 Author : Smt B. Lakshmi Ramesh Jyotish Guru & Guide: Pt. Sanjay Rath 
 1.  The need for Spirituality 2.  Spiritual importance of Navamsa 3.  What is a spiritual event? 4.  Sri Chakra 5.  Atma Kaaraka Kendradi Rasi Dasa 6.  Chart studies 1. Sri Satya Sai Baba2. Sri Ramana Maharshi3. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa4. Sri Aurobindo5. Swami Vivekananda6. Paramahamsa Yogananda7. Sri Annamacharya 7.  Conclusion 8.  References     
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 1.  The need for Spirituality 
“Man doth not live by bread alone” is a saying often heard by all of us. If that were notso, man would have been content to remain a cave man and there would have been noneof those brilliant discoveries and none of that taut intellectual negotiating for achievingthe seemingly impossible. Interestingly, an examination of the zodiacal 9
house,Sagittarius, exactly reveals this kind of perennial urge for growth as the defining featureof man. Now, why do I want to focus only on the 9
house and not on any other house? Itis because 9
house is the house of our past and holds the seed of our future. Dhanus as the natural 9th house shows a beast emerging into a man and further evolvinginto an iconic bow & arrow being aimed at the sky - symbolizing a supple consciousnessarching upwards. Dhanus shows successive refining of spirit by the progressive sheddingof gross tattwa / body /concerns. Thus the 9
house reflects the archetypal inner strugglebetween the mundane and the divine, between multiplicity and unity, between the beastand the Brahma. It indicates a willful channeling of energy towards transcending of confining body and conflicting needs…a gathering inner momentum resulting in growingaway against gravitation into a more mobile, minimalistic mode of self. So, naturally it isalso the debilitation place of Rahu (Maya) and the exaltation point of Realization (Ketu).The four sturdy legs of centaur also represent dharma and from which arises the Archer,ready to act. Thus, 9
house also indicates the interactive space between the known andthe unknown, between the finite and Infinite. The house of dreams. Keeping all these things in view and perhaps many more which are hidden from ourmuddled mundane vision, the Rishis averred that the strength of navamsa is essential forfulfillment of the promise held out by the rasi chart, because the 9
house and thenavamsa indicate the soul-force of the native. Further, navamsa assesses the strength of aplanet in a particular environment. Navamsa placements are a comment on the enabling / disabling features of the environment in which a planet is placed.  Hence, the Rishis havesingled out the navamsa and not any other chart for defining the all important  Karakamsa(house in which AK is posited) and a host of personal deities who would guide the nativeto personal fulfillment.
 2.  Spiritual Importance of Navamsa
 The importance of Navamsa in vedic-astrology is self-evident can not be stressed further.No accomplished astrologer would deem his prediction comprehensive unless it is backedby an extensive analysis of navamsa. All eminent astrologers, right from Sage Parasara todown to Sri B.V. Raman had emphasized the importance of Navamsa in judging ahoroscope.  The 9
house itself is representative of dharma (Dharma devata), Father &bhagya (Palana devata) and Guru (Guru  devata). 9
house is also the 10
house from the12
house (Ishta devata)or the mokshasthana and it is ultimately the outcome of performing one’s dharma which determines one’s  eligibility for moksha. Thus, the D-9,or the navamsa which is an enlarged image of the 9
house forms the fulcrum of the fourpurusharthaas, Dharma, Artha and Moksha, as detailed above, and “right” Kaama too,
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since it is essential to check navamsa for all spousal matters. Only a person whoexperiences all these phases and overcomes all desire, yes,…even for moksha, iscompetent enough to qualify for the final liberation. 
3.  What is a Spiritual event?
 A spiritual experience / event is one which indefinably transforms and catapults the beingonto a higher plane. By affording one an intimate brush with the Infinite, this eventtriggers in the man a mystical yearning for the Unknown. Such a soul, which had beentouched by Cosmic Synergy pulses with power and radiance; and like the Naraayana-asthra poised to fly from the bow of Shiva, and is vibrant, sure, epiphanic ..and is a partof  eternal Brahman himself. A spiritual event opens a dramatic window into the higher realms, so that we are affordeda glimpse of the exquisite vistas contained therein. Whether that window would close orexpand into a threshold of everlasting ecstasy, would depend on quite a few points. 
4.  Sri Chakra
 If rasi chart is representative of Sun, then navamsa is the equivalent of Moon (henceindicates spouse?) and for sustenance of all sorts, strength of planets in navamsa isessential. Thus it automatically follows that while Rasi represents the body, navamsarepresents the strength of mind. We have come across many instances in life wherephysical handicaps were overcome by sheer perseverance and internal shakti, but if themind itself is flawed, then the damage caused even to a  healthy body is usuallyirreparable. So is the case with Rasi and navamsa. Since navamsa is likened to the Moon, I thought of approaching the topic of spiritualityfrom the exalted perspective of Sri Chakra. I fervently hope that the Divine Mother andthe discerning readers would excuse my temerity and the inadvertent errors that arebound to creep into an endeavour of this magnitude. The Sri Chakra is Unified representation of the Created and the Creator(s). It is the mostsacred diagrammatic representation of Paraa Shakti or the Cosmic Creative Energy andindicates the blissful union of Shiva and Parvathi, The Universal Parents, who inKalidasa’s immortal words, are united like the word and its meaning. 
 
While the general impression is that Sri Chakra is a powerful tantric symbol, which canbe worshipped to gain material benefits, the truth is that Sri Chakra offers unparalleled

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