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Fncp Malnutrition

Fncp Malnutrition

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Published by: Reinzs Roble-pansacala Manco on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cues / Data HealthProblemFamily NursingProblemGoal of Care Objective of Care Intervention PlanEvaluationInterventionMeasuresMethodof NurseFamilyContactResourcesNeeded /RequiredSubjectiveCues:kung unsaang makayasa amokwarta maorasad naamo kaonusahay cgeug ginamos usahaymag lugawra metimplahanug asin okaya asukarkung naamao nanaamo kaontibookadlaw asverbalizedby thecommunitypeople Malnutrition asa HealthDeficit1.
Inability torecognize thepresence of malnutritionin adependentmembers inthecommunitydue to lack of knowledge2.
Inability todecide abouttakingappropriateaction due tofailure tocomprehendthe nature,magnitudeand scope of the problem3.
Inability toprovideadequatenursing careto theAfter 4 days of nursingInterventionand healthteachings, thecommunitypeople will beable tounderstand theseriousness andurgency of needed care forthe childrensuffering frommalnutrition.After 4 days of community visit withappropriate healthteachings given ineach family in thecommunity, they willbe able to;a.
Identify wayson how toplan andpreparebalancedmeals withintheir familysbudget toacquire theirchildrensnutritionalneeds.b.
Avail for foodsupplementsprovided bygovernmenthealthagencies ornon-government1. Discuss theimplication of signs andsymptoms of malnutritionand its possibleconsequences if left untreated.2.  Discuss tothe communitypeople thereasons andpossible causesof malnutrition.3. Inquire aboutand observe theindividualfamilys foodselection andpreparation aswell as theeatinghabits/practicesof the children.3. Discuss tothe communityabout theHomeVisitMaterialsResources;Visualaids Humanresources:Timeandeffortof thestudentnursesandthefamilyas wellGoalPartiallyMet!After 4days of nursingintervention thecommunity peoplewere abletoverbalizeunderstandingabout theseriousness andurgencyof theneededcare forthechildrensufferingfrommalnutriti
ObjectivesCues:*  Childrenare skinny,bloatedshort fortheir age(stunted)* pale anddry skinnoted* 88 % or32 childrenareunderweightand only11.11% or 4children arewithinnormalweightdependentmembers inthecommunitysufferingfrommalnutritiondue to:a.
Lack of knowledgeabout thehealthcondition;b.
Lack of knowledgeon thenature andextent of nursing careneeded;c.
Inadequateresources forcare (e.g.financialconstraints)agencies formalnourished childrenc.
Be able toprovidecheap butnutritiousfoods for thefamily thatwill keepeachmemberhealthy andincrease theirgrowth anddevelopmentd.
Encouragethecommunitypeople toplant avegetables intheir yard(mini garden)or plant it onempty andunused cansof milk,bottles, pailsetc. to have afresh supplyof vegetableswithin theirreach and tonutritionalneeds of thechildren andincrease theirknowledge of therecommendedenergy andnutritionalintake (RENI) fordifferent agegroup.4. Inform thecommunitypeople aboutthe feedingprogramspresent in theircommunity5. Develop thecommunitysskills on properfood selectionand preparation(e.g. powderedproteinconcentratessuch as mongo,small fish thatcan be added tothe diet of infants) andfeedingpracticeson asevidenceby; a. thefamilywas ableto answerat leastto 2 outof 4questionsaskedduringthe Q & Adrill.b. sharedtheirinsightsregardingthesituation.

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