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California Group 5 - Nov 2001

California Group 5 - Nov 2001

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Published by CAP History Library
Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol

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Published by: CAP History Library on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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NNooCCaall  GGoouupp  55
Chaplain's Corner Chaplain's Corner 
November 1, 2001Volume 1, Issue 2
Inside this Issue
Chaplain's Corner 
The Flight Deck
Common Sense LeaningGuidelines (series)
Coming Events
History Channel to air CAP story
Group 5 Staff 
 CAP NorCal Group 55999 Freeport Blvd.Sacramento, CA. 95822Web site:http://gp5.cawg.cap.gov 
George Dawson, Group 5 Chaplain
George Dawson, Group 5 Chaplain
 Two weeks ago, on the 11th of October, there were variousgatherings and moments of silencein remembrance of the terrible actsof terrorism that shocked our nationon September 11, 2001. Byremembering the events of that day,we were reminded that we never know what a day will bring into our lives. By October 11, however, itseemed as though people werebeginning to adjust and get on withtheir lives. But I wonder, can wereally do that (just get on with our lives, that is) or have we beenforever changed?Two weeks ago, on the 11th of October, there were variousgatherings and moments of silencein remembrance of the terrible actsof terrorism that shocked our nationon September 11, 2001. Byremembering the events of that day,we were reminded that we never know what a day will bring into our lives. By October 11, however, itseemed as though people werebeginning to adjust and get on withtheir lives. But I wonder, can wereally do that (just get on with our lives, that is) or have we beenforever changed?
It is natural now, in these intensely It is natural now, in these intensely troubled times to seek comfort and strength from our support networks, such as family, friends,and churches.
Uncertainty can be just as hard todeal with as an actual event. I wastalking recently with a young manwho is in the Army National Guard.His unit, like others, has beenplaced on alert. They know they willgo "some where, some time" but theuncertainty and waiting is difficult. Itried my best to encourage him andassured him of my continuing prayer support for him and all our militarypersonnel.It is natural now, in these intenselytroubled times to seek comfort andstrength from our support networks,such as family, friends, andchurches. As a pastor I find myself searching for answers to sometough questions, some times thereis an answer, some times there isjust the sense that God is saying,"Just trust me, I'll get you throughthis." I find too that there is comfort,encouragement, and strength in themany promises found in the Bible.Here are some promises for God'shelp in daily living.
When troubled by doubts:
"God isour refuge and strength, a verypresent help in trouble" (Psalm46:1). "My flesh and my heart mayfail, but God is the strength of myheart and my portion forever"(Psalm 73:26).
When you are discouraged:
"TheLord is near to the brokenhearted,and saves those who are crushed inspirit" (Psalm 34:18). "Be of goodcourage, and he shall strengthenyour heart, all ye that hope in theLord" (Psalm 31:24).
When you are anxious:
"Beanxious for nothing, but ineverything by prayer andsupplication with thanksgiving, letyour requests be known to God. And
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
November 1, 2001
the peace of God, which surpassesall comprehension, shall guard your hearts and your minds in ChristJesus" (Philippians 4:6-7).And finally,
for peace of soul:
"For Iam persuaded, that neither death,nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor thingspresent, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separateus from the love of God, which is inChrist Jesus our Lord" (Romans8:38-39).Yes, these are difficult andtroublesome times, but God is ever faithful to comfort and encourageand strengthen us in all situations of life. A simple prayer inviting Jesusthe Son of God into your life,believing that his death on the crossso long ago paid the price for all our sins, is sufficient for anyone toexperience the grace of God, andhave peace in your soul.
From the FlightDeck
2Lt. Jeff Huber, Aircraft Manager 
N5524H Down for Cylinder Overhaul
On October 10
N5524H has gonein to have the cylinders removedand remanufactured after it wasrevealed on the most recent 100hr inspection, that the compressions inall 6 cylinders had deterioratedfurther. It became time to get thisdone and it was decided to do this inconjunction with the Annual due thismonth as well. Expect the aircraftdown 3 to 4 weeks.We are also making some other notable changes and repairs:*Fuel filler caps to be replaced withfactory caps. The fancy ones havelived their last refueling.*Directional Gyro will beremanufactured. Notable precessionhas been occurring.*High Capacity Oil Cooler will beinstalled to replace the smaller onethat is currently installed.*Glider Tow Kit to be installed for use with the Cadet Glider Programfor 2002*New engine EGT gauge to beinstalledFor further questions regarding themaintenance of N5524H, feel free tocontact me to discuss these or anyother issues that may needattention.
Contribute to the NorCal Group 5 Newsletter 
With the release of our second newsletter, we at Group 5 would like to remindyou that we are interested in receiving articles from you on topics that you feelwill be of interest to all Group 5 members.You may submit articles and pictures (if available) either electronically or byregular mail.  Electronic formats for articles should be in Microsoft Wordformat, or compatible.  Electronic photo submissions should be sent in JPGformat.  Send electronic submissions to Steve Taylor, Group 5 Public AffairsOfficer atSJTEntrprs@aol.com.If by regular mail, send photos in a protected envelope and provide your nameand address.  Photos will be returned after they're scanned.  Mail documents toSteve Taylor, Public Affairs Office, at the Group 5 Headquarters address.
United We Stand
God Bless America! 
Check List, Check List, Use Your Check List!
We as Pilots, have a responsibility.The responsibility comes in the formof reading and following thechecklist provided in
makes,models and types of aircraft we fly.
Utilize CRM (Cockpit ResourceManagement). A Second inCommand is a great assignment for the person sitting next to you inthe right seat.
This does not stop with CAP aircraft.We owe it to ourselves, and our passengers, to be familiar with theprocedures for normal flightconditions, as well for as anyemergencies that may come up.Utilize CRM (Cockpit ResourceManagement). A Second inCommand is a great assignment for the person sitting next to you in theright seat. Request their participation in reading the checklist
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
 NorCal Group 5
Common SenseLeaning Guidelines
in all phases of your flight andreduce your load. You can really getdown to the business of flightmanagement with this kind of assistance.Last point on the checklist.  It isequally important to read the “After Landing” list. With an aircraft suchas a C182, there are several thingsthat must be done. Cowl Flaps needto be opened to allow proper airflowand cooling over those HOTcylinders. This gets over lookedfrequently. Check Landing and Taxilights. These have been, and arebeing replaced excessively. Checktransponder.
Entering and Departing TrafficPatterns, See and Be Seen
In most CAP aircraft, a pulse lightsystem has been installed. Theseprovide excellent visibility to other traffic as you enter or depart a trafficpattern during daylight or eveningoperations. Use them as opposed tolanding lights. A pulsating lightprovides more visibility than that of asolid burning light. It is also easier on the budget. Remember, do notrely solely on traffic controllers for collision avoidance. Use your “BeSeen” equipment. Remember tocheck them in your cruise checklistand deactivate them.
Use of WMU Aircraft Schedule
Upon the return of N5524H, we willbegin using, and requiring, all pilotsto use the WMU “Aircraft Schedule”to block out their time. Each pilot willthen be able to determineavailability, dates and times that theaircraft can be used. All that will beneeded is a phone call to any FROfor a release and your ready to go. If you have any questions on thisprocedure, please let me know.  TheWMU can be accessed directlythrough the Group 5 web site under "Resources".
Part 1 in a series
2Lt. Jeff Huber, Aircraft Manager 
When it comes to leaning an engine,everybody’s got an opinion. Andeverybody comes at the subjectfrom a different vantage point. Somuch information has beenpropagated over the years on thesubjects of peak EGT, besteconomy EGT, best power, findingthe “leanest cylinder” etc., I thought Iwould include a review of theresearch that I have done recently.  Ihope you find this beneficial, andpractice some of these ideas.
The first thing to realize is that metal will melt at hightemperature…
I recently read an article in FLYINGmagazine, where a mechanic hadcommented in the course of a topoverhaul, “See here? The owner bought one of those fancy ‘exhaustanalyzers,’ then went out andburned up his engine".The first thing to realize is that metalwill melt at high temperature, andthe last time I checked, our entireengine and exhaust system is madeof metal. Metals have an interestingproperty of becoming plastic wellbefore they melt at hightemperatures. This property is called“creep.” For high carbon steel, creepbegins at around 1200 – 1300degrees. For Nimonic Alloy engines,which is what most Continentalengines are made out of, the “creep”begins at about 1380 degrees.A second major limitation on leaningis detonation. Detonation marginsvary significantly from engine toengine. In general,
leaning topeak EGT at power setting higher than 65%.With this in mind, here is a BestPower Mixture guideline for us toconsider.
Best-Power Mixture
Best-power mixture comes at 125degrees on the rich side of peakEGT.  This is a very conservativeleaning set point, from an engine-protection standpoint.  Not onlybecause it is cool enough(compared to peak EGT) to keepexhaust-valve thermal erosion andcreep to a minimum, but becausethere is enough extra fuel in themixture to allow significant extracylinder and valve cooling. Best-power leaning also offers theattractive bonus of providingmaximum aircraft performance:airspeed is maximum, cooling inflowthrough the cowl is maximum, rate-of-climb (should it be needed) ismaximum.  And, time getting toone’s destination will be minimumcompared to any other mixturesetting (for a given manifoldpressure and rpm). Overall, becauseof the extra cooling afforded by theadded fuel flow, TBO prospects areprobably better for best- power mixture than for any other set pointBear in mind that best-power mixture results in an overall increasein engine power of 5% or more,compared to full-rich mixture. Atvery high altitudes (above 5000 ft.),power gain can be much more than5% when leaning to best power.Leaning of these engines is notrecommended below 5000 ft. Irecommend that before your departure, make a note to yourself of what setting you want for a givenpercent of power requirement thatyou will want during your flight. Sobefore leaning, set your throttle andprop controls to give a “percent
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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