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Published by Zeeshan Asghar

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Published by: Zeeshan Asghar on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Project Name:
Islamic Banks Microfinance Products Business plan
Course Name:
Presented To:
Prof. Shahid Ahmed Khan
Presented By:
Muhammad Umar ME01083-054Farman Ali ME01083-049
Faculty of Management Sciences The University of Lahore
 D E D I C A T I O N 
 We like to dedicate this report to all business students who wantto become great business professionals and want to be on theheight of the
“business World “. We hope that they would be
satisfied from our task and that would help them in their futurelife. We at this point shall not forget the fruitful efforts of ourteacher Prof. SHAHID AHMED KHAN without whom we would have been unable to accomplish this.
It is Allah’s benevolences due to which we are able to prepare this project. This Report is an attempt
to more qualitative. Still it is our belief that there would be certain areas having room for
improvement. That is why we shall be respective to the expert opinion from the resource personsand the suggestion from the inquisitive students. This is a semester project for the course of entrepreneurship. This project aims to develop theunderstanding of entrepreneurial skill which an entrepreneur must possess and their use in decision-
making. We completed this project in the role of an entrepreneurs’ team. The task was to study the
Islamic Microfinance bank in which Lahore. They have all the characteristics of a new venture. Thisproject includes several assignments, each of which comprises a part of the analytical andoperational task. The project was like a big mountain in front of us and we had to reach at the peak of it. We had very short time to complete it, and before this project we had done nothing related to this kind of project. So we started in the name of Allah and climbing up the mountain with full courage anddetermination. The things become easy for us about whom we had no idea in the start, as we movedon and on. We explored a lot of things related to the financials of the industry, target market, andthe techniques to capture that market. During our project. We used almost all types of sources(internet, books, newspapers, magazines and human resources) to get the updated information aboutparticular things related to our project. It was a great experience to coup with this project. We selected the city of Lahore for our Islamic microfinance bank, business which is a new company in Pakistan named as
-Islamic Microfinance bank ltd
and Islamic banking industry is oneof the attractive industrial sectors in Pakistan, in this era of recession as well.. We were expected toanalyze the Islamic microfinance industry all around the world but be specific to Pakistan for theentrepreneurial as well as investment point of view, which includes different assignments for thedeep analysis to start a business in this industry. The assignments are: brief introduction of thecountry, the industry, the firm and its competitor, economic analysis of the country (so that we canget over to the systematic risk which is not controllable), the most important the financial analysis
 which includes the investment and returns in the industry’, projections for the upcoming years and
in last but not the least we have given the conclusion and suggestions.
Presented By:
Muhammad UmarFarman Ali

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