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Earth Day

Earth Day

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Published by baibasv
A short reading task about the Earth Day, pre-intermediate level.
A short reading task about the Earth Day, pre-intermediate level.

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Published by: baibasv on Feb 25, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Did you know that our planet has a special day? Every year, on the 22
of April, we celebrateEarth Day. On this day we remind ourselves and others how precious the Earth is and howimportant it is to look after it.Earth Day was the idea of American Senator Gaylord Nelson. The Senator was a sensitiveman who could not bear watching our planet suffer. Rivers and seas were getting dirty, manyof our plants and animals were becoming extinct and not many people knew it. Therefore hedecided to take action and create a special day to remind everyone that we need to take careof the earth.The senator started by writing letters to colleges, to inform students and teachers about hiscampaign. He also wrote an article for Scholastic Magazine presenting the idea about thespecial day he was planning. He hoped that young people around the country would reactpositively. Fortunately, they did!As a result, on April 22
, 1970, 20 million people across America celebrated the first EarthDay. People all over the country made promises to respect and look after the environment.Since then Earth Day has been celebrated all over the planet.Today, on Earth Day people organise fund-raising events, such as concerts, contests,parades, festivals, tree-planting excursions and clean-up campaigns. Children design andmake objects at school, such as bird feeders and earth day wreaths and all of us promise totry to turn every day into Earth Day.
Read the text, then finish the sentences with words from the text.
We all know that our planet Earth is __________________.2. It is __________________ to take care of it.3. Senator Nelson _________________ to do something to help Earth.4. The Earth Day was created to _________________ every person that we should takecare of our planet.
His first action was _______________   _______________ to students and teachers.6. He described his idea in an _________________ that he sent to Scholastic Magazine.7. He expected young people would _________________ in a positive way.8. 38 years ago people first _____________________ the big day.9. People promised to __________________ the environment.
Today people organise different __________________, such as festivals, excursions,concerts and clean-up campaigns.
Children learn to make ______________  _____________ on this day.12. People should ________________ every day into Earth Day.

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