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Vishnu Sahasranaama

Vishnu Sahasranaama

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Published by anon-192498

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Published by: anon-192498 on Aug 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vishnu Sahasranaama
The Vishnu Sahasranama is found in the great epic MahaBharata authored bySri Veda vyasa. Through all this names we get 1000 indirect and indicativedefinitions of the unknown supreme lord in terms of the known. There areexactly 1031 names of Lord Vishnu in the ‘Sahasranama’ and we find somerepetitions also. Since this is a chant of glory repetitions are generallyaccepted.
When to chant this:
Devotees usually do this chanting daily; if this is not convenient they performthis at least on their birthdays, on eclipse days and on the day which sunmoves from one zodiac to another.
The Benefits:
This chanting has been prescribed by sastras for warding of troubles arisingfrom the position of stars, planets, anger of rulers, incurable diseases andruthless enemies. Moreover this purifies mind there by letting one gain moreinner poise for meditation.
This document is a collective effort of Honey Krishnan, Ellur Anand, kanipakam Pramodand Narasimha murty. You are free to take a printout of this or send this to anyone else provided no modification is done to this whole document. We suggest you to let all your friends and relatives know about this chant and the benefits and give them this for the benefit of this whole world.
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Vishnu Sahasranaama
Saanthakaaram bhujangasayanamPadmanabham suresamVishvaadhaaram gagana-sadrisamMegha varnam subha angamLakshmee kaantam kamala nayanamYogibhir dhyaana gamyamVande vishnum bhava bhava haramSarva lokaika naatham
OM Achyutaya NamahaOM Anantaya NamahaOM Govindaya NamahaOM Keshavaya NamahaOM Narayanaya NamahaOM Madhavaya NamahaOM Govindaya NamahaOM Vishnave NamahaOM Madhusoodanaya NamahaOM Trivikramaya NamahaOM Vamanaya NamahaOM Sridharaya NamahaOM Rishikeshaya NamahaOM Padmanabhaya NamahaOM Damodharaya Namaha
OM Sri Vedavyasa rishihi  Anushtup ChandhahaVishwaroopo Mahavishnu devatha
OM Vishwasmai NamahaOM Vishnave NamahaOM Vasatkaaraya NamahaOM Bhoota Bhavya Bhavat Prabhave NamahaOM Bhootakrite NamahaOM Bhootabhrite NamahaOM Bhavaya NamahaOM Bhootatmane NamahaOM Bhootha Bhavanaya NamahaOM Bhootatmane NamahaOM Paramatmane NamahaOM Mrukthanam Paramaye gataye NamahaOM Avyayaya NamahaOM Purushaya Namaha
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Downloaded from:http://geocities.com/honeykrishnan/vishnu_sahasranama.htm
OM Saakshine NamahaOM Kshetragnaaya NamahaOM Aksharaaya NamahaOM Yogaaya NamahaOM Yoganidaam Netre NamahaOM Pradhaanapurusheshwaraaya NamahaOM Narasimhavapushe NamahaOM Shreemate NamahaOM Keshavaaya NamahaOM Purushottamaaya NamahaOM Sarvasmai NamahaOM Sharvaaya NamahaOM Shivaaya NamahaOM Sthanave NamahaOM Bhootadaye NamahaOM Nidhaye Avyayaaya NamahaOM Sambhavaaya NamahaOM Bhavanaaya NamahaOM Bhartre NamahaOM Prabhavaaya NamahaOM Prabhave NamahaOM Eashwaraaya NamahaOM Swayambhuve NamahaOM Shambhave NamahaOM Aadityaaya NamahaOM Pushkaraakshaaya NamahaOM Mahaaswanaaya NamahaOM Anaadinidaanaaya NamahaOM Dhaatre NamahaOM Vidhaatre NamahaOM Dhaaturuttamaay NamahaOM Aprameyaaya NamahaOM Hrishikeshaaya NamahaOM Padmanaabhaya NamahaOM Amarprabhave NamahaOM Vishwakarmane NamahaOM Manave NamahaOM Twastre NamahaOM Sthavishtaaya NamahaOM Sthaviraaya Dhruvaaya NamahaOM Agraahhya NamahaOM Shaashwataaya NamahaOM Krishnaaaya NamahaOM Lohitaakshaaya NamahaOM Pratardanaaya NamahaOM Prabhutaaya Namaha
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Downloaded from:http://geocities.com/honeykrishnan/vishnu_sahasranama.htm

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