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Stopping Power Meter

Stopping Power Meter

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Published by Fakhr-e-Alam

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Published by: Fakhr-e-Alam on Feb 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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John J. Williams, MSEE
EDITIONIMPORTANT NOTEI bought this information many years ago and I willshare it for educational purposes only. I am notresponsible for any damage or lost for the mistakewhile performing some noted experiment.I redraw the schematic circuits for the benefits of the author.
John J. Williams, MSEECEO, Consumertronics©1976-1979, 1992, Consumertronics. All Rights Reserved.FOURTH EDITION
 “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if youwill not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come tothe time when you will have to fight will all odds against you and when you haveonly a precarious change of survival. There may even be a worse fate; you mayhave to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to die than tolive as slaves” .
Winston Churchill
was ordinarily written and published in 1976.Although our last edition was published in 1979, electrical-mechanical KW-HRmeters have remained mostly unchanged since the 1950’s. Many home andbusinesses today have the same meters they’ve had since the home or businessedifice was built. Of course, since the 1950s, utilities have come up with PeakDemand Meters but have primarily applied them to energy-intensive businessesand a few households. Digital meters were invented in the mid-1960s, and eventoday, only a small number of and businesses have them. The Rehm-Goshyelectronic meter is most well known. The reason for their universal lack of successis because of inaccurate as the old rotational disk meters are; they are morerugged and weather-resistant than any known digital meter. You wouldn’t leaveyour stereo in the snow for years at a time and expect it to still work. Electronicmeters fair just about as well.
is divided into two distinct bodies. The first bodycovers watt-hour energy meters, how they work, how they are adjusted, and theerror as they produce. The second body is devoted to various techniques of slowingdown and stopping power meters.This manual is comprehensive and full of invaluable information on load-side metermethods. In-depth theoretical knowledge is not required to understand and utilizethis information. However, a good practical electrical and electronic background andknow-how are definite pluses. Note, the utility meters attach to your home orbusiness is technically a watt-hour (i.e. KW-HR) or energy meters not adynamometer power meter, but the principle of operation is basically the same.This edition of STOPPING POWER METERS contains the results of both newexperiments and repeats of old experiments using better and more sophisticatedequipment.
is sold strictly for educational purposes only.Although it describes in detail method that may be illegal, we do not recommend orimply any illegal application whatsoever. Never use these methods on a system thatis metered by a utility company meter.
120 VAC and 240 VAC powercan cause loss of life and property and should be handled with the greatest of 
knowledge, care and respect if you run your experiments on a personal meter, besure to completely electrically isolated it from the utility’s meter so that whatevereffects your personal meter is subjected to do not impact the utility’s meter.Isolation can be performing by using isolation transformers and appropriate filters.As far as we know, the legality of applying load-control methods that incidentallymake the utility-owned meter under register has not been legally tested (afteralmost 20 years). However, assume that law enforcement will take as dim of a viewof doing this as it does if you actually physically tamper with the meter. It is ironicthat many law enforcement agencies on one hand can’t seem to do enough toplease utility big-shots while blithely ignoring the many and gross crimescommitted by utilities upon the citizenry. Fortunately, most jurors are savvy to thisperversity and corruption of the law and act accordingly.Also, no license is granted under the copyright and-or patent rights of Consumertronics or anyone else. And, although we have made every reasonableeffort to provide accurate, reliable, money-saving and useful information, weassume no responsibility whatsoever for error or omissions.Again, be careful and know how you are doing. Induced currents can injure or killand mistakes can also cause property damage. All circuit diagrams are simplified;add fuses and circuit breakers as required.
There is nothing magical, sacred or miraculous about watt-hour meters. Like anyhigh-grade scientific instrument designed to accurately measure an electricalparameter (energy in kilo watt-hour) under specific operating conditions and in anideal environment, they lose accuracy when their operating and environmentalconditions are less than ideal and thru the process of aging. Watt-Hour metersmeasure electrical energy consumed in a dynamic load by using the principle of the2-phase induction motor.

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