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Shared Desktop Publishing

Shared Desktop Publishing

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Published by Yap Celine

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Published by: Yap Celine on Feb 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Making digitally designed and generated publications
Publish means making content available to public and it is usually consist of text, image or audio-visual through medium such as newspaper, magazine, radio and television. Publications refer to the act of making content publish or refer to the piece of work. Making digitally designed and generated publicationsmeaning using computers and page layout software to produce publications document. 
2. Digital typography, layout, electronic assembly, print production requirements,communication process.
Digital typography
refers to the arrangement of typeface and design
display electronic. It’s representing the art
of organizing composition of letter form into sentence or words in design work. The knowledge of usingtypography will affect the overall look of the design layout. 
is the arrangement position of text and illustrations to produce design work. 
Electronic assembly
meaning gathering information and make it digitize on computer. 
Print Production requirements
refer to the sets of rules on printing process to avoid faulty and ensure onquality printing job. Before a production send for printing, piece of work usually will go through a printrequirement checklist including file format, margin, paper size and etc. 
Communication process
is referring to the process of send and receive message either in verbal or nonverbalform to its target market.  
3. Document form and function
In print design, form refers to the overall look and feel from a layout with the use of the shape andlooks of each design component in the layout. Function refers to the targeted achievement or objective of apiece / works whether is to promote, to inform, to remind or to impress.  Usually form and function is work together on a design, function needs form to communicate its message and form without function will be just apiece of art. By knowing as much information of the function to a design, designers will know the right form touse in the piece. 
4. Good Shape
Shape in design is the combination of line to form a two dimension illustration or geometric. Agood shape means good appearance of using shape as design element in a way the shape is placed on a page.Most common shape that use in desktop publishing is square, triangle and circle.
5. Grids
Grids that uses in design means pages layout. Grid is layout scheme build from a series of intersecting vertical and horizontal line makes a structure on pages. Grid usually use by designer to structurecontent on page to organize content alignment. 
6. Usability
Usability refer to the level of efficiency perceiving a communicate message from a piece by targetaudience, whether the piece is able to accomplish its purpose or goals. A usability design should be ease to uselearnable, visual consistency and clear to the user. A method of measuring usability is called usability testing,which test conducted by group of users to measure the perception of experience on particular work or product.
7. Legibility
Legibility is also referring as readability / visibility, the degree of understandable of particulardesign elements included typeface, type style, paragraph, line and etc. that used in printed layout. The qualityof legibility will affect the perceptibility of a piece to its target audience either in printed or electronic matter.
8. Form design
As refer to above, form refer to the overall look of the layout. Form design means the arrangementof component to form a design in a page. Component includes text, illustration styles and etc.
9. Newspaper Style
Style refers to how something is done or complete. When we compile information and present itsin newspaper written format is called newspaper styles, also refer to a form of presenting content to targetaudience. 
10. Style Sheet
Style sheet is a predesigned or customized format file that stored pages setting or text formattingincludes font, paragraph, tabs, border, numbering and others layout settings. Use of style sheet allows user tomake standard and quick changes to a document without redefining settings over each page to document.Sample: 
11. Table, Charts and Graphs
Table, charts and graphs is form of design / layout to graphically structure information or data.Usually designers use table, charts or graph to organize information in row and column or symbols for thepurpose of data analysis and better communication.
12. Information Design

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