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04 - A_New_Earth

04 - A_New_Earth

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Published by karyoyau

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Published by: karyoyau on Feb 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A New Earh © Cpyrigh Philpher’Ne page 1
A New Earth
Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose
by Eckhart Tolle
Penguin © 2008315 pages
The Big Ideas
Good News
& bad news.
Your Consciousness
Is your heaven or hell
Heaven and Earth
Consciousness then here.
The Ego
Identifcation is the issue.
My, my, my, my, my...
You’re NOT your roles.
Undissolved pain.
Evolutionary Support
Life helps you grow. 
Embrace the growth.
Check your projections. 
Your Thoughts
Choose your response!
One With Life
Secret to the art of living. 
God is within!
The Big Ideas
“‘A new heaven’ is the emergence o a transormed state o human consciousness, and ‘anew earth’ is its reection in the physical realm.”~ Eckhart Tolle rom
A New Earth
There’s a reason Oprah decided to team up with Eckhart Tolle to create an unprecedented10-week course to teach the principles in
A New Earth
to hundreds o thousands o people:it’s a remarkable book.Tolle has a proound ability to take the complex ideas o spirituality and consciousnessand boil them down into simple, powerul lessons easily grasped and applied to our lives.I’m excited to share some o my avorite Big Ideas rom his book but I’m barely going toscratch the surace o the depth o transormative ideas Tolle presents in this book.I you haven’t read it yet, I STRONGLY recommend you take some time to curl up withthis gem and dive deeper into understanding how we can transorm our consciousnessand create A New Earth.First, let’s start with some:
Good News & Bad News 
“A signifcant portion o the earth’s population will soon recognize, i they haven’t alreadydone so, that humanity is now aced with a stark choice: Evolve or die.”Tolle starts
A New Earth
with some good news and some bad news.We’ll start with the bad news. We’ve inherited a collective dysunction. For the history o humanity, as Tolle bluntly points out, we, as a collective society, have been acting like acriminally insane person--with “chronic paranoid delusions, a pathological propensity tocommit murder and acts o extreme violence and cruelty...” Yikes.According to Tolle, the cause o this state is simple: “Fear, greed and the desire or power.”The great traditions have named this dysunction o the mind. Hinduism calls it
 which means
“veil o delusion.” 
Buddhism calls it
which means suering,unsatisactoriness, or just plain misery” and directly translated points to being stuck likea potter’s wheel that screeches as it turns. And, Christianity calls it “Sin” which, whenstripped o all o it’s cultural baggage and properly translated rom its Greek origins,
A New Earh © Cpyrigh Philpher’Ne page 2
“This book is about you.It will change your state of consciousness or it will bemeaningless.” 
~ Eckhart Tolle
“How “spiritual” you are hasnothing to do with what you believe but everythingto do with your state of consciousness.” 
~ Eckhart Tolle
“We need to understand here that heaven is not a lo-cation but refers to the inner realm of consciousness.” 
~ Eckhart Tolle
NotEs & quotEs
means “to miss the mark”--as in an archer missing the target.Eckhart’s point is simple: we carry a lot o inherited cultural baggage.The good news? Those same traditions point to the “other” side o the dysunction--Hin-dusim juxtaposes
; Buddhism juxtaposes
 and Christianity points rom
.The frst step? To recognize our own insanity. As Tolle advises: “To recognize one’s owninsanity is, o course, the arising o sanity, the beginning o healing and transcendence.”Can you see it? Can you recognize your own ear, greed and desire or power? And canyou see how this results in your own mini-wars within your own consciousness and inrelationships with your amily, your riends, your colleagues and your community?Pause or a moment and check in with your own embodiment o our inherited insanity.That’s a powerul step toward creating a new earth!
Your State of Consciousness 
“How “spiritual” you are has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to dowith your state o consciousness. This, in turn, determines how you act in the world andinteract with others.”Powerul.Makes me think o my childhood. We went to church every Sunday. (I was raised Catho-lic.) I always ound it extraordinarily odd that, ater the service, my dad would be murmur-ing/yelling about how poorly everyone was driving on the way out o the parking lot.Even as a young boy, that always seemed just a little o. :)As Tolle so eloquently says, what we
means nothing. How we act--which is deter-mined by our consciousness--is what it’s all about.How about you?How do you act?Is it in accordance with your belies?Or with your consciousness?
Heaven and Earth 
Heaven and Earth. The path?First, Tolle brilliantly establishes the act that “We need to understand here that heaven isnot a location but reers to the inner realm o consciousness.”Then? “‘A new heaven’ is the emergence o a transormed state o human consciousness,and ‘a new earth’ is its reection in the physical realm.”Brilliant....So, how do we transorm our consciousness? We need to start by understanding what’sgetting in the way.
A New Earh © Cpyrigh Philpher’Ne page 3
“There are people who haverenounced all possessionswho have a bigger ego thansome millionaires.” 
~ Eckhart Tolle
“Usually people arecompletely unawareof the roles they play.They are those roles.” 
~ Eckhart Tolle
The Ego 
“Ego is no more than this: identifcation with orm, which primarily means thoughtorms. I evil has any reality--and it has a relative, not an absolute, reality--this is also itsdefnition: complete identifcation with orm--physical orms, thought orms, emotionalorms. This results in a total unawareness o my connectedness with the whole, myintrinsic oneness with the Source. This orgetulness is original sin, suering, delusion.When this delusion o utter separateness underlies and governs what I think, say, and do,what kind o world do I create? To fnd the answer to this, observe how humans relate toeach other, read a history book, or watch the news on television tonight.”Wow.That’s defnitely worth a slow re-read.The basic idea is this: to the extent we are identifed with our thoughts (or any other “rela-tive” orm), we are separate rom Source. When we are separate rom Source, we’re introuble. All the sudden we ail to see the interconnectedness o each o us and everythingin our world. We are in
. And rom that place, we are insane. We do badthings.You want to see what that looks like maniest? As Eckhart tells us, watch the news tonight.Or log on to CNN. (I’m ALWAYS
blown away
by the insanity o their home page--so and sokilled this person, this bomb went o here, etc., etc., etc.)
“The reason why such acute suering occurs is concealed in the words “my.”
.”My toy. My car. My house. My spouse. My country. My lie. My, my, my.S.N. Goenka, the teacher who led the silent 10-day Vipassana meditation class I took, hada hilarious story about “my.” Imagine someone else’s watch got stolen. Someone else’s carbroke down en route to an important meeting. Someone else’s order was messed up atthe restaurant. Someone else’s spouse cheated on them. Unortunate, but not
big o adeal or you, right?Alright. How about this? Imagine “
watch was stolen.” “
car broke down.” “
 order was messed up at the restaurant.” “
spouse cheated on me.”Takes on a whole new meaning when we add the “
,” doesn’t it?!? :)It’s time to quit taking ourselves quite so seriously. Let’s witness our reactions to things,develop the ability to see ourselves as an actor in this game o lie and loosen our grip onall things “my.” :)
“When you are completely identifed with a role, you conuse a pattern o behavior withwho you are, and you take yoursel very seriously.”Newsash: you are NOT the roles you play in your lie. Step back. (Take a deep breath.)Realize you are much bigger than any
role you play. Lighten up. Laugh. Connect toSource.

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