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18 - The_Magic_of_Thinking_Big

18 - The_Magic_of_Thinking_Big

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Published by karyoyau

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Published by: karyoyau on Feb 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Th Magic f Thinking Big © Cpyright Philphr’Nt pag 1
The Magic of ThinkingBig
Acquire the Secrets of Success... Achieve EverythingYou’ve Always Wanted
by David J. Schwartz
Fireside © 1987238 pages
The Big Ideas
Believe Big
If you want to think big.
Get your vaccination.
Action Cures Fear
Memory Bank Deposits
Make good ones!
To Think Condently...
Act Confdently
Impossible? Huh?
What’s that?
It’s good for you.
Capture Ideas
Get a lot of em.
Compromise with it.
Just Do It
Good ideas need action.
The Big Ideas
“Think Big and you’ll live big. You’ll live big in happiness. You’ll live big in accomplish-ment. Big in income. Big in riends. Big in respect… Start now, right now, to discoverhow to make your thinking make magic or you. Start out with this thought o the greatphilosopher Disraeli: “Lie is too short to be little.””~ David J. Schwartz rom
The Magic o Thinking Big 
Ahhh…  The MAGIC o thinking BIG. That’s a un topic.Are you thinking big? You better i you plan to be big.This book deserves a spot on your top list. It’s written in some old school language (origi-nally published in 1959) but still carries some big mojo that’s worth checking outnomatter the eld in which you want to get “big”be it in business or your bank account oryour relationships or even your spirituality.Schwartz’ wisdom echoes all the greats and i you’re committed to living your highest andbiggest lie, this is pretty darn close to a must read. In any case, I hope and trust you willenjoy some o my avorite Big Ideas and how they’ve impacted my lie and might impactyours!
Believe Big 
“Here is the rst step toward success. It’s a basic step. It can’t be avoided. Step One:Believe in yoursel, believe you can succeed.”That’s Chapter 1 in a nutshell. As Henry Ford says,
“Whether you think you can or you thinkyou can’t, you’re right.” 
Or, how about the rst century Stoic Philosopher Seneca (
available) who says,
“It isnot because things are difcult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that things aredifcult.” 
Or, how about Morpheus to Neo in
The Matrix 
(you know, the scene where he’s traininghim in karate in that sweet virtual dojo?):
“What are you waiting or? You’re aster than this.Don’t think you are, know you are. Come on. Stop trying to hit me and hit me.” 
So, how about you? Do you really
you can succeed? Good. Once you
you cansucceed, it’s time to believe big. But rst, let’s get a little inoculation, shall we?!?
Th Magic f Thinking Big © Cpyright Philphr’Nt pag 2
“…the more successful theindividual, the less inclined he is to make excuses.” 
~ David J. Schwartz
“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not;nothing is more commonthan unsuccessful men withtalent. Genius will not; unre-warded genius is almost aproverb. Education will not;the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination are omnipo-tent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and always will solve the problems of thehuman race.” 
~ Calvin Coolidge
NoTes & quoTes
“Go deep into your study o people, and you’ll discover unsuccessul people suer a mind-deadening thought disease. We call this disease excusitis. Every ailure has this disease inits advanced orm. And most “average” persons have at least a mild case o it.”Hah. I love that.What’s YOUR excuse?Too old? Too young? Not enough money? Not enough time? Not smart enough?Overqualied?Which is it? It’s denitely time to vaccinate yoursel rom the dreaded “Excusitis”themost pernicious disease guaranteed to drive you straight to ailure. Or, perhaps worse,mediocrity.Is now a good time to quit making excuses and give your highest sel to the world?!?(Good. :)
“Just enough sense to stick with somethinga chore, task, project, until it’s completedpays o much better than idle intelligence, even i idle intelligence be o genius caliber.”Now that we’re learning some new vocab, let’s add this one to the list: stickability. Stick-ability is the ability to stick with something until it’s done. As Schwartz says, “stickabilityis 95 percent o ability.”That gives me a big smile as well. Stickability. Do you give up? Or do you see thingsthrough to their completion?I’ve always had a pretty good handle on the bigger picture idea o sticking to something.Once I commit to achieving a big result I tend to do what it takes to get there. Having saidthat, I oten nd mysel distracted by the mundane. I I hit a wall in something I’m writ-ing or an idea I’m brainstorming, I used to immediately check my email or sur the web(do I really need to check ESPN or CNN or a new story again?!?!) or otherwise waste time.All the great time management guys (Brian Tracy, Tim Ferriss, Steve Pavlina, etc.) teachsomething called “single-handling”: that is, touch something ONCE and don’t put it downtill it’s complete. You get your mail rom the mailbox? Good. Don’t walk away rom ituntil you’ve gone through it and paid all the bills and completed what needed to be donewith the stack. DO NOT set it down on the desk and then look at it a hundred times or aweek until you nally either get to it or orget about it. Checking email? Don’t go into yourinbox unless you intend to respond to what’s in there and DEFINITELY respond IMME-DIATELY i it’ll take you less than a ew minutes.Even with these
, I’m able to create a high volume o them because when I startone, I nish it without allowing mysel to get distracted. Perhaps
greatest way I’veimproved
“stickability” is to simply REFUSE to check my email/go online when Ihit a little creative bump. I ght the urge to fee and stick to it. And my productivity hasSOARED.Try it.Add the “stick” to stickability and watch your ABILITY take o!
Th Magic f Thinking Big © Cpyright Philphr’Nt pag 3
“Do you know your particular fears? And what do you usually do withthem? You run away fromthem, don’t you, or invent ideas and  images to cover them? But to run away fromfear is only to increase it.” 
~ Krishnamurti from
On Fear 
“The pain that’s created by avoiding hard work isactually much worse thanany pain created from theactual work itself. Because if you don’t begin to work onthose ideas that God hasblessed you with, they will become stagnant inside of you and eventually begin toeat away at you. You might seem OK on the outside,but inside you will be ill fromnot getting those ideasout of your heart and intothe world. Stalling leads tosickness. But taking steps,even baby steps, alwaysleads to success.” 
~ Russell Simmons from
Do You!
Action Cures Fear 
“Fear o all kinds and sizes is a orm o psychological inection. We can cure a mentalinection the same way we cure a body inectionwith specic, proved treatments… con-dition yoursel with this act: all condence is acquired, developed. No one is born withcondence. Those people around you who radiate condence, who have conquered worry,who are at ease everywhere and all the time, acquired their condence, every bit o it.”Another Amen.I you’ve read some o my
, you know that dealing with ear is a near-universal themeo all o these great books. As Frank Herbert said in his genius book,
“I must notear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will ace myear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn theinner eye to see its path. Where the ear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” 
And you know what kills ear?ACTION. As Schwartz so rightly says, “action cures ear. Indecision, postponement, onthe other hand, ertilize ear… Jot that down in your success rule book right now. Actioncures ear.” Seriously. Jot that down in your little success journal: ACTION CURES FEAR.Are you araid o something?Here’s what I can guarantee you: you’re avoiding taking some sort o action. And youknow what that’s doing? It’s ertilizing ear. And, ironically, it’s bringing whatever it is youear that much closer to you.So, what are you araid o these days?Are you ertilizing your ears by not taking action? OK. Good. Now what can you do tomove straight at your ears? What little things can you do today to move orward? Gimmethree things (they don’t need to be huge) that you have been putting o:____________________________________________1.____________________________________________2.____________________________________________3. Good. Now do them.And, remember, “Hesitation only enlarges, magnies the ear. Take action promptly. Bedecisive.” And watch your lie accelerate in the right direction.
Memory Bank Deposits 
“Deposit only positive thoughts in your memory bank. Let’s ace it squarely: everyoneencounters plenty o unpleasant, embarrassing, and discouraging situations. But unsuc-cessul and successul people deal with these situations in directly opposite ways. Unsuc-cessul people take them to heart, so to speak. They dwell on the unpleasant situations,thereby giving them a good start in their memory. At night the unpleasant situation is thelast thing they think about… Condent, successul people, on the other hand, “don’t giveit another thought.” Successul people specialize in putting positive thoughts into theirmemory bank.”How about you? What kind o deposits are you making in your memory bank? Do youreplay the
high points or the
low moments?The cumulative eect o that makes a HUGE dierence. Schwartz tells a great little story

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