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Da Zi Bao in Paris: An Interactive Exchange Process

Da Zi Bao in Paris: An Interactive Exchange Process

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Published by Robert Pollard
Da Zi Bao - a participant Interactive message system for brief messages - 50 words or so - was launched with great success at the December 1991 International NGO Conference "Roots of the Future" held in Paris in preparation for the 1992 Earth Summit. Retrospectively Da Zi Bao can be seen as a precursor of instant messaging and Twitter. Subsequent issues of Da Zi Bao were published, culminating in a greatly expanded presence & participation at the NGO Global Forum that was held in Rio de Janeiro during the Earth Summit
Da Zi Bao - a participant Interactive message system for brief messages - 50 words or so - was launched with great success at the December 1991 International NGO Conference "Roots of the Future" held in Paris in preparation for the 1992 Earth Summit. Retrospectively Da Zi Bao can be seen as a precursor of instant messaging and Twitter. Subsequent issues of Da Zi Bao were published, culminating in a greatly expanded presence & participation at the NGO Global Forum that was held in Rio de Janeiro during the Earth Summit

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Published by: Robert Pollard on Feb 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Da Zi Bao
An Interactive Exchange Process Paris, 17 December 1991
UN & Global Environment
An Environmental Council should be The Global Ecocity Network of pioneers is If there are no fruitsestablished by the U.N. parallel to the working to build a sustainable civilisation. It was good for the beauty of flowersSecurity Council.  UNEP replaced by UN The network is planning a presentation at the If there are no flowersagency along lines of FAO, UNESCO, '92 Global Forum and Earth Summit in Rio It was good for the shadow of the leavesHabitat, etc.  A world ecological ombudsman de Janeiro, Brazil, June 1-12, 1992. The If there are no leavesshould be appointed by the Environmental Cerro Gordo ecovillage maintains databases It was good for the intention of the seedCouncil.
Let's make our intentions fruitful
Josef Tamir, Haim and Eviva, ISRAEL Muriel Saragoussi, Brazilian Forum o
World Solidarity
All people on earth will immobilize cars oneday a week as global solidarity.  The 5th of June will be declared a day of prayer forsalvation of Earth and mankind.
Josef Tamir, Haim and Eviva, ISRAEL
Just a message ...
In the endwe will conserveonly what we love,we will loveonly what we understand,we will understandonly what we are taught ... Yugoslavia.
(From a 19th century hand embroidery)
Lily Venizelos, MEDASSET/Hellenic Societyfor Protection of Nature, GREECE 
Gandhi said 
"It is a fundamental law of nature", Gandhiwrote that "nature produces enough for ourwants from day to day and if everybody took enough for their own needs and nothing morethere would be no poverty in this world."
Krishna Murti Gupta, Himalaya Seva Sangh,INDIA
International Ecology RebuildingProgram
Urban Ecology, Inc. is developing anEcological Rebuilding Program for PlanetEarth based on the need to rebuild our citiesusing ecological principles
Stuart Chaitkin, Urban Ecology, USA
Success of NGO Conference
Success of the NGO Conference will dependon how open Western NGOs are to thedevelopment and environment realities of Third World, and how radical a position istaken.
Anti-Nuclear Networking
There will be a meeting on 18th Decemberfrom 14h to 18h.  Address to be giventomorrow.  Please contact
The Ecologist
attheir stand.
Etienne Vernet 
Global Ecology Network If there are no fruits
for networking, referrals, resources andeducation. Contact Cerro Gordo TownForum, Dorena Lake, Box 569, CottageGrove, Or 97424 USA. Phone (503)942-7720, EcoNet: cerrogordo
Stuart Chaitkin, Urban Ecology, USA
Conservation and man
Sea turtles are in the way of modern man...some people think: if we get rid of turtlesthey won't be endangered any more, they willbe extinct! Curious that man is only oneanimal who befouls his environment ... whatis for sure is that this planet could survivevery nicely without him ...
Lily Venizelos, MEDASSET/Hellenic Societyfor Protection of Nature, GREECE 
International Conference onCities: Australia
The 2nd International Ecological CitiesConference will be held April 16-19, 1992 inAdelaide, Australia. It will focus on ecocityprograms and projects aground the worldwhich can be achieved this decade.Additional representation is especially soughtfrom developing countries and EasternEurope. Contact Urban Ecology Australia,P.O. Box 3040, Genfell Street Adelaide SA5000, Australia. Phone 61-8-3791984, Fax61-8-4100142, E-mail Pegasus/Earthnet peg:pdownton
Stuart Chaitkin, Urban Ecology, USA
International Conference onEcocities
Urban Ecology, Inc. promotes the formation all together to the Paris conference isof "ecocities". The 1st International "people's participation, democraticEcological Cities Conference, held in representation and consensus building".Berkeley, California in March 1990, These are the things which are equally neededcatalyzed the ecocity movement. The for social justice and sustainable economic128-page Conference Report is available change for translating Agenda 21 into afrom Urban Ecology, P.O. Box 10144, practical reality.  It has been a very usefulBerkeley, CA 94709 USA, for $6US (int'l experience for all of us, who inspite of a lotmail add $3 surface, $8 airmail). of differences managed to have a real(510)549-1724. Eco Net: urbanecology
Stuart Chaitkin, Urban Ecology, USA
Nuclear Energy
Brandishing the threat of global warming infavour of nuclear energy, its worldwidediffusion is being pushed by nuclear industry.A fatal risk is thus replaced by an even morefatal one, further feeding the Northern energyglut.  A NGO resolution for phasing outnuclear energy must therefore get highestpriority.
Freda Meissner-Blau, Ecoropa, FranceNGOs, BRASIL
Post-War ReconstructionCharter
We are here today because we believe that itis the right time and event to table thepost-war reconstruction Charter on a globallevel. We welcome your constructivecomments on ways to improve the Charter.We also need your interest and support forthe work that is being carried out by the postwar Reconstruction and Development Unit atNew York University, on rebuilding humansettlements in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon,Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Liberia and
Sultan Barakat, Institute of Advanced Architectural Studies, UK 
Networking: Community-based Reconstruction
I have come to this conference as an observerin order to establish links with NGOs in aneffort to seek out existing or to create neworganisational and technical supportstructures for community-based constructionprogrammes in areas devastated by war andnatural disaster. I would like to meet anyoneengaged in this problems of building andlisten to the international experience.
Mary Roslin, UK 
Bringing us together
The process which has helped ELCI bring uspartnership to pull this meeting together, andit is a clear demonstration that if we have"the will to cooperate" we can save the earthand thus mankind.
Mohammad Nazim, Energy and Environment Society of Pakistan, PAKISTAN, ex-Chairman of ELCI 
Resource Mobilisation for NGOs First Call For Children
For fund raising NGOs should concentrate A special workshop on "Environment andmore on business ventures amongst Development: First Call For Children" willthemselves. Business opportunities in import, be held on Wednesday December 18 from 9agriculture, stock market, leasing and service AM to 11 AM at the Auberge de la Jeunessesectors are available every where. Donors (Youth Hostel) 80, rue Vitruve, Paris 20.should extend short-, medium- and long-term The workshop is open to everyone and willloans for such opportunities. Governments endeavour to put children in the center of themust remove policy barriers to NGOsresource mobilisation.
Cyril Ritchie, International Schools
et des Caraîbes, si vous désirez figurer dans
Syed Atiq Ahmad, Community Capital Association, SWITZERLAND
le répertoire qui vous est consacré, vous
Management Ass., PAKISTAN 
pouvez répondre au questionnaire et le
People, poverty, environmental degradation
The central issue for UNCED is the people -poverty - environmental degradation cycle.All our efforts should be concentrated ongetting  this message across to all, speciallythose of us in the North.
Fergus O'Gorman, Irish Wildlife Federation(IWF), IRELAND
Biodiversity Task Force
Desperately Seeking: Interested parties in theBiodiversity Convention. Does your NGOhave a Program and/or position with respectto the Convention? If so, please contact theTask Group Stand in the Observers Room.
Simone Bilderbeek & Vivianne Ramaekers,Dutch Committee for IUCN, Netherlands
Airplanes for Travelling
Bye Bye Airplanes! The energy-use,CO2-emission, noise and ozone-depletion of airplanes, see recent report W.W.F., are alltoo dangerous for people and environment.Travel more by train. And we need modernboats to connect our continents! So, of course, we decided to come to Paris by train! 
and live and die for each other. Let us hold
Jan Juffermans, The Small Earth,
discussions for possible cooperation in
matters of mutual interest and reach some
Meeting at the Conference
The tree of life is an innovative project thataims to build public involvement in thesummit. Based in the UK, it is alreadysupported by many NGOs. Find more at ourmeeting or stand.
Se não houver foretos
Chris Church, The Tree of Life Project, UK 
Valeu a beleza das flores
Sacred Sights In Sacred Lights
Our ancestors knew to respect the harmonyof Nature.  They also knew of special placesthat deeply touched the Spirit.  Here, we areworking towards re-establishing this harmonyand towards protecting this sacred placecalled Mother Earth.  Come and rememberthis at the photography exhibit in the VIProom and the exhibit area.
L'aura Colan, USA
The Resolutions' Boom
If each of the workshops tabled 5 resolutions,the final plenary should discuss 110documents in 3,5 hours. So, the success of the Paris conference is related to theparticipants' ability to select their verypriorities. It will be a very interesting test tosee whether we are actually more concretethan governments.
Roberto Smeraldi, NGO InternationalSteering Committee, ITALY 
E&D debate.
Associations francophones d'Afrique, d'Asie
Fooling Ourselves?
We are fooling ourselves if we think thatNGOs will change the dominant culture. Thepowers at work are too strong for us, tiny,elitist, "enlightened"" organizations workingoutside the mainstream of societies. Where isthe alternative?
Delmar Blasco, Int'l Council of VoluntaryAgencies, SWITZERLAND
Is there enough on ethics?
I don't believe in the concept of the "goodSouthern/Poor" versus the "badNorthern/Rich". Men and women are goodand bad everywhere as their circumstancesallow them to be. We should focus moredecisively on
changing ethics
. Laws andregulations will never be enough if people'sbehaviour is not framed in a new ethic, basedin the values of equity and shared frugality.
Delmar Blasco, Int'l Council of VoluntaryAgencies, SWITZERLAND
Resolutions for Unity and Cooperation ...
At the great NGOs December 17-20, 91,Paris conference, let us resolve anddemonstrate that we are an NGO communityconcrete conclusions before we leave Paris.
Syed Atiq Ahmad, Community CapitalManagement Ass., PAKISTA
Se não houver foretos
Se não houver floresValeu a sombra das folhasSe não houver folhasValeu a intenção da semente(Henfil)Que consigamos fazerFructificar nonas intençoes.
Muriel Saragoussi, Forum Brasilian deONGs
Combattre l'étatisme
Ce qui accentue le sous-développement c'estl'état, son intervention omniprésente à toutinstant et dans tous les domaines, sur la vieet la condition des individus.  Dans toutes sesdécisions l'incohérence est aggravée par lalourdeur et le seul résultat possible en est unepesante et triste oppréssion. Le remède estsimple: l'état ne doit intervenir que dans lesdomaines où sa présence est inévitablecomme la défense, la sécurité, l'éducation, lalutte contre la misère, domaines où sesperformances sont calamiteuses.  Pour lereste, il n'en laissera jamais assez àl'intelligence et à l'initiative des citoyens.Persister dans l'étatisme, c'est tourner le dosà la démocratie et faire vivre dans ladictature, des peuples qui méritent mieux.
Azouz Mokhtar, Association pour laprotection de l'environnement et de laNature, Tunisie
Liaison Francophone
déposer au stand du CLEI.
Nathalie Liamine, CLEI 
Share your thoughts & ideas inDa Zi Bao
This bulletin is a place for your insights,reflections and comments on
Roots of theFuture
, and how the conference can reach itsgoals.  Da Zi Bao is an experiment whosesuccess depends on you.  Please contribute.
Robert Pollard & Nathalie Liamine, Editors,Da Zi Bao.
Da Zi Bao
An Interactive Exchange Process Paris, 17 December 1991
Conference Documents
The book "Roots of the Future: Compendium There are six workshops in english languageof citizens movement Responses to on human settlements. Each lasts one hourEnvironment and Development", the main forty five minutes, and there are two eachbackground document for the Paris day. Tuesday 2PM land 4.15 PM shelterConference, will be on view for references infrastructure and services, Wednesday 2PMand for sale in the observers hall and the housing rights & evictions 4.15 PM urbanNGO compendium both. The book with informal economy, Thursday 2PM womenabout 650 pages formed the basis for the and human settlement 4.15 PM participation"Synthesis" document and the "Agenda YaWananchi". Price FFR 200 at the conference,FFR 230 for surface mail orders, FFR 260for Air mail orders.
Ron Kingham, EDRC, BELGIUM 
The Practice of ComprehensiveAgriculture
Comprehensive Multi-storied Agriculture ispopularized in the mountain area of temperature zone in China. It contentsinter-cropping, multi-cropping, batterykeeping, agro-forestry, aquatic mix raising,agricultural distribution with differentaltitudes, etc. And appropriate to mountainarea racing challenge for limited landresources coupled with large population forincreasing land utilized and outputco-efficient and environmental effect.
Wang Qianzhong, Chinese Associaiton of Agricultural Science
"Green Food" a Heathy Option
"Green Food" begin to be provided by someremote state farms, villages in P.R. China.This food is not polluted. To guarantee parityof food, soil, water and other environmentalfactors would be monitored. Traditionalpractices combined with new technology areadopted to cultivate resistant seeds, to usethis technology for best control.
Wang Qianzhong, Chinese Associaiton of Agricultural Science
Industrial Alliance & Victims &Disease
While Minamata disease was discovered1956 Japanese Government allowed  a chinacompany to continue to discharge mercurycontaminated wastes until 1968 because of itsindustrial policy. The Government shouldcompensate Minamata victims who are filinglawsuits now, as well stop the pollutionexports to the developing countries.
Mie Asaoka, Association of MinamataVictims, JAPAN 
National Alliance & Victims of Human Settlements WorkshopsMinamato
After 35 years from the first discoveryMinamata disease issue has not yet finishedin Japan. Over 2000 victims have filedlawsuits to seek compensation. One of thecauses is that the Government has notconducted health surveys of inhabitants. Thehealth research of whole inhabitants andenvironmental surveys  at the early stage aresincerely required, particularly in Amazon.
Mie Asaoka, Association of MinamataVictims, JAPAN 
History of Environmental Conservation
In order to write a book, we search histories,chronologies, case studies and reports of theecology/environment movements everywherein the world with exact dates of landmark events: conferences, pollution disasters,outstanding books, etc ... Please write to: MrRoland de Miller, Centre de DocumentationEco-Philosophique, Le Chateau, Sigoyer,04200 Sisteron, France
as we do is because your generation has done
First Call for Children
If you feel that one vitally important concernmissing from UNCED agenda is: children.Come to the UNICEF NGOs workshop atl'auberge de jeunesse d'Artagnan, 80, rueVitruve, Paris 20th, Wednesday, December18th from 9 to 11 AM. Mtro: Porte deBagnolet, Buses: 76 (from Bastille, get downat Pelleport and take the rue de Balkans) orPC (from Porte de la Villette to P. deBagnolet) The workshop will prepare astatement for the Paris conference and NewYork preparatory committee.
Cyril Ritchie, International SchoolsAssociation, Switzerlan
Book on Grassroots CommunityInitiatives
Our coalition is publishing a book telling thepersonal stories of Southern and Northerncommunities working towards sustainability.It is being published by New SocietyPublishers and will be available in April1992. For more information write to:BCEDWG, 2524 Cypress St., Vancouver,B.C., Canada V6J 3N2
David Murphy, CUSO, CANADA
Economic Revolution
How much market, how much planning? Canwe free the market from capitalism? How toget responsible entrepreneurship? Buy thebook "The Economic Revolution" at the stand"Europe" 80 FF, discount possible.
in local governance.
Davinder Lamba, Habitat InternationalCoalition, KENYA
The price of change
In redefining development we need to createconcepts and attitudes that acknowledge ownculture(s) this may mean sacrifice andprobably pain but if we want change we haveto be willing to pay the price.
Martin Anyoli Mark, Green Belt Movement,KENYA
From a Woman to AnotherWoman
To Bella: If our generation of women can acta very good job - don't blame us to be as weare, different from you, and thank you for allthe minds you had open - with tenderness andrespect. Muriel
Muriel Saragoussi, Brazilian Forum of NGOs, BRASIL
Meet on Agenda 21
To all NGOs South and North working onAgenda 21 position on sustainableagriculture. A draft 12-point plan exists. Thisis an appeal to meet all interested NGOs, at6.15 PM at the press desk, Tuesday.
Alistair Smith, NEAD, UK 
Réunion pour "Agenda 21"
A toutes ONGs du sud et du nord quitravaillent sur une position "Agenda 21" surl'agriculture durable/autonome. Un texte de12 demandes existe - a discuter. Appel à tousles interesses: rencontre 6.15PM Aurencontre presse, mardi
Alistair Smith, NEAD, UK 
Institutions Task-Group
NGOs (especially Southern based) arewarmly invited to express their views on thesubject. One major focus of the task group isto establish a world wide network of 1.NGOs interested in these issues and 2. legalexperts on the matter. Please write to JudiOudejans, Bill Pace, Arthur van Buitenen(present here), (WAWF), Liliegracht 21,Amsterdam, Netherlands

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