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Infrasructure of Jharkhand[1]

Infrasructure of Jharkhand[1]

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Published by nandu_patel50

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Published by: nandu_patel50 on Feb 27, 2011
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Infrasructure of Jharkhand
 The state government of Jharkhand has taken up a lot of initiative to develop the infrastructure of Jharkhand since it has become a part of India. The main aim of the government has been to establishthis state at par with the rest of the states of India in its economy.The economic growth of Jharkhand is not possible without the growth of industries in the state. Thedevelopment of various industries in Jharkhand, necessitates a good and durable Jharkhandinfrastructure. The state government has decided to work along with private companies towardsachieving a convenient framework of infrastructure.There are plans for setting up a board particularly to control all the activities related to infrastructuralwork within the state. The name of this board is Industrial Infrastructure Development Board or, inshort, IIDB. This board is to be operated under the authority of the chief minister of Jharkhand himself.The minister for industries in the state as well as the secretary of industries will assist him in this work.This board has a massive potential to develop the infrastructure in Jharkhand.A major step that the government of Jharkhand has taken to fulfill its mission of improving theinfrastructure at Jharkhand is the United Nation Development Program. The government plans to put updifferent industrial sectors with the help of private cooperation.The infrastructural development in the state will be executed keeping in mind the primary industriesthat are to be housed in the state. The government has decided to encourage both the Indian nationalsand the people from abroad to invest in different activities related to infrastructure of Jharkhand.The Jharkhand Government is in the final stages of formalising an infrastructure corporation based onthe PPP (public-private partnership) model.Participating in the special plenary - Building Competencies - of the workshop on `Sustainable growth inthe East', organised by the CII, Eastern Region, Mr Arjun Munda, Chief Minister of Jharkhand, said thebody, to be named Jharkhand Infrastructure Corporation (JINFRA), would be a 50:50 venture betweenIL&FS, IDC and the Jharkhand Government.He said JINFRA would put many of the on-going infrastructure projects in the State on a fast track forearly disposal.    
 PPP structurePointing out that a strong PPP structure was already in place, he said "we have opened up the entireinfrastructure sector for partnerships with the private sector - roads, bridges, hotels, hospitals, privateindustrial estates - all come within the ambit of PPP," Mr Munda informed that the new SEZ andAdityapur Toll Bridge projects in Jharkhand were being constructed under the PPP format.Earlier, the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Mr Sushil Modi, outlining the fresh initiatives launched by theNitish Kumar Government in the last four and half months to attract investments into Bihar, sought afair deal from the Centre for the eastern States which have fallen behind.He urged Mr Munda to take the initiative for creating a pressure Group for effective dialogue with theCentre.Commenting on the PPP route to attract fresh capital into Jharkhand for infrastructure development, MrMunda said the key challenge pertained to the mining sector, particularly coal.Mineral resourcesPointing out that it was ironic that while the State is sitting on huge mineral resources, the Centre had asay on allotment of mining blocks for major minerals, Mr Munda said the Government does not act onthe recommendations of the State. "Although we produce more than 40 per cent of the coal in thecountry, industries in Jharkhand are not given appropriate and timely linkages of coal."Lamenting that certain Central PSUs have taken big leases for iron ore and have not used these for over50 years, he said "neither would they surrender the same in favour of the State PSUs for betterutilisation of the leases".Citing the challenges with regard to allotment of land, he said for the acquisition process to be smoothand voluntary, there has to be a people-friendly rehabilitation and resettlement policy.Suggesting that the existing policy on land acquisition was not acceptable to the people of Jharkhand,Mr Munda said his Government was now trying to improve upon the national policy, keeping in mindthe aims and aspirations of the local people.     
4.1The Government has carefully considered the United Nation Development Programme - Country Co-operation Framework fro India Report, 1997-2001. Infrastructure is the most critical component forensuring industrial growth. Accordingly, the Government would take suitable steps to provide anappropriate framework for private sector participation in infrastructure development in the State.4.2An Industrial Infrastructure Development Board (IIDB) is proposed to be setup under the Chairmanshipof the Chief Minister with the Minister, Industries as Vice Chairman and the Secretary, Industries asMember - Convener to :Identify key infrastructure requirement,   Ensure submission of specific projects/ proposals in timebound manner,   Prioritise public investments in these projects/proposals,   Decide on the modalities onexternal funding including private funding/investment, andReview the executions of the project. 4.3The State Government would actively encourage both Indian and Foreign private investment/participation in infrastructure projects. The Government would also be prepared to participate in jointventures for infrastructure development, In suitable cases the Government shall actively considerproviding land at concessional rate or free of cost.4.4The Government would take specific measures for development of sectoral clusters taking into accountthe needs of the targeted industries. The state has already accepted the concept of BOT, BOOT, BOLTand would evolve comprehensive guidelines for various model of projects for funding and operatingsuch infrastructure projects with private investment on a commercial format. The enabling provisionswould suitably be included in the concerned legislation, wherever required.4.5The State would encourage Financing Institutions and private sector to establish and maintain industrialgrowth centres/ industrial areas/ Export Promotion Industrial park/ Special Economic Zone/ and suchother infrastructure projects

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