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Industry analysis BBS

Industry analysis BBS

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Published by SABUJ GHOSH

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Published by: SABUJ GHOSH on Feb 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Conducting anConducting anIndustry AnalysisIndustry Analysis
ByBySabuj GhoshSabuj Ghosh
Industry analysisIndustry analysis
IndustryIndustry analysisanalysis isis aa typetype ofof businessbusiness researchresearch thatthat focusesfocuses onon thethe statusstatus ofof anan industryindustry oror anan industrialindustrial sectorsector.. TheThe industryindustry classificationclassification isis economyeconomy specificspecific.. TheThe boundaryboundary ofof eacheach industryindustry maymay varyvary fromfrom countrycountry toto countrycountry oror fromfrom analystanalyst toto analystanalyst.. AA completecomplete industrialindustrial analysisanalysis usuallyusually includesincludes aa reviewreview ofof anan industrysindustrys recentrecent performance,performance, itsits currentcurrent status,status, andand outlookoutlook forfor futurefuture..
IndustryIndustry analysisanalysis includeinclude aa combinationcombination ofof qualitativequalitative andand statisticalstatistical datadata..
Industry analysisIndustry analysis
IndustryIndustry analysisanalysis demandsdemands anan insightinsight intointo thethe segment/segment/ sectors/sectors/ subdivisionssubdivisions ofof overalloverall economiceconomic activityactivity thatthat influenceinfluence particularparticular industries,industries, andand relativerelative strengthstrength oror weaknessweakness ofof aa particularparticular industryindustry withwith inin anan economiceconomic environmentenvironment..

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