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Paraphillic Coercive Disorder

Paraphillic Coercive Disorder

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Published by Sonia Soans
A reaction to the inclusion of rape - Paraphillic coercive disorder in the new DSM. I am looking at the consequences of this decision.
A reaction to the inclusion of rape - Paraphillic coercive disorder in the new DSM. I am looking at the consequences of this decision.

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Categories:Types, Research, Law
Published by: Sonia Soans on Feb 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Paraphillic Coercive Disorder.
That’s what we are calling rape these days why punish the criminalwhen you can let them hide behind a fancy term.  It has becomefashionable nowadays to find a psychological cause for everythingwe cant understand, we need to find a cause within the individual toabsolve them from responsibility or to put the blame squarely ontheir shoulders.The other day I brought this issue up the issue of medicalising rapewith another psychologist who actually thought it might be a goodidea. The rapist I am sure had some neurochemical imbalanceswhich made him do it or perhaps it’s a genetic thing getting therapist to therapy will do him/her wonders. Perhaps we canunderstand them better, or maybe we can make them see howwrong they are, or maybe we will change them, maybe we canrelease them from their inner trauma that causes them to rape,maybe maybe………… how naïve does one have to be not to see thestupidity of it all. Why not legalise rape while we are at it, and whilewe are at it lets look at the trauma a murderer feels when he kills.The new DSM (diagnostic manual) is planning to include rape as adisorder. Move over victim your rapist needs to get the attentionnow.  I have gone hoarse pointing out how the mental health systemis oppressive but this takes the cake.  The psychiatric institution hasnever been known for niceness towards its consumers but getting arapist to sit in for therapy and to take away the autonomy form thecrime is collusion between two oppressive forces.Rape is not a crime of passion to call it paraphillic is absurd philiameans love, rape DOES NOT INVOLVE LOVE. Forced sex isn’t sex atall it is an act of asserting power over another person. Though allrapists aren’t men most rape cases involve female victims (we maynot have adequate data form male victims), one cant help but lookat rape through a power structure – patriarchy.I don’t know how many men sat and wrote the new DSM but I havea hunch a large majority had to be men. As for calling a spade aspade the mental health field fails miserably. Why call it rape whenyou can give it a pretentious Latin name, which is not onlymisleading but will also take away some of the revulsion one feelswith the term rape.  We minimise the seriousness of the crime (I stillthink it is a crime) by giving it a term very few people are bound tounderstand. The term rape conjures up violent images but the termParaphilic Coercive Disorder does nothing of that sort theperpetrator can very easily hide behind the veil of science andobscure language. Lets call it rape and see how many people willwant to include it in the DSM. Those in power benefit with theaddition of the new diagnosis it allows them to wield greater power

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