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Planet of the Apes Viewing Guide

Planet of the Apes Viewing Guide

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Published by livelyp

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Published by: livelyp on Feb 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Planet of the Apes 
Viewing Guide
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS PAPER. WRITE ON YOUR OWN SHEET OF PAPER.Answer the questions below as you watch the movie. Be sure to pay close attention for any allusions there may be in the film. As well, keep note of how thingsare similar to “By the Waters of Babylon”. You will be required to do a compare/contrast assignment between the two. Enjoy the film!1. What is the year at the start of the movie?2. How many years had the Earth aged while they’ve “aged hardly at all” out in space?3. What does the Captain wonder in his last line of his opening monologue?4. What are your thoughts when you first see the planet they crash on? Where do you think they are?5. How are your first thoughts of their landing similar to your first thoughts as you read “By the Waters of Babylon?6. What is wrong with Stuart?7. What is the year when they landed?8. Where do they think they are? (Or where does the Captain think they are?)9. Why does Landon disagree with the Captain about their location?10. How old is Landon at the time of their crash?11. How long have they been away from Earth?12. What is the image of Landon placing the small American flag in the soil referencing?13. What is similar about Landon to the main character in “By the Waters of Babylon”?14. What are the names of the two men traveling with the Captain?15. What is the Captain’s attitude towards man kind at the time of the landing?16. How many “scarecrows” are there on the ledge?17. What do the scarecrows foreshadow?18. What does the Captain hear as he reaches the top of the cliffs?19. What do they see on the bank of the pool of water?20. What do you notice about the native creatures?
What does the Captain think about the native creatures?22. What does the Captain say they will be doing after six months?23. What happens after they hear “the noise”?24. What type of animal is on horseback?25. Who dies during the attack? (Use the name)26. What are the Apes doing to the humans?27. What is the photograph session, at the end when they are loading the Captain into the truck, an allusion to in our history?28. How do the Apes refer to the Captain? (What do they call him?)29. Why does the female doctor’s work have “value”?30. What is the doctor’s work similar to in our society?31. What does Dr. Zaius think the Captain is doing in the very beginning?32. What does the Captain write in the sand?33. What does the Captain say his name is?34. What is Cornelius’ theory?
35. What does Cornelius’ feel that Captain Taylor could be?36. What documents control the Apes society?37. What are your feelings about Dr. Zaius?38. What does Captain Taylor stumble into when he’s trying to escape the first time?39. Who does Captain Taylor see in the museum? What happened to him?40. What are the first words Captain Taylor says after being captured?41. What name does Captain Taylor give the woman?42. What does he say about his and Nova’s language barrier (when she puts her hand to his mouth)?43. What did Captain Taylor say he left Earth the first time?44. What was Stewart to be?45. What does Captain Taylor teach Nova to do?46. What do you notice about the rooms? What does this tell you about the Apes compared to us today?47. What does Captain Taylor not have under Ape law?48. Who supposedly created the Apes?49. What thought/theory is Dr. Zira and Cornelius trying to prove?50. What item from our modern law is referenced at the court hearing?51. What happened to Landon?52. What were the three council members alluding to as the female doctor, Dr. Zira, discussed her findings about why humans are supposedly mute?53. What does Dr. Zaius think Taylor is?54. Who pronounced the whole forbidden zone to be deadly?55. Why?56. How are the above two statements (answers to questions 54 and 55) similar to “By the Waters of Babylon”?57. What is the paradox that Cornelius mentions in the cave?58. Who do they say you can’t trust?59. What do the scrolls say about men? (paraphrase)60. What did the Forbidden Zone use to be according to Dr. Zaius?61. What does Captain Taylor see first on his travels along the bank of the water?
What is the name of the river then?63. Who do you think Captain Taylor is most like from “By the Waters of Babylon”? Why? Explain your answer using SRE format and in a responsethat is 7-10 sentences in length. (You must have a statement that declares who you think Captain Taylor is most like, a reason for this statement, andspecific evidence to back up your reasoning.)64. What did man do while Captain Taylor and his crew were in outer space?65. Look back at question 21. What does this show you about the human mind set?66. Look back at what Captain Taylor said in the very beginning (question 3). How did this lead to the down fall of man according to Dr. Zaius?67. What is the message of the movie?
How is the theme similar between the short story, “By the Waters of Babylon” , and the film,
Planet of the Apes
?69. How else are the two items similar?

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