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Turmoil Libya Will Increase Crime Rates Lexington Ky and More

Turmoil Libya Will Increase Crime Rates Lexington Ky and More

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Published by: Christopher Alan Hignite on Feb 27, 2011
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Lexington News Crime & CourtsLexington Courts Examiner 
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Christopher Hignite
February 26th, 2011 4:16 am ET
Turmoil in Libya will increase crime rates inLexington, KY and more...
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We've all heard it over and over again, "September 11thchanged everything". The turmoil in the Middle East is aboutto make us eat those words. From that day forward Americahas been spiraling down a path of self destruction and "our chickens are coming home to roost". Wars that we enteredover lies, taking from the poor and giving to the rich,psy-ops and propaganda on American citizens and dignitaries,mercenaries for hire and more wars that create more wars.All across the world people are saying "we've had enough".Protests and regime changes are happening all across theMiddle East and now we're seeing the unrest in America.Gas prices will rise and as they rise so will the price of eveything else and so will the crime rates.When we invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq we opened upa hornet's nest that is proving impossible to exterminate.Like dominoes, American and CIA supported dictators aretoppling one after another. This is due to a combination of factors. First, our prescence alone and every insurgent ocivilian death just creates more anger and more terrorism.Second, the expense of these wars caused the destructionof the American economy which then destroyed the World'seconomy. Greed is the reason for all of this.In April 2010 I was hired as a roaming photographer for aJ.P. Morgan Chase high roller meeting at Keeneland RaceTrack in Lexington. I was just supposed to take somepictures of the event. The decorations and then eachperson separatedly for a take home souvenir was supplied.
Chase Bank Representative: StuSchweitzer 
Photo: J.P. Morgan Chase
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None of the staff could speak English except for thebankers and their hosts.I'm not sure if I was supposed to come in during the lecturebut I stood in the back of the room and nobody seemed topay any attention to me. Besides, I don't think theyexpected the photographer to understand what they weretalking about. A man namedStu Schweitzer was the guestspeaker for the day.Mr. Schweitzer spoke for about an hour but the parts you'llbe interested in will make you mad. He claimed that thebailout was unnecessary because the banks weren't in needof money. We took from the poor and gave to the rich. The"crash" was by design, he said, and the crowd all laughed.He also stated that the reason they are calling it a "joblessrecovery" was that the banks were fine but the jobs wouldnot return. Again, the room filled with laughter. He thenasked a Texas banker to explain to everyone how hisbranch was now turning to large corporate loans becausehousing loans and the middle class would not return. Yougot it, plenty of laughter. He then talked about the yearlyretreat and explained how it had to be moved from thenormal five star resort out west to a hotel in Times Square.This was done so the American public wouldn't know theyhad been deceived, he stated. He noted, however, that itwas still a five star hotel. This gained him the most laughter of the night.Wiki-leaks recently announced thatSaudi Arabia may haveoverstated their oil reserves by 40%. This caused an 
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