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High Plains Gazette Vol 4

High Plains Gazette Vol 4

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Published by ipmshpm

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Published by: ipmshpm on Feb 27, 2011
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 use baking soda for snow.I also showed some of thediorama materials I cre-ate and will bring the fin-ished base (minus thefigures) to next monthsmeeting.All in all we had a very informative and enter-taining meeting. Remem-ber next month Pablo isgiving a clinic on white-washes, and we will havea small contest update.See you there!The February meetingwas short on new busi-ness. We discussed thefact that dues were due.Pablo mentioned that theRegion X contest will beheld May 20-21 in Albu-querque at ChiliCon 2.Then he turned it over tome for the contest up-date.  (see article below).While we had a spiritedand often humorous dis-cussion about the contestwe accomplished every-thing we needed to thismeeting. We settled onentry fees, sponsor fees,and the main theme.After the contest discus-sion we held our monthly contest where for the firsttime I can remember wehad a 5 way tie for first.As was voted on we all 5received maximumpoints.Then yours truly gave aclinic on building a basecovered with rubble anddirt, and discussed how to
February Meeting Notes
High Plains Con XXII  Update
We decided on a theme,
“Cats”. No, not the musi-
cal, although I guess if you are so inclined goahead and build a Broad-way play.By cats we mean anythingwith a cat in the name.Tigers, Panthers, Jaguars,Wildcats, Hellcats, Tom-cats, Gato subs, Garfield.It is a theme that allowsevery type of modelbuilder a chance to win.We will also offer a spe-cial award for BestWeathered finish, andpossibly one or two morespecial categories de-pending on how oursponsorship drive goes.We also decided on feesfor the contest. It will cost$15 to enter (for the firstthree models) and $1 permodel after that. So if youenter 8 models it will costyou $20.We will have vendors!Vendor tables are avail-able for $20 each at thedoor or $15 each if youpay before June 1st.To sponsor a trophy wehave decided to charge$25. Letters to potentialsponsors will start goingout this week.Our tentative date is Oc-tober 8th, with a backupdate of October 15th. Weare hoping to secure thedate in April when we canget the best price for therooms.I have sent out invite e-mails to the Rob Wolf Chapter, CentennialIPMS and the Commies.
High Plains Modelers
February 2011
Volume 1, Issue 4
High Plains Gazette
What’s New This
February’s Meeting Notes
High Plains Contest Update
Message from Region X Guru
Monthly Contest Winner
Want Ads and Advertising
ChiliCON 2 Region X Contest
Eduard Review by Pablo
Inside this issue:
February Meeting
High Plains Contest 2011
A Message from Don K.
Omaha IPMS Update
CommiesFest Contest
Pablo’s Review 
Dragon’s M
-16 GMC
Region X, we’re a badmother….
 Shut your mouth.
 You had asked me towrite something for your
next newsletter.  I’m not
much for just writing off the top of my head with-out a subject.  That sub-ject is usually models?But, after thinking about
it for a while I thought I’d
ramble about getting oldin IPMS.I first joined IPMS here inColorado Springs back in1967 (or so).  The Chapterthen was IPMS/PikesPeak Region.Through the associationwith IPMS my eyes wereopen to the fact that Icould assemble and finishmy models as never be-fore.  The IPMS magazinewas called the Quarterly (for obvious reasons) andalso augmented by theIPMS/UK magazine.Back in a time before af-termarket products, pub-lications devoted togreater detail, high-techtools and supplies.We used mostly toolsfrom other disciplineslike Railroad modelers.Specialty paints like Flo-Quil, Humbrol wherefabulous.  No such thingas liquid glue or superglue.  Used car putty like
“Bondo” for filler.  We
used decals that camewith the kit
or paintedthem on ourselves.  De-tailing was the equivalentof scratch building.  Air-brushes were Binks,Badger, and Paashe(when you could get it).They were originally forartists.I BUILD Aircraft.  Thechoices were Revell,Monogram, Lindberg,Hawk (from the US) Air-fix, Frog (from the UK).The art of modeling wasnot building the particu-lar model variant  withthe best brass, workingthat Aires detail set, usingan aftermarket sheet of decals, etc.  Most kitswere 1/72 (or close) andcost under a $1.00!!!Yup, times have changed.I still enjoy working withthe evergreen plastic andthe #11 knife.  IPMSmade me a better mod-eler.  The old fashionedway.I was fortunate to attendthe 1968 IPMS/USA Na-tional Convention held inWashington DC that year,my first.  The tourthrough the SmithsonianAir & Space Museum gaveme my highlight
ing me the “Horton HO
229” still in the crate it
was shipped in from1946.  The top was
open…. Very cool!
 This introduced me thegreatest gift of all.  Thecreating and maintainingof friendships.  Withoutdoubt this is greatest re-sult of IPMS/USA.  Noth-ing like 30-40 yearfriendships.  Going toRegional or NationalConventions and hookingup with your buddies inthe model room or venderroom or that late night in
the hotel bar.  I’ve got 40years of “Roadtrip” sto-ries.  Of course I’ve
reached that time in my life where those close anddear friends start leavingme.  One of my oldest,best, dearest friends, DonAlberts of New Mexico,passed away last Fall.  Iguess that old song by Simon and Garfunklesays it best:
Time it was, andwhat a time it was, itwasA time of innocence, atime of confidencesLong ago, it must be, Ihave a photographPreserve your memo-ries, they're all that's
left you”
All the best and good luck my Brothers,Don KehrerRC-10available.It looks like this is shap-ing up to be a great con-test. This will be my firsttime entering as a con-testant, and my thirdwww.ipmsusa2011.orgYes, online registration isnow open! They also havethe contest categories up,the special awards, theregistration forms, andthe model entry formstime judging (whichmakes me an official, cer-tified IPMS judge!)I hope many of you canmake it. Lets make themremember the HighPlains Modelers!
A Message From Our Region X Coordinator
Omaha IPMS National Update
All the best andgood luck my Brothers,Don KehrerRC-10IPMS #2334
Page 2
High Plains Gazette
Don Alberts and MeAt your Regional a
“FEW” years ago
 This was past monthPablo, Randy, Gary, Brianand I attended the Com-miesfest contest at theJefferson County Fair-grounds.There was a very goodturn out for the contest.Three of the five of ustook home awards, andmy Y-Wing brought homeBest Star Wars Vehicle.I love the trophy it isreally cool looking.  Whatcame as a surprise to mewas the extra gift for win-ning. I received a resin kitof the Moldy Crow fromthe Star Wars Dark Forces universe.I really enjoyed the easeof signing up for the con-test, and the discountoffered for those of us inIPMS. I liked the fact thatwe filled out our ownform and was able to letthe judges know if ourmodels were attached tothe base or not. Honestly that puts your mind atease.Nice contest Commies!I for one look forward todefending my crown next
year… maybe with a
Moldy Crow? 
Commiesfest: The Force Was With Me
Product Review: Eduard Zoom
wax paper attached to the
back, it wasn’t as simple
as I thought it would be.I also came across to aminor issue with the seat-belts. According to theinstructions you are sup-posed to get the two-partseatbelt together andthen fold the bucklesfrom the back part ontothe front one. Howeverthe seatbelts were moldedtogether with the back part seatbelt, as a singlepiece. I just left out thetop part of the seatbelt, tokeep the buckles visible.Now, on the bright side,the instrument panel isdelightful, very simple toassemble and very realis-tic on its looks. The ma-chine gun handles, very prominent in this aircraft,are very nicely rendered,as well as all the instru-ment dials and bezels.The fret also includes sideconsole and cockpit doordetails. I like the placardsfor the doors. You cannotread them, but you cansee them very clearly andadds to the whole cockpit
“feeling” of the kit.
 I had a mixed experiencewith this fret, but overallit was a positive one. Thefret is simple to work with(mostly flat parts and justa few bends) and it pro-vides a lot of detail. Theonly downside is the self-adhesive. In my humbleopinion, it makes the as-sembly more difficult,instead of simpler.I would highly recom-mend it for any modelerthat has a few PE undertheir belt, and even to themodeler that is itching tobreak into photo-etchdetails. As I said, theZoom frets are amongstthe simplest ones to work with.I would like to thanksEduard for providing thereview sample and IPMS/USA for allowing me toreview it.
By Pablo Bauleo
Manufacturer: Edu-ardProduct: FE 435 Aira-cobra Mk.I S.A. Zoomfor Hasegawa kit
This review was firstpublished at theIPMS/USA website(http://www.ipmsusa.org)
 The Airacobra/P-39/P-400 series of airplanes,due to their car door ac-cess deserves a detailedcockpit. The Hasegawakit provides a very nicecockpit out of the box, butEduard provides an evennicer detail with this fret.The Zoom PE detail fret isintended to be simplerand require less bending/folding/painting thantheir full-blown counter-part. I like that. But, this
fret is of the “self 
adhesive” kind and, hon-estly, I didn’t like that.
The glue was missing inhalf of the fret (maybe itwas intended that way),and having to remove thepart while keeping the
Page 3
Volume 1, Issue 4
My Y-Wing took Best Star Wars Ve-hicle at this yearsCommiesfest

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