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Ready to Revolt Start the Courtrooms

Ready to Revolt Start the Courtrooms

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Published by: Christopher Alan Hignite on Feb 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lexington News Crime & CourtsLexington Courts Examiner 
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Christopher Hignite
February 21st, 2011 5:13 am ET
(Updated-New Court Date) Ready to revolt?Start in the courtrooms.
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Riots, revolts and revolutions are the talk of all of themedia outlets these days.Yemen, Cairo, Tehran, Tunisia,Algeria and before that in Greece, France and Great Britainsaw protests of unfair conditions. While the Middle Eastdemanded change from the dictatorships that createdthese conditions we are now seeing protests in Americademanding better working conditions. Starting in Wisconsinand now in Ohio, Americans have started the spark that willeventually lead to real change in this country. Americans canaffect change more easily than other countries by justgetting involved in our political and legal processes. Isuggest taking an interest in our broken court system.(NOTE: The court date has once again been delayed andwill now take place on June 6.) This further increases thecosts of Mr. Kavanaugh's attorney's fees. This issometimes a tactic by prosecutors to force a plea bargain.Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh appears in court on Wednesday,February 23d at 8:00 AM in courtroom 2 in Fayette County,Kentucky. I've been following his case here on Examiner inpreviousarticles. To summarize; his is a case of policeretaliation. Join me at his trial and let's take baby steps inthis American revolution by insuring that one man doesn'tsuffer at the hands of government corruption.Mr. Kavanaugh has been arrested and found not guiltyseveral times in Lexington. He then filed a civil case againstthe city and the police force for false arrest. The case wasalmostdroppedand is still pending due to the extreme cost
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Photo: Pleas Lucian Kavanaugh
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of taking on a city government in civil court. Due to this civilcase Mr. Kavanaugh has been harassed repeatedly bymembers of the Lexington Police Department. Most recentlyresulting in charges of attempting to kidnap a woman at themain Lextran bus station.This charge resulted solely upon a decision made byDetective Elizabeth D Adams. Kavanaugh's first encounter with the Lexington Police began with Detective Adams."
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