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Published by gandwell

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Published by: gandwell on Feb 27, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Evaluation To make sure my website that I created was suitable; I did a lot of planning. I created a structurediagram which allowed me to see that pages would feature in my site map. I created an index of pages to allow me to see the pages that I had in my site. I planned font design; what fonts I woulduse in my website and what font colour too. I chose black in the end, for it stands out and is easy onthe eye. I chose the font
for I felt it was professional looking and that the mostimportant thing I felt.I planned my Homepage on paper, and wrote down the margin size, fonts, font colours, colours,background colours, position of images, position of text, rollover buttons, position of logo andanything else that came to mind. This careful planning allowed me to implement my plan easily, andall of my pages were consistent with these plans. I created a plan for each of my pages, some withunique features like drop down lists on the Search page and anchors so my properties page wouldbe easily navigable.I started a new site in Dreamweaver, but my inexperience with the software contributed to severalproblems. But after a while I had created an index page which roughly followed my excellent paperdrafts. I added a few frames for sidebar and footer and tried to make sure all the colours (differentshades of green) fitted in with my house style. I saved this as a template to use in the future with allof my pages. I made rollover buttons using Fireworks. I had to make two for each- one before andafter the button was clicked. Looking back I could have made my menu rollover buttons look a lotbetter.I saved the file as index.html. The first problem I encountered was transferring my chosen font overto Dreamweaver. The program was going extremely slow at the time, and it took me a while withthe stuttering software to figure this out. I imported my background image that I had previouslycreated in fireworks, but after looking at it; felt that it did not fit in with my house style at all. Ichanged the background to something more suitable. After I had found my chosen font (Constantia)I typed up my introduction and welcome. I then added an image of the front of a branch of MagsEstate Agents which I had created with Macromedia Fireworks (Adobe Photoshop).I opened up the template that I had previously made and saved it again as contact.html. I typed upvarious different contact details like telephone, email address, fax and address. I aligned the text tothe centre which I thought look clear, and really made the text layout improve from when it was leftaligned. But I had a problem with the sidebar when I decided to change it from a list of pages of mywebsite (thats what the menu was for) to a table of Mags Estate Agents opening times. It took awhile of frustrated clicks, but in the end I created a new editable area and added a layer, then atable into the sidebar. I then filled in the opening times.The template I then saved as properties.html in the properties folder of my site. At first I tried just totype the information of the properties and add the picture next to it, but I couldnt do it a neat andreadable way, some of the text was next to the correct picture whereas others were not. In the end Ideleted and started again and inserted a giant layer covering much of the page. This worked welland allowed to insert the images and details next to them in an orderly manner. I then added

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