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Publicize an Automaker in Second Life

Publicize an Automaker in Second Life

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Published by Mel
TechDirt's Insight Community discusses real-world company/product promotion in the alternate reality game Second Life.
TechDirt's Insight Community discusses real-world company/product promotion in the alternate reality game Second Life.

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Published by: Mel on Aug 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Publicize An AutomakerIn Second Life
For additional insight from the Techdirt Insight Community,please contact Techdirt at http://www.insightcommunity.com or 888.930.9272
 Table of Contents
 The Issuep.3Executive Summaryp.3 Techdirt Insight Community Responsespp. 4-8benmetcalfep.4ohashmip.5joeduckp.6ericlinp.7andrewjaypollackp.8
Publicize An Automaker inSecond Life
The Issue
Publicize An Automake In Second Life
While there have been many jokes about “geing a rst life” when discussing Second Life, a fewautomakers (and a Presidential candidate) have created entities in the virtual world of Second Life.Assuming that a Second Life presence is desirable (i.e. don’t slam Second Life, please), outline astrategy for marketing a major automaker who is considering plans to expand its brand into SecondLife. How should this automaker proceed now that competitors have a head start? Approximatecosts for a plan to create an eective virtual marketing program, and estimate a timeline for growth.
Publicize An Automaker In Second Life
Executive Summary
Eectively Using Second Life For MarketingThe Techdirt Insight Community was tasked with helping an automaker enter the popular virtualcommunity Second Life in order to beer market its vehicles to members of the community. Therewere three key points that came out of the analysis.
It’s a community, interact with it
: Almost everyone brought this up in one way or another.Recognize that Second Life is not just another marketing channel, but it’s a vibrant community whosesuccess is based on the interaction between people. For that to work in a marketing environment,you need to embrace the interaction. It needs to involve real two-way communication, rather than just puing up some advertising and running away. It needs to involve engaging members of thecommunity, listening to them and providing them with something of value for paying aention.
Build it and they might not come
: Too many companies underestimate the eort involved insuccessfully working within Second Life. There is a belief that a “build it and they will come” aitudeis enough. It’s not. Especially as more and more companies enter Second Life, simply announcinga presence within the community is not nearly enough. Beyond having a well-done and engagingpresence, it helps to create some sort of reason for being there. Some of the community memberssuggested an event of some kind to aract initial interest. However, on top of that, you also need areason for people to stick around and come back for more. Don’t overdo the branding and advertising, but make the place a welcome area for people to hang out, get to know each other and also nd outsomething useful about your brand.
Give stuf away
: This enhances each of the two points above as well. It may take some work to build objects within Second Life, but once created, the marginal costs are next to nothing, and givingthe products away acts as a tremendous advertisement. Of course, it may depend on the object. In thiscase, with an automobile company, it’s easy to imagine giving away realistic cars, and perhaps askingusers to come back to the Second Life dealership to help customize the car.All in all, there are eective strategies to entering Second Life as a brand – but it involves more thansimply buying an island and throwing up a building. Understanding the details of these three keystrategic points will help you beer aain success within Second Life.

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