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Study on Sabbat

Study on Sabbat

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Published by Lahry Sibley
A study that could not possibly be more vital for you to read. It is not short, but please read it all, I beg you. - Lahry
A study that could not possibly be more vital for you to read. It is not short, but please read it all, I beg you. - Lahry

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Lahry Sibley on Feb 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Study On Sabbat –THE BEST YET
The Sabbath to Sunday Change – Who Changed the Sabbath?Many are asking what day is the Sabbath or who changed the Sabbath. How often do you hear that theSabbath was changed to Sunday based upon Acts 20:7 despite what history reveals? You are about todiscover beyond all doubt that this meeting was not even on Sunday and that breaking bread was notcommunion here. You may also hear some say that Constantine was not responsible for the change of theSabbath to Sunday. This is also incorrect as the final change did in fact begin with his first Sunday law. Readon for the rest of the real story that the proponents do not want you to hear.
Paul exhorts in the following verse that Circumcision is nothing in comparison to the Ten Commandments.“Circumcision is nothing, and uncircumcision is nothing, but the keeping of the Commandments of God.” 1Corinthians 7:19. Since there are more than forty verses and up to ten verses at a time clearly stating thatCircumcision of the flesh is a yoke of bondage and abolished, how many scriptures would you expect statingthe Sabbath was abolished or changed to Sunday? Perhaps seventy or more?
The fact is there is not even one verse that says, “The Sabbath is abolished or is now Sunday.” The TenCommandments are the only thing that God personally spoke in such inconceivable fiery majesty, thunderingHis voice from the mountain top while everyone trembled in fear below, and then personally etched thismagnificent law into stone tablets with His own finger. Yet there is not one clear scripture! Just a couple of erroneous assumptions. One of God's Commandments supposedly changes or is abolished and we do nothave even one clear verse. Why not? The answer is simple. It was never abolished or changed to Sunday bythe authority of God so no such scripture exists. It was changed to Sunday by Satan through idolatrous sunworship, hence the name SUN-day. Sunday - Dies solis (Latin) which means “day of the sun” from which weget Sunday. The English names for the days of the week are pagan names. In over 100 other languagesaround the world, Saturday is still called the Sabbath just as God named it at creation. This can be dated asfar back as Babel in Genesis 11 where Saturday was recognized as the Sabbath day and was incorporatedinto the very name of the day. See the table below and note the names of the week days for the olderlanguages. This is also very relevant for the argument that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in the Bible.
1. In the majority of the principal languages, the last or seventh day of the week is designated as “Sabbath.”2. There is not even one language which designates another day as the “day of rest.”
The proponents that state the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in the Bible are looking for something thatdoes not exist and something that would contradict the words of Jesus if it did. Since History is also so clear
on how the day was changed, then these proponents can only be doing one thing. If they admit the Sabbathwas changed by persecution and force then they have to admit that they are worshipping on the wrong day.However, this group does not want to do that so they search the scriptures for some verse that they canmake an assumption on to try and say that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday in the Bible. Of course youalso get the other groups that will tell you the fourth Commandment was abolished using one of hundreds of different reasons. Then there is another group that found that they could not prove from the Bible that thefourth Commandment was abolished and so they attempt to prove that ALL Ten Commandments wereabolished. When you have the inconsistency of Christians teaching that it is either Ten, Nine or ZeroCommandments or the day was changed, you know something is definitely very wrong and God's law is underattack. Daniel 7:25 also tells us that the little horn would change God's law and persecute the Christiansaints, and of course they did both just as we are told. This also seems to be conveniently ignored ormisunderstood. Watch a true story on the death of a Sabbath keeper.
Sunday cannot be the SabbathBefore covering the real truth on the Sabbath to Sunday change, let's look further at the Bible weekly daynames. In Biblical times, the days of the week were basically called 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or Preparationand Sabbath. The numbering of the days actually revolved around the Sabbath as shown in the above table.The verses translated “first day of the week” are actually saying first day after the Sabbath. This in itself says that these days were NOT the Seventh day Sabbath! The phrase “first day of the week” in the KingJames Version uses the Greek words “mia” (first) “ho he to” (of the) “sabbaton” (Sabbath). The word day isan added word and does not exist in the Greek. So the phrase more correctly reads “first [day] of thesabbath” which for clarity could be translated as first day after the Sabbath or first day of the week. JohnGill's Exposition of the Entire Bible (1690-1771) commenting on Matthew 28:1 on the phrase first day of theweek says: “towards the first day of the week, or “sabbaths”; so the Jews used to call the days of the week,the first day of the sabbath, the second day of the sabbath, &c. take an instance or two (z).” There would notbe many people today who would understand the meaning of the phrase first of the Sabbath or second of theSabbath etc, and so it is typically translated as first day of the week. Thus Luke in this case is saying thatthis day is the first day AFTER the Sabbath and hence is also saying that this day is NOT the Sabbath. It is infact NOT possible to say that the Sabbath is Sunday due to the very names of the days of the week since theyare actually named around the Sabbath and so the first day of the week can NEVER be the Sabbath. Thisblows both “first day of the week” arguments right out of the water before we even start.
Satan's typical perpetuated excuse for the above facts is, “Yes, the Sabbath is still Saturday but we worshipon Sunday now!” Were does the foolishness end? To begin with, the Sabbath cannot be so called when whatmakes it the Sabbath is done on another day now can it? While those taking this path may feel comfortablewith this foolish reasoning, don't they realize that God will not accept such nonsense?
The image here is the upper portion of the Nestorian Stone (Hsian monument), discovered by Jesuitmissionaries in 1625 AD in the province of Shensi in China. The title of the stone reads, “A monumentcommemorating the propagation of the Ta-Chin luminous religion (Christianity) in the middle kingdom.” Theday of the stone's erection was called, “ta vao shen wan ji” meaning, “the great first of the Sabbath day.”The use of Jewish terms for the days of the week in the heart of China indicates the powerful influence of theNestorian Church in Asia.
Would God tell us if He changed the Sabbath to Sunday?God's Ten Commandments do not change on assumptions. If I told you that the sixth Commandment that says“thou shalt not murder” was changed because I saw in the Bible where one Christian killed another and noone said anything, would you believe me? Not a chance! And why not? Because this would be absurdreasoning and a ridiculous assumption! If we see the mention of what we think is a Sunday meeting in theBible and say the Sabbath is now Sunday, what do we call that? The very same thing! Besides the witness of history, the names of the days, and the fact that Jesus said that not even a jot or a tittle was going to passfrom the law, do we really think we have to make assumptions to decide if one of the Ten Commandments of God has changed? Of course not! There is no way that any of the Ten Commandments that define sin wouldchange without the Bible absolutely SCREAMING the change at us so loudly the Earth would move! See alsomisunderstandings on Jesus fulfilling the law.
So what about those wrong conclusions or assumptions from the proponents who apparently did notunderstand or examine Acts 20:7 to closely or never intended to? Apart from Acts 20:7, there is also oneother verse that says “first day of the week” that is less commonly used as supposed proof that the Sabbathwas changed to Sunday in the Bible. This is the worst of the two assumptions that one can only describe asan absolute abuse of scripture. The expression “lay by him in store” in 1 Corinthians 16:2 means puttingaside at home or to store goods away. It would be a rather strange expression for passing around an offeringplate don't you think? The needs at the time were clothing and food etc, which would be taken from the fieldor storage. Famine conditions and the need for clothing were not unusual in areas of the Middle East, as Lukereminds us in Acts 11:28-30. This explains Paul's counsel to the Corinthians to do their work on the first dayof the week, “so that there be no gatherings when I come.” Such work as gathering and storing up producefrom the field would certainly not be appropriate on the Sabbath. The request would have been made duringthe previous Sabbath meeting and the first opportunity would be the first day of the week or should we saythe first day after the Sabbath.
With Acts 20:7 it is claimed that the Sabbath must have been changed to Sunday because the verse says theyare breaking bread on the first day if the week. You frequently hear statements like, “It is well documented

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