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Published by Zahra Bhatti

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Published by: Zahra Bhatti on Feb 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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China: The EmergingSuper Power.
Zahra Bhatti  
The research presented by the author Major H.A hynes, ³China: theemerging super power´ focuses on the reforms and strategies of China becomingsuper power in the world. It provides thorough study of its economic growth,military transformation and the relation with the western countries and the potentialproblems that can cause the threat for west under the current Communist regime.The author mainly describes aspects of the economic reforms that haveradically changed the Chinese economy and the significant changes that havetaken place concerning military strategy, equipment modernization and power projection capability. The strategic view and policies of Canada and the US arediscussed in light of these changes and other recent incidents. Author discussesthree potential problem areas in which west could be threatened by China. Thisexperience has fueled its strong desire for Great Power status and at the sametime put it decades behind the West in technological development. Under theleadership of Deng Xiaoping, China has undergone a transformation, which hasproduced a tremendous economic turnaround. China is now a major trading nationwhich has built up an impressive foreign currency holding and is predicted to bethe world's largest economy by 2010. The Chinese leadership has recognized thateconomic reform is the only way to achieve the status it desires on its own terms.Despite not facing any threat to its security, China has embarked on a path of radical change to both its military strategy and capabilities. The realization in the1980s that the Soviet Union was no longer a threat for major conflict, and the Gulf War have a profound effect on Chinese military thinking. The strategic focus hasnow shifted to the offensive.The main theme is power projection and the ability to fight a modern war withadvanced technology. China has also used its economic boom and change inmilitary strategy to commence an ambitious military modernization program,
acquiring some of the most advanced fighter/bomber aircraft and weapons in theworld. They are also purchasing state of the art air defense systems anddeveloping supporting aircraft roles such as in-flight refueling and airborne earlywarning,and are also upgrading its fleet with power projection in mind. China hasalso continued to upgrade its nuclear weapons and has developed a solid fuelmissile with an upgrade of space technology. The paper concludes by noting thatChina is a Communist country that is dissatisfied with its status in the world andthat the West must not be naive to its intentions and ambitions. China will have, inthe future, the economic and military might to threaten both the countries in theregion and the West. The closer ties with Russia have already resulted in astrategic relationship that is designed to counter the influence of the US. How longthis relationship will be required is unknown. With its ongoing effort to develop ahigh technology economic system, China has set the foundation that will likelyensure that it is much stronger than the former Soviet Union and perhaps evenmore powerful than the US. The economic and military transformation of China iswell underway. It is critical that the West not be naive to its intentions. With itsambitions concerning territorial claims, the challenges it will face providing for itspopulation and the insecure and suspicious nature of its communist government,Canada and the West face a potentially serious threat from China in the future.The research solely depends on the study material collected from thesecondary data sources of evidence, said to as general views and reviews,Newspapers, yearly published books and other relevant sources concerning to thestudy of China¶s reforms. The investigator tried to describe the worldwideindications of emerging power of the world which comprises of differentcorrespondents who have discussed the China¶s issues, The authors of differentcountries differing in geographical and culture provides their collective viewpoints

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