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Book trailer rubric

Book trailer rubric

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Published by jcoppoletta

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Published by: jcoppoletta on Feb 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Exceeds Standard 5Meets Standard 3Needs Improvement 1Comments
Production Quality
Purposefully used to create anemotional response
Assist in presenting an overalltheme
Appeal to the audience andenhance trailer 
Compliment and work wellwith soundtrack 
Help explain and reinforce keycontent
Included a graphic of the cover with the title and author 
Appears to be no plagiarism
Assist in presenting overalltheme
Compliment and work wellwith soundtrack 
Help explain key content
Included the title and author without a graphic of the cover 
Evidence of some plagiarism
Unrelated to overall theme
Do not enhance to content of the trailer 
Evidence of plagiarismOr:
Trailer is completely void of graphics
Failed to mention the title andauthor of the book 
Clearly and effectively assistsin communicating theme,mood, and setting
Creates an emotional response
Includes effective narrationand/or sound effects
Assists in communicatingtheme, mood, and setting
Kept in balance and does notoverpower the trailer 
Cut off and inconsistent
Insufficiently communicatesthe theme, mood, and setting.
Overpowers the overallmessage of the trailer Or:
Trailer is completely void of asoundtrack 
Fits the storyline and buildsthe mood
Segments are long enough tomake each point clear.
Trailer fits within the 1-2minute time limit
Fits the storyline and moves ata steady pace: fast enough tohold audience interest andslow enough to includeenough information
Trailer fits within the 1-2minute time limit
Is either too long and does notadvance the storyline or tooshort to assist in engaging withthe story
There are either no mistakes withconventions or the ones made areproductive and fit with the trailer There are one or two mistakes withconventions that do not fit with themood and theme of the trailer Many distracting conventionalmistakes
Book Trailer Rubric
Exceeds Standard   3Meets Standard   2” Needs Improvement   “1Comments
Easy to read
All elements are clearlywritten, labeled, or drawn sothat another person could createthe trailer 
Complete with sketches for each section, detailed notes,about scenes, transitions,sounds, etc.
Easy to read
Clearly written so thatanother person could create thetrailer with some questions
Lacks sketches, and extranotes
Difficult to read/followwith rough or no drawings andlabels
Would be difficult to createwithout asking many questions
Lacks sketches and notes
Hooks are used throughout thewhole trailer to build interestIncludes a hook at thebeginning to grab the attentionof the audienceNo hook evident(e.g. the trailer is just acollection of facts, or asummary of the book)
Information presented in alogical, interesting sequence
Easy to follow
Ideas are connected withsmooth, effective transitions
Information presented in alogical sequence
Easy to follow
Ideas are connected withtransitions
Difficult to follow
Little to no sequence of information or ideas
Little or no evidence of transitions
True to Book 
Conveys the mood, theme,and setting of the book to createan emotional response throughselection of events/detailsincluded
Provides enoughinformation about the book tospark interest w/o giving awayending
Reflects mood, theme andsetting and includes importantdetails
Provides enoughinformation to spark interestwithout giving away the ending
Does not convey the proper mood of the story and includesunimportant details
Gives away the ending
Exceeds Standard   3Meets Standard   2” Needs Improvement   “1CommentsPersuasive
Audience wants to run out andread the book immediatelyConvinces audience that thatbook is worth readingIs not persuasive in convincingaudience to read the book 
Communication/ Collaboration
Respectful & CourteousCommunication
Seeks others ideas.
Keeps to topic of discussion.
Gives examples of evidence to support ideas.
Invites comments onown views/ideas
Reasoning for agreement or disagreementsometimes confusing or unclear.
Contributes ideas.
Receives comments onown ideas in a comfortable way.
Keeps on topic.
Encourages others tocontribute.
Criticizes ideas.
Uses “put-downs,”inappropriate humor or sarcasm.
Ideas presented are off topic.
Interrupts others whenspeaking.
Builds on Contributions of Others
Extends another'sresponse by adding moreinformation
Asks for elaboration
Integrates ideas
Speaks to both sides of an issue
Asks for explanation of ideas
Supports ideas of others
Repeats own ideas
Adds ideas that are notrelated to the topic
Working with Others:Contributes to Group'sEffectiveness
Stays focused on task 
Assumes responsibilityfor completing assignments
Completes assignmentson time
Reflects oncontributions to group
Accepts responsibilityfor completing tasks
Needs reminders tocomplete assignments
Sometimes distractedbut is able to get refocused withgentle reminder 
Asks for help whenneeded
Reluctant groupparticipant
Actions distract fromgroup's progress
Uncomfortable withsharing ideas in a large group
Easily distracted fromtask 
Final Product 
Project was completedand saved in shared file in atimely manner 
Project was completedand saved in shared file
Project was completedbut not saved to shared file

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