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2011 Spring Sower

2011 Spring Sower

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Published by Plant With Purpose

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Published by: Plant With Purpose on Feb 28, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Hope forCHildrenat risk
Formerly known as Floresta Usa
H r Chidrn  RisCunr SihInrnin Min  SuccssM ur N Brd Chir
Dircr’s CrnrBrin Ns234756
in this issue
FoRMeRly kNowN aS FloReSta USa
2 3
o  c v  h dmcrbc,  m   v i w  h m  dpñ,  w  h yc jc m    - c  b,  ,  mvv. B wh w  d’m w mh . “th my h, C,” d ,w wh . “sh   hvy w!” p  hv v c, h ch h y  hw h h bb  v h m  h cm  h h hc  c. Wh bw hv b  - mh bcm  v y.
N hvin nn Dri’s siuin br,i s hrd r m  r rci hr h nd his mi hd cm. Bu h r-i is in vr cunr hr pn wih pur-s rs, ur s scifc ss uh cmmuniis nd rins h r hms vunrb nd hr cndiins rh rs - cs hr  chidrn fnishhih sch,  n nd univrsi. Inhs rins  ic hv h sccss  cnmic runi nd siri-u cr. whi pn wih purs dsn’scifc  bu i h n, his smns  r rin hr chidrn rms  ris. th chidrn  hs cmmuni-is c ccss  rr mdic cr, du-cin, nd nuriin. In mn css, s-ci in Hii nd thind, h r  ris bin vicims  mi r rci vinc,bndnmn, r bin rfcd s svs.th ri  his ris s bruh hm m hr rs  n m frs ri  visipn wih purs’s r n h Hii / D-minicn brdr, in h cmmuni  anFiz. as  rrivd in h vi,  undh cmmuni in r urmi: h v-r-d sn   Dminicn rmr smissin. I s sn discvrd h h hdbn idnd nd subsqun id bn  his hr’s Hiin rm hnds.H ds ur r imc siuins ihs? In mn s. Bu b ddrssinh r cuss  vr in hs rins,such s  c  cnmic runi ndnd drdin, pn wih purs hsn h r  br uur. Fmiis shr s rns fnd r in hir hmcmmuniis; chidrn dv hh bd-is s h bnf rm imrvd nuriin;chidrn r b  s in sch s hirrns cn rd hir sch s; ndchidrn r u in n mshr hrh nd hir miis  incrsin m-rd s h bsrb h mss hh r vd b gd nd ndd b him ihrcius is nd ns. th hv h r br uur. pn wih purs’s cmmunircnciiin r hs rc chidrn rmbcmin vicims  vinc.as  rsu  n-rm cmmimn  h bin  r cmmuniis, hr r mn,mn succss sris  shr. Fr xm inoxc, hr n simd 70%  h u-in surs rm mnuriin, irs i luind Susnn (icurd bv) r  r ris surin rm hunr nd  c  ccss mdic cr. pn wih purs’s r in hircmmuni is hin hir rns fnd r -c nd incrs hir incms. this hs  dircimc n chidrn i hm, s h r mri  s in sch nd nj hh rhin hir cruci r dvmn rs.pn wih purs rs ih mn rur rm-rs h r nxius  dv hir is ndns; rmrs h, ih ncurmn, rin-in, nd gd’s h, r buidin  br uurr hir chidrn nd hmsvs.
You can help children plant hope or a better uture by sponsoring a village. Visit our web- site at www.plantwithpurpose.org to choose a village to sponsor or $30 per month, or call our ofce at (800) 633-5319.Your recurring donation will be matched or the frst year, making an even bigger impact in the lives o the rural poor.
Hope ForCHildreNat risk 
By Doug Satre 
Director of Outreach and Development 
I 2010 P wih Pup civd qu  cb- ih h  cui gup i Buudi, hichxdd u    gi d pvic hi, ddig  h 186 b  h i cu-i gup  d  ih. l  P wihPup bg iig gup  buidig d uig u--ci v, uig i 69  v bui i h qu . a  p    phip ihwd ri, P wih Pup id wd ri’bcii i v ig  . F’ gup uccu i ig cv cuig, b, gg-p d  cuig. o cui gup, xp, d $3,551, hich i  hug ccpih uggig ii. P wih Pup  civdpi cgii  di d gv -ci ihi h cu. th mii  agicuu c-gizd P wih Pup  Buudi’ i vi-i     h v b -gv g-izi i h ru pvic. P wih Pup civd  30-iu g   dig Buudi -di i h cu  cfic ui. expui hi buid  h d piiv pui  Pwih Pup’  pg d i hp  xpdu i .
Help us reach our goal of $25,000 to teach farmers sus- tainable agriculture techniques that will increase their crop yields and improve their land this year! Visit www.plantwithpurpose.org to donate.
A Look BAckAt Burundi’sAchievementsin 2010
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tHe soWer issue #92
The Sower 
is ubishd qurrb pn wih purs.
edir-In-Chi: k Nr@nihurs.r
Please consider including Plant WithPurpose in your wills and bequests.
4903 Mrn Bvd. S 1215Sn Di, Ca 92117ph: (800) 633-5319Fx: (858) 274-3728emi: in@nihurs.r. nihurs.r
evr r pn wih purs su-rrs hv h runi  rv-  h Dminicn Rubic, Hii, rtnzni  m h rmrs  rih nd s ur i-chnin r-rms frs-hnd n  Visin tri. thh bv is rm h Nvmbr2010 tnzni Visin tri hr visi-rs hd h chnc  rici in Vi Cmmuni Bnin (VICoBa)min (hich invvd sinin nddncin!) in h vi  Mn’ndin h pr Munins. th rus ndd h nin crm-n   n r cisrn bui b hMn’nd VICoBa.
H  h y’ V t :
Diic rpubic:api 28 – m 3, 2011Hii:augu 21 – 27, 2011oxc, mxic:ocb 19 – 24, 2011
Please contact Doug Satre at doug@plantwithpurpose.org or call (800) 633-5319 i you are interested in participating in a Vision Trip.
In Nvmbr,   h pn wih pur-s cunr dircrs nd sm  hpn wih purs U.S. s nd rnrsm in tnzni  shr ids, brinsrmn mhds, nd rvi pn wih pur-s’s hisic minisr nd rnsrm-in dvmn rcss. th mins incrdib insirin s  shrdsris  h cmmuniis r chninhir ivs.th vi  Mindi, r xm, shrdh virs r n in n mr d, bu r jinin VICoBa, h nr in hr ms  d nd hvmn   sch s nd m mdi-c nds. Svr  shrd h hirhh rbms hv crd u ih -in h vbs h r rnic rmh pn wih purs rinin.a s mmbr rm h oxc rrm,evin prz Brv, sid: I dn’ hv  iv i  r Mxicn m-n h s cnqurd 500 rs . I miv in r cndiins bu I d n hv b r,  iv in  rmnn nd un-chnb s  vr. our  is h  discvr hir sr in h cn-x  gd’s sr s h cn chn hirsr.w ris gd r hs mzin rrs,nd h u i cninu  rnr ihus s  m cninu hs rs.
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Jnur mrd h n-r nnivrsr  hrhqu in Hii. Much h ns cvrcusd n hr h idmn hs n, sinh, ih  h mndd, hins hvn’imrvd sinifcn. Ms nss -cusd n crruin, c  drshi, rNgo infcinc s  rsns r  c rrss. whi   hs r crs n dr r nhr, I biv h  msimrn crs hv bn ms nirvrd.th frs is h shr siz  h dissr.300,000  r id. 1.5 miin rn-drd hmss. Six rcn r mr  hsrucurs in h ci ci r dsrd,incudin ms h nir vrnmn inr-srucur. thr is sim n quivnc b-n h mn sn nd h nd.prhs qu imrn  undrsndinhr Hii is d is in undrsndin huncin  ri id. asin h Hii isn’fxd  is  i i sin  in in in-nsiv cr h, ih  h mn binsn n hm, h hvn’ run  10k . I n h in  run  10k i is im invs in sm hsic hr. th bmin is h ms  h mn h hs bnsn hus r hs n    iv.on rnizin simd h h rsndin $170,000  d   hir cmsrin. I hsn’  bn sn  - hngd - bcus i is si ncssr   - iv.*In  , hn  s, “wih  h mn- h hs bn sn h isn’ Hii fxd?” h r sin h vr sm qus-in h pn wih purs’s undrs sdnr 27 rs . as  hv d h s-r mn ims vr h rs, tm wdrds rin in h Dminicn Rubic -in Hurricn Dvid nd bsrvd h  h mrnc ssisnc h s b-in rvidd s n chnin ’s ivs.Rhr i s in   mr sur-viv. wih h, pn wih purs s brn,sin usrm suins  h dn-srm rbms h   dndnn d id.In rdr  d mr hn mr surviv, - nd jbs. In  cunr hr h vsmjri  h  r rmrs, bu hichsrus  d is, h nd mus b r-srd  hh. Ms imrn, h mus b ivn h s s h cn chnhir n siuin nd rbuid hir ncunr. w hv sn his rch brrui in h Dminicn Rubic vr h n-rm, nd in svr crnrs  Hii  rsin i rvn in.Hvr, in rdr  m h chn n sinifcn v in Hii,  mus b i-in  invs in mr hn jus mrncri. w und i shcin s  rismn r dissr ssisnc in Hii, nd cninu  fnd i xcruciin dif-cu  ris unds r ur rimr r mrin cmmuniis. p mus biin  invs in dvin c cc-i nd runiis. and   mus biin  b in. pn wih purshs sn hu imrvmn nd sinif-cn chn in h vis hr  r.Bu  hv invsd 14 rs in Hii  hr. th d ns is h i is ssi-b nd n n is iin  r hrdr s i hn hn h Hiin !*In ocbr 2010, pn wih purs cm-d sndin nd uiizin 100%  hrxim $1 miin  risd r rh-qu ri. Sinc hn  hv bn r-in ih ur xisin rrms  brdnur bs  srvic nd h mr  hsimcd b h rhqu.
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